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Water Filtration Specialist | Water Filtration System Arlington

Water Filtration Specialist | Water Filtration System Arlington

Water Filtration Specialist | Water Filtration System Arlington

How Safe is Your Water?

For the overwhelming majority of U.S. households, water is delivered through a municipal system after treatment. Most public water systems treat potential disease causing microorganisms with chlorine and chloramine. While these chemicals have reduced the incidence of waterborne diseases dramatically, these additives do carry the risk of rectal and bladder cancers, and kidney, liver and central nervous system damage to name a few of the potential risks. The solution to pure, clean, great tasting water is a water filtration system in Arlington. A Benjamin Franklin Plumbing water filtration specialist offers the services you need to ensure safe water for your home.

(image courtesy of Proaudio55, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Milli-Q_Water_filtration_station.JPG)

Before purchasing a water filtration system, homeowner’s should have their water tested. Once you receive the water quality report will reveal any contaminants present in your water. When selecting a water filter, let the results of the report guide you in selecting a water filtration system in Arlington. Ensure that you select a water filtration system in Arlington that is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. Read the fine print to ensure the contaminants in your water quality report are removed by the filtration system before you purchase it.

In addition, a water filtration system requires proper sizing to ensure that your household is supplied with the quantity of filtered water that is needed. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can assess your household needs, and assist you in the selection of the system you require.

The most commonly purchased types of water filtration system in Arlington include:  

A carbon filtration system removes an extremely large number of contaminates, though it will not remove heavy metals or dissolved solids. In addition, carbon filters will reduce any odor or unpleasant taste. These types of filtration are extremely effective in providing clean, great tasting water for most households. 

Carbon filtration is subdivided into two types, granular activated carbon filters, and block filters. Granular activated charcoal has received an added electro-positive charge, enabling it to adsorb (as opposed to absorb) contaminates by attracting them and holding them to its surface. However, neither carbon filter will remove heavy metals and dissolved solids.

Both types of carbon filter are extremely effective in removing chemicals such as chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, and many others. Carbon block filters are more effective, primarily due to its larger surface area. Carbon filters provide great tasting, crystal clear and clean water. However, they are incapable of removing heavy metals or dissolved solids. For the removal of heavy metals, a reverse osmosis system is required, while removal of dissolved solids requires a water softening system.

Reverse osmosis is an extremely effective water filtration system in Arlington that uses pressure and a semi-permeable membrane to filter contaminates. It removes chemical contaminants such as fluoride, nitrates, and pesticides, for example. In addition, it removes heavy metals such as arsenic, copper, and lead. Furthermore, reverse osmosis is effective against biologicals such as bacteria and viruses, and the toxins radium and asbestos. It is so effective that it removes almost all contaminates, leaving water that is 99% contaminate free. 

However, dissolved solids will pass through the membrane and into the water. Only a water softener can extract dissolved minerals. When you add a water softener to your filtration system, you have a complete water conditioning system and the purest water available.

In addition, a reverse osmosis system requires pre-treatment with carbon filtration to remove chlorine and chloramine. These substances will damage the membrane of a reverse osmosis system without carbon filtration for pretreatment. A system that incorporates both features provides the best of both worlds for water treatment, and safe, clean water your home. 

Your water filtration system in Arlington will require the routine maintenance of replacement of filter cartridges, and membranes depending upon the type of system installed. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can provide the best filters and membranes available, exceeding the quality and reliability of others that are available elsewhere. 

A Benjamin Franklin water filtration specialist can assist you in the selection of a water filtration system in Arlington, based upon your budget and water analysis report. In addition to the installation of water filtration systems, our professional licensed plumbers provide a broad range of quality plumbing services backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating.