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Water Damage | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

Water Damage | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

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Recovering after water damage to your Fort Worth or Arlington, Texas home can be among the worst situations a homeowner can face. The extent of water damage and the cost of repair is just as varied as the causes can be. You may have water entering the basement, a broken sump pump, a leaking water heater, a burst water supply line in the home or under the slab, or perhaps water is near the surface beneath your home. Regardless of the cause, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Arlington, Texas can provide you with a solution.

When Flooding Occurs

Safety is always first, and if there are electrical outlets in or near the water do not enter it until the homes electricity is shut off. If you can access the electrical panel without going into wet areas or water, shut off the main breaker, otherwise leave it to the professionals. Once the water is safe to enter, consider wearing rubber boots, depending on the source of the water and the potential for contamination. Next, remove anything in contact with the water. If water has touched it, remove it for cleaning and drying, or discard.

The next step is removing the water. You may do this by mopping, but a significant amount of water calls for the rental or purchase of a portable sump pump. You can also contact flood professionals who specialize in water removal and cleanup from a flood.

Once the water has been removed, it is essential to dry the area. If the water contacted sheetrock, the affected sections will require removal to prevent the development of mold. Bring in high velocity fans to dry the affected areas. In addition, rent or purchase a high capacity dehumidifier, and open windows and doors to speed drying, if the weather allows. Furthermore, in cool, damp weather, space heaters can be of assistance in drying, have a professional check to ensure the use of electrical outlets is safe after a flood.

Affected furniture will also need drying and once dry it will need a professional cleaning with the application of an antimicrobial and odor removal if necessary. Carpet should be removed, allowed to dry and professionally cleaned or replaced.

If your basement has flooded, or when the potential for a flood exists, consider a sump pump installation. The sump pump will automatically start when water collects in the sump pump pit basin, and when properly sized, will maintain a dry basement. Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Arlington, Texas can provide a professional installation you can rely on.

The source of water in a flooded basement may be repairable, such as when it is due to a cracked foundation or a  burst pipe requiring repair. When flooding is due to water runoff, a french drain, a culvert and/or landscaping can help to prevent flooding in your home. Our plumbers in Arlington, Texas can provide pipe repair, or replacement for you.

Monitor for leaks, especially if you seldom enter the basement. Inspect for the following:

  • Check all water connections on a regular basis. Watch for corrosion of copper pipes and/or fittings. Inspect around the water heater routinely, including behind it. If you require pipe repair contact our plumbers in Arlington, Texas.
  • Watch for mold and mildew, and check for a leak or water seepage if you can smell a musty or moldy odor.
  • Inspect the gutter system, ensuring it is intact, and free of debris. The downspouts should terminate on pads sloped away from the home to prevent water draining next to the foundation. Extensions help to ensure drainage is away from the home. Frequent inspection and the removal of debris ensures water will not back up under the roof, causing costly damage to your home.
  • Maintain the soil slope against the foundation walls. The slope drains water away from the foundation.
  • Consider installing flood alarms, which can alert you when a flood occurs. Our plumbers in Arlington, Texas can provide the installation for you.

Prevention is the ideal choice against water damage. Contact Ben Franklin plumbers in Arlington, Texas for sump pump installation, and other professional plumbing services.

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