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Video Pipe Inspection | Plumbers Arlington

Video Pipe Inspection | Plumbers Arlington

Video Pipe Inspection | Plumbers Arlington

Few things are as bothersome to homeowner’s as clogged drains and sewer pipe, especially when it results in sewer backup or overflow into the home. Technological advances provide relief from a large amount of the stress with video pipe inspection. Determining the cause, while providing Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Arlington with the information required to provide a solution now require a tiny fraction of the time as before this innovative technology came on the scene.

Video pipe inspection, also called a sewer camera, and a plumbers snake, is a flexible fiber optic cable with a high-resolution video camera attached at the tip. As the cable travels through the pipe, the waterproof camera records the images. The images are transmitted to a monitor where our plumbers in Arlington can identify the cause, and provide a solution for repair. The camera records the pipe inspection, and saves a permanent record.

When the problem is in the sewer pipe, the video pipe inspection prevents the need for excavation to diagnose it, as was the case in the past. Furthermore, the advanced technology of Trenchless pipe repair enables our plumbers in Arlington to provide repair in the majority of cases, without destroying your lawn or landscaping.

Clogs are a frequent cause of drain and sewer pipe issues. Drain or sewer cleaning will resolve clogs, and advanced technology benefits the process with hydro jetting. Hydro jetting utilizes highly pressurized water with forward and reverse jets that provide the cleanest pipe possible. Not even stubborn grease clogs stand a chance against the power of hydro jetting.

Identifying Sewer Problems

A video pipe inspection allows Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington to identify common sewer pipe issues:

  • Broken, cracked, or collapsed pipe will require replacement by our plumbers in Arlington. In the past, damaged pipe required excavation of the lawn to identify, locate, and repair the problem. However, excavation is seldom required with the advent of the video pipe inspection and Trenchless pipe repair.
  • When sewer pipe becomes misaligned it is called offset pipe. Movement of the soil, such as in settling, and freeze and thaw, for example can be potential causes.
  • Tree roots or stubborn grease is a common cause of blocked sewer pipe. Tree roots search for potential water sources, and often invade sewer pipe in their search for water. Once in the pipe, the roots will grow until they eventually block the pipe, preventing drainage.
  • Older homes were often plumbed with metal pipes. Consequently, metal pipe will eventually succumb to corrosion and rust, resulting in the leakage of sewer effluent, blockage, or collapsed pipe. A leaking sewer pipe requires immediate intervention to prevent the risk of disease causing organisms entering the water table.
  • Bellied pipe occurs when a section of the pipe sags into the soil. The sagging section of the pipe creates a low point where paper and waste can accumulate forming a blockage.
  • When the seals between the pipe joints have deteriorated, sewer effluent can leak into the soil. This also can result in contaminated water and a serious risk of disease.

A video pipe inspection enables our plumbers in Arlington to identify the cause of a clogged sewer pipe, and to determine the most efficient means of resolving the situation with a long term, reliable repair.

The Signs of Sewer Pipe Problems

Sewer pipe problems can be ongoing for years without any signs until a problem with drainage occurs or the home’s structure depending upon its foundation. The signs indicating a problem with the sewer pipe include:

  • The plumbing system includes drain traps, and ventilation pipes to prevent sewer gases entering the home. Ventilation pipes can clog with debris, or become disconnected, resulting in potential sewer gas odors. Sewer leaks in the underground pipe can potentially result in sewer odor outdoors, or under a slab foundation.
  • A backed-up sewer line is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. A clogged sewer pipe can cause sewage backup, and may overflow in low-lying locations. Due to the hazards presented by sewer effluent, only qualified, licensed plumbers in Arlington should be hired for sewer pipe repair and replacement. Sewer repair does not provide the option of delaying repair. Immediate attention is required to protect the health of your family and the public.
  • Sewer pipe leaks are a potential source of lush, green grass near a sewer pipe.
  • Unexplained pooling of water with or without a sewer odor on the lawn may indicate a leaking sewer pipe.

Sewer Leaks

When a sewer leak occurs in the plumbing beneath the home’s slab foundation, it can lead to damage and costly repairs. A video pipe inspection allows our plumbers in Arlington to pinpoint the precise location of the problem without extensive destruction of the home’s concrete slab foundation. In many cases, repair is possible without any damage to the flooring.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Arlington provide video pipe inspection for an accurate identification, and resolution of drain and/or sewer pipe problems. Our plumbers are licensed professionals with the expertise to offer premium services and reliability. Our plumbers serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.