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Water Filtration System 101: Everything You Need to Know | Water Filtration System in Lake Worth, TX

Water Filtration System 101: Everything You Need to Know | Water Filtration System in Lake Worth, TX

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Everybody is searching for better approaches to help improve their wellbeing, whether you’re consuming fewer calories, working out, or essentially trying to build your water intake, it requires committed hard work. With regards to the water you’re drinking, would you say you are certain that you’re drinking pure and clean water? Or would you be able to rely on water that is running out of your taps?  Well, of course not.

Water is the basic requirement of life and it’s impossible to survive without it as it’s essential to hydrate our bodies and also, helps us to maintain good hygiene. In fact, 70% of our body is made of water, so, without clean water, we would be battling with major health problems such as polio, hepatitis A, diarrhea, etc.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) survey of 2014, each year 842,000 deaths are reported because of the consumption of contaminated water, and poor hygiene and sanitation. Whereas, diarrhea is the most commonly known disease in the world that is connected to the consumption of impure water.

Fortunately, a water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX is here to deliver you a glass of clean filtered water. Most of us are blessed to have access to relatively clean water as compared to other people. But just because our water is considered appropriate for utilization throughout the city, doesn’t mean it’s clean enough to secure our homes and health risks. Installing a good water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX seems like a good idea to prevent deadly diseases.

In this article, you will get an insight on water filters, types of water filters and reasons to filter water. Let’s begin to have a closer look at the water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX.

What is Water Filtration?

Basically, a water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX helps in removing dirt and impurities from water by using different methods such as physical process or chemical process. Many people use water filters to ensure the health and safety of their family as water filtration helps in maintaining mineral deposits and pH levels in water that is good to ingest.

Types of Water Filtration System

The following are a few types of water filtration system


It is one of the oldest methods that have been used by mankind for ages. Some of you might have performed this method in your school days. Basically, distillation is the process in which water is heated to a boiling point, and the steam from that boiling water is captured and cooled into separate condenser, allowing the impurities to evaporate with the steam which then turns back into water and distillates into pure water. This method is not popular as it’s costly and slow but it is surely one the simplest methods to purify water as it does not require the use of fancy device.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is a widely used water filter in households. It basically uses carbon granules to pull in and trap chemical pollutants by the process of absorption. Such type of carbon granules are made from charcoal that is produced by burning wood. This charcoal looks like a sponge which traps and absorbs impurities.

Activated charcoal is popular because of its effectiveness that helps in improving the taste of water. However, the only drawback is that such type of carbon filters doesn’t have the strength to remove inorganic pollutants like fluoride, nitrate, arsenic, sodium, etc.

Reverse Osmosis

This process was designed for industries but now its gaining popularity in domestic water purification. In this process, the water separates impurities by substantial pressure through a membrane that drains down the contaminated water and collects the pure water in a separate tank.

The water collected from this process lasts up to five to seven years if protected by carbon filters. However, this process is slow and wastes a lot of money.

UV Water Purification

UV water purification is efficient and cost-effective due to its advanced technology. It removes a variety of biological contaminants present in water; therefore, it is widely used by businesses and homeowners. The best part about the UV water purification process is that doesn’t leave chemical substances in water and doesn’t harm your plumbing system.

In any of the above methods, it is imperative to get the help of a professional for the maintenance of your water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX. As poorly maintained filters usually fail to perform efficiently and can stop removing contaminants from the water.

Reasons to Filter Tap Water

  • Water filters help in evacuating pollutants (nitrates, lead, chlorine, etc.) from water, to prevent your body from hazardous chemical substances. If you install a water filtration system at your home in Lake Worth, TX, you would notice that your water tastes better and its odor free now.
  • Our tap water is delivered to us through lead pipes, and in this process, few particles of lead can be mixed with our water that can cause us health risks, such as, kidney diseases, colon cancer, etc. Specific kinds of water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX help in removing lead substances from water.
  • The water filtration systems in Lake Worth, TX produces clean and pure water which saves your money that you usually spend on buying plastic bottled water. Hence, reducing harmful wastes in the environment.
  • The water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX produces healthy water thatprotects your body from developing diseases that are harmful your growth and overall energy.
  • The water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX helps in providing safe and clean water for cooking and drinking, directly from your water taps.
  • Drinking filtered water can help young children in building stronger immune system, thus, reducing the chance of developing diseases like diarrhea.
  • Water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX would benefit you in increasing your productivity level due to pure water consumption


No matter where your home is, it’s important to use a water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX to keep your drinking water as clean as possible. Also, it is essential to change your water filters in every 3 to 6 months to avoid impure and discolored water.

Whenever you discover something wrong with your water or water filter system, be quick to call for a reliableprofessional Lake Worth, TX. For this purpose, you can contact Benjamin Franklin, one of the most renowned service companies in Texas.