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Water Hammer | Plumbing Arlington

Water Hammer | Plumbing Arlington

Water hammer occurs when a faucet is quickly turned off, causing the sudden stop of the water flow, and the loud banging characteristic of water hammer in the home’s plumbing in Arlington.

The sudden occurrence of water hammer indicates there is a problem in the home’s pipes. Water hammer is not a condition to ignore, the causes will require repair to prevent damage, and potential leaks in your plumbing in Arlington. Hiring a licensed, qualified plumber to provide the repair is essential.

If your home’s plumbing in Arlington is experiencing water hammer, a Benjamin Franklin Plumber can determine the cause and provide the professional plumbing repair required.

Pipe Damage from Water Hammer

The loud banging noise is the most widely recognized sign of water hammer. The unseen component is the erosion it causes in pipes, valves and fittings over time, and that can result in leaks of the home’s plumbing in Arlington.

Water hammer may be a single bang, or begin with a loud bang followed by numerous echoes. If the noise occurs when you open a tap, it is probably air in the pipes. However, if the noise occurs when a valve is closed, it is likely water hammer. If water hammer is occurring in your home, our plumbers in Arlington have the expertise to provide repair.

Potential causes of water hammer include high water pressure, pipe corrosion, or a loose pipe hanger or strap.

Resolving Water Hammer

The means of resolving water hammer will depend on the cause. The homeowner can provide the following temporary solution to restore air to the chambers before calling a plumber for repair. When it doesn’t stop water hammer it indicates other problems are present in the plumbing.

Shut off the water entering the home at the main valve or the water meter. Drain the water out of the pipes by opening on all outlets. Draining the pipes will allow air to fill the pipes and the air chambers. Close the outlets and turn the water back on. Remember, this only a temporary solution and won’t correct the problem causing it. A Benjamin Franklin plumber can provide the required plumbing repair to resolve your water hammer issue.

High water pressure is a potential cause of water hammer, and installing a pressure-reducing valve can resolve both problems. High water pressure can also damage pipes, faucets, and water using appliances. A professional plumber is required to provide this service as installation of the valve requires cutting into the home’s main water supply at the water meter.

When pipe corrosion or worn plumbing is the cause of water hammer, repiping provides the solution, and prevents potential damage to your home and its foundation from water leaks.

If you’re experiencing water hammer with your plumbing in Arlington, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for professional plumbing repair. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas with reliable plumbing services. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and are a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating.