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Water Filtration Specialists | Water Filtration Systems Arlington

Water Filtration Specialists | Water Filtration Systems Arlington

Water Filtration Specialists | Water Filtration Systems Arlington

Today, you simply cannot take water quality for granted. Testing of your water will reveal contaminants, and unwanted minerals in a water quality report. With the wide variety of quality systems we provide, our water filtration specialists can match the proper system to your home’s specific water quality needs. This prevents your spending more for water filtration systems in Arlington with capabilities you do not require.


Our plumbers are professional water filtration specialists who provide reliable service, repair, and installation of water filtration systems in Arlington. You can count on Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for your home’s water treatment needs.

Water Filtration System Repair

Our licensed plumbers possess the expertise required for the reliable repair of water filtration systems in Arlington.

Water Filter Installation

Our water filtration systems in Arlington are the solution to ensuring clean, sparkling water in your home. Furthermore, if you should need service in the future, Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers will get the job done quickly and reliably.

Filtration systems commonly chosen include carbon filtration systems, and reverse osmosis.

Carbon Filtration Systems

Carbon filtration systems are the most commonly purchased water filtration systems in Arlington. That is due to this system’s ability to meet the household needs of most homes. It is extremely effective in providing clean, clear, great tasting water.

Carbon filtration systems are available with granular activated carbon filters, and block filters. Granular activated charcoal is electro-positively charged, and attracts contaminates holding them to its surface.

Carbon block filters possesses a larger surface area for holding contaminates, and as a result is more effective than activated carbon filtration. Both types provide clear, great tasting, and clean water. Both types of carbon filtration are extremely effective in removing chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, and others. However, neither type can remove heavy metals or the dissolved minerals that form hard water. Removing heavy metals requires a reverse osmosis system, while removal of dissolved minerals requires a water softener.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is among the most effective types of water filtration systems in Arlington. It uses pressure and a semi-permeable membrane to filter out numerous contaminates from the water, including the following:

• Chemical contaminants

• Heavy metal contamination

• Biological contaminates

• Toxins such as radium and asbestos

Reverse osmosis provides 99% contaminate free water, although, as previously stated it is unable to remove dissolved minerals.

However, the reverse osmosis system requires a carbon filter to remove chlorine and/or chloramine to prevent the water treatment chemicals from damaging the reverse osmosis membrane. A number of today’s systems contain both, providing the cleanest, safest water possible, without damaging the reverse osmosis system’s membrane.

Water Softeners

Only a water softener can remove dissolved minerals from hard water. The term hard water indicates minerals are present in the water. These minerals cause damage to water heaters, spot dishes, and can damage plumbing. Water softeners reduce excess calcium and magnesium in the water.

Filtration Types

There are numerous kinds of water treatment products available for residential use. The following are some of the most common, not including filters such as pitchers:

Whole house water filtration systems treat the water entering a home. Also called a Point of Entry (POE) system, the POE can include a water filtration system in Arlington or a water softener.

• Point-of-use (POU) water filtration systems treat water in a single location, such as the refrigerator. The following brief overview of common POU water filtration system in Arlington can help you determine the best solution for your needs:

• Faucet mounted filters attach to the end of a standard kitchen sink faucet and provide the selection of filtered or non-filtered water.

• Plumbed systems install in the pipe and filter all water passing through the pipe.

• Refrigerator filters provide clean water going to the dispenser and the icemaker.


Water filtration systems in Arlington require routine maintenance for effective operation. The replacement of filter cartridges, reverse osmosis membranes, and other requirements on a routine basis as recommended by the manufacturer is required.

Contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing water filtration specialist for additional information, and assistance in selecting water filtration systems in Arlington. There is a water filtration system in Arlington for every budget and a water filtration type for every need. Our dedicated plumbers offer expertise for your plumbing needs, and adhere or exceed the industry standards. You can rely upon a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Arlington for first quality plumbing services. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating.