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The Water Filtration Systems | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

The Water Filtration Systems | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Water – the most precious utility for life on earth, it can be both a curse and a blessing depending on its color, odor and taste. Virtually every household in the United States receives their supply of water from the public distribution systems and this shouldn’t normally be a cause for concern – except when it really is. Think about it this way – how can you possibly guarantee that your children are not drinking in water contaminated with a string of human waste, suspended impurities, metals such as lead and arsenic and even radioactive wastes such as radon?

Most residents in the United States are paranoid enough to purchase bottled – or canned water from various suppliers scattered across the country. The only problem is you can’t tell whether they’re actually applying proper filtering techniques to their supply of water or just distributing regular old public water with the only difference that it actually comes with a fancy label.

A label that costs you time and in some cases even your health. It has indeed been proven that most bottled water suppliers simply rebrand the public utilities water with their company’s name and fear monger you into purchasing their product in droves. Most of these water companies not only tap into your paranoia but also contribute significantly to environmental degradation. Where do you think all those unused canisters end up in? They’re dumped en masse into oceans to ruin coral reefs and other aquatic ecosystems. The rest of it occupies precious space in landfills where they can take up to a thousand years to decompose; this is a liability we cannot impose on the ever-decreasing resources of the planet.

To wean off bottled water, some households attach elaborate filters to one of the faucets in their kitchen sinks, in the hopes that it would seamlessly filter out all the bad stuff from the clean and pure H20 that they rightfully deserve. Only problem is, it can take up to 50 minutes for that little faucet mount filter to actually start supplying you with water. For a regular household this is more than just a mild inconvenience – and what about the tap water in the rest of your household, isn’t it cumbersome to attach an awkward looking mini filter to every single faucet in your house?

If that is your cup of tea, then plumbing solutions at Benjamin Franklin in Lake Worth, Texas will provide you with sturdy and efficient water filter faucet solutions. It can be your way of testing actual filtration techniques before hopping onto a larger scale, usually costlier solution – but one that ensures pure water is entirely ubiquitous within the vicinity of your house. You not only increase the safety net of your household, but also might end up increasing the net worth of your real estate. Those home inspectors will be sure to note down the new filtration system into their notebooks!

A more practical solution however lies in a whole house water filter system. One that is attached to your water’s main pipeline system; here’s how it’s going to happen – experienced plumbers from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will first attach a pre-filter to the main pipeline. This prefilter is composed of a spun woven cylinder shaped fabric which is designed to filter out dusts and particles from the incoming water.

All the dirt particles, rust, dust and other sedimentary material will get caught up in this fiber and get removed from the water. Now the prefilter isn’t designed to handle microscopic impurities such as metals, radioactive waste and harmful bacteria – which is what brings us to the second more refined, complex stage designed to handle both the odor and taste of your water.

The next part of the filtration system is a large cylinder which contains granulated activated carbon; the true solution to all your water filtration needs. Activated carbon adsorbs organic compounds, chemicals that give offensive odors and tastes to water such as hydrogen sulfide – a chemical which is responsible for that reprehensible rotten eggs smell in your water.

Wait what about installing an R/O plant?
Benjamin Franklin, located at Lake Worth in Texas, have specialists that will install a state of the art reverse osmosis plant in your house. Reverse osmosis has the ability to completely demineralize the water – removing the highest amount of dissolved solids. The Total Dissolved Solids (TDS); which is a combined measurement of all inorganic and organic substances contained inside your water can be used to measure the effectiveness of a standard R/O plant. The total parts per million TDS rating for water that has gone through an R/O plant usually lingers between 35-40 ppm.

Contrast this with tap water, which contains a whopping 590-600 ppm. This ludicrous difference between the two numbers means that what you essentially have distilled water in the comforts of your very home. Pure, unadulterated H20 that is guaranteed to provide maximum levels of safety to your household.

Plumbers at Benjamin Franklin, in Lake Worth do note however, that as with any other filtration system, there are always pros and cons attached to them – and one of the biggest cons for R/O plants is that they are sometimes too effective. For example, they almost completely remove minerals such as calcium, magnesium and sodium from the water, since they are large enough to be stopped by the semi-permeable membrane of the system.

The result is that you now have to supplement your mineral intake needs from other sources, while also being exposed to increased risks of gastrointestinal disease, bone density problems and even complications with your body’s cardiovascular system.

The complete demineralization of the water actually decreases its pH value. To put things in perspective, our body has a more alkaline environment, with a pH value above slightly above 7. Most R/O plants output water with a pH value between 3 and 5 – clearly dangerous for long term consumption.