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Video Plumbing Inspection | Arlington

Video Plumbing Inspection | Arlington

Video Line Inspection | Plumbing Arlington

Video line inspection has revolutionized the industry of plumbing by providing an inside view of drains and sewer lines. Utilizing flexible cable, with a small waterproof high-resolution video camera attached to the tip, enables Benjamin Franklin’s experienced plumbers to inspect drains and sewer lines. The camera provides real time images on a screen and can be recorded. The process enables the plumber to see clogs and/or damage to the pipe, giving them the information they need to assess the pipe’s condition and determine the precise location of needed repairs to your plumbing in Arlington.

plumbing arlington video pipe inspection

The advanced technology of the video camera line inspection allows for a faster and more accurate assessment of the problems cause, and enables the plumber to identify the preferred plumbing repair for the issue. When a problem with your plumbing in Arlington is located outdoors, video line inspection determines the cause and location without the need to excavate the entire pipeline for diagnoses. The plumber is then able to repair the outdoor pipe with minimal or no disturbance of the lawn or landscaping.

The technology eliminates the guesswork, and enables the plumber to determine the most efficient way of addressing the problem, saving time, labor and money.

The Benefits of Video Line Inspection

  • Provides the identification of the specific nature of a clog, pipe damage pipe material and condition.
  • Enables the precise location of the area in need of repair.
  • Upon the completion of service, verifies the blockage has been removed from your plumbing in Arlington.
  • Inspection of new pipes and sewer systems.
  • Assess the condition of older pipes and sewer systems.
  • Able to identify issues before damage or clogs occur.
  • Video line inspections provide a solution for the inspection of drains and sewer lines beneath slab foundations, drives, patios, beneath other structures and underground. Prompt intervention is required for slab leaks or pier and beam foundations to prevent extensive damage to the foundation. The majority of slab leaks can be repaired without damaging floors.

A Video Line Inspection Identifies Issues Such As:

  • Deteriorated Pipe: Pipe in poor condition related to age or corrosion. Corroded pipe may be broken, have blockages or have collapsed.
  • Bellied Pipe: A sunken section of pipe due to soil conditions creating a valley. This can cause a blockage in an affected sewer line as waste collects in the sunken area.
  • Blockage: Blockage may be caused by the buildup of grease, tree roots or other causes. Video line inspection provides a clear picture, and accurate determination of the blockage within your plumbing in Arlington. An example of how a video line inspection can be beneficial is when it identifies a drain clogged with grease. Once identified as a grease clog, the plumber knows the only effective means of clearing it is water jetting. No other treatment will completely clear it.
  • Damaged Pipes: Pipe that is broken, cracked or collapsed due to damage.
  • Leaking Joints: The seals between pipes have failed allowing leakage to escape the pipe and into the soil.
  • Offset Pipe: Sewer pipe that is no longer aligned due to shifting soil, extreme freeze and thaw or other causes allowing leakage to occur.
  • Root Infiltration: The invasion of tree roots into the sewer pipe causing blockage and/or damage to the pipe.

When to Call for Video Line Inspection

  • Drainage Issues: If you are experiencing slow drains, reoccurring clogs or sewer backup, a video line inspection will accurately identify the cause and location, within your plumbing in Arlington. Once identified, the plumber will be able to determine the preferred solution.
  • When water pools on the lawn. In the absence of fluid, the soil may be moist and spongy when surrounding soil is not. The grass may appear greener than in other areas of the lawn.

Post-Repair Video Inspection

Once a clogged drain or sewer line is cleared a free post video inspection will be provided to ensure the clog is cleared.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbers have the expertise to provide a professional repair, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you are experiencing issues with your home’s drains, sewer pipes or other plumbing in Arlington, call to schedule an appointment. We provide video line inspection and other plumbing services in Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating.