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Video Pipe Inspection | Plumbers Arlington

Video Pipe Inspection | Plumbers Arlington

Clogged drains and sewer pipes are one of the most aggravating plumbing issues that homeowner’s experience. Even worse, is when drainage issues result in sewer backup. In the past, a plumber would attempt to unclog the drain with various tools, and if it failed, removal of the affected pipe was required to identify and provide a solution for the issue. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Arlington have the latest technology. One of those is the sewer camera, for providing a video pipe inspection.

The sewer camera is a high-resolution video camera attached to a flexible fiber optic cable. The camera provides a live video feed, while recording the images as the cable travels through the pipe. The live images are transmitted to a monitor for the viewing of our plumbers in Arlington. From the images, the cause of the blockage is identified, and the plumber is able to determine the most efficient and effective solution for restoring free flowing drainage.

Drain Cleaning

Drain and sewer pipe clogs are a common plumbing issue. Drain cleaning will resolve clogs, and the process of hydro jetting provides effective cleaning for the toughest clogs.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting uses highly pressurized water with forward and reverse jets provide 360 degrees of cleaning for the cleanest pipe possible. Not even stubborn grease clogs can withstand the power of hydro jetting.

Sewer Pipe Problems

The video pipe inspection enables our plumbers in Arlington to identify the following common sewer pipe issues:

  • Broken, cracked, or collapsed pipe will require replacement by our plumbers in Arlington.
  • Offset pipe occurs when the pipe becomes misaligned.
  • Tree roots or stubborn grease is a common cause of a blocked sewer pipe. Once in the pipe, the roots will grow until a blockage occurs.
  • Older homes may contain galvanized metal sewer pipe. The pipe will eventually corrode with rust, resulting in the leakage into the environment, blockage, or collapsed pipe. A leaking sewer pipe requires immediate intervention to prevent the risk of disease causing organisms entering the water table, lakes and streams.
  • Bellied pipe occurs when pipe sags into the soil, creating a low point where a blockage can form.

A video pipe inspection enables our plumbers in Arlington to identify the cause of a clogged sewer pipe, and to determine the most efficient means of resolving the situation with a long term, reliable repair.


The advantages of providing a video camera pipe inspection are significant, including:

  • The ability to identify the nature of a clog, pipe damage, pipe material and the pipe’s condition.
  • Provides the precise location of the area requiring repair.
  • Provides nondestructive inspection of sewer pipes and drains beneath slab foundations, drives, patios, structures and underground locations.

Sewer Leaks

A sewer leak beneath a home’s slab foundation can lead to damage and costly repairs. A video pipe inspection allows our plumbers in Arlington to determine the precise location of the problem. Often, we can provide repair without any damage to the flooring.

When to Schedule Video Camera Pipe Inspection

When you experience slow drains, no drainage, reoccurring clogs or sewer backup, a video pipe inspection will accurately identify the cause, location, and the preferred solution to resolve it.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

Traditional sewer line repair with a bobcat or backhoe is destructive to your lawn and landscaping. Trenchless pipe repair offers a solution for sewer pipe problems without extensive destruction to the lawn, landscaping, or structures overlying the sewer pipe.

Trenchless methods provide the latest technology in sewer pipe repair and replacement with almost no impact to the surrounding landscape. When the video pipe inspection identifies a problem requiring repair, our plumbers in Arlington can typically provide a trenchless solution.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Arlington provides video pipe inspection for an accurate identification, and the professional resolution of drain and/or sewer pipe problems. Our licensed plumbers are professionals with the expertise to offer reliable plumbing services. You can count on our expertise that meets or exceeds the industry standards. Our plumbers serve Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.