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Water Hammer | Plumbing Fort Worth

Water Hammer | Plumbing Fort Worth

Water Hammer | Plumbing Fort Worth

When you close a tap, and the pipes
experience a loud banging noise, your plumbing in Fort Worth may have experienced
water hammer.
Water hammer occurs when fast-moving
water arrives at a quickly closed valve, where it comes to a sudden stop. Water
hammer doesn’t necessarily occur each time you turn the tap off, it may be
intermittent, common or just occasionally.

Furthermore, the
sudden loud noise, or series of sounds have the potential to damage the home’s plumbing in Fort Worth by erosion, or
even a burst pipe. If your home’s plumbing
is experiencing water hammer, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth for plumbing

Treating Water Hammer

Managing water hammer will depend on the cause.
If the problem continues to occur, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber for a
diagnosis and the repair of your home’s plumbing
in Fort Worth
. The following are potential causes:

·      Air chambers are built into the plumbing system, and act as cushions
to prevent water hammer and its potential damage. It isn’t a normal condition,
and when it occurs, it indicates there is a problem with your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth.

·      An alternate cause of noisy pipes may be a loose plumbing strap. When
a strap securing a section of pipe comes loose, through the normal movement
during water use, an unsecured section of pipe may bang against a stud, for
example, creating noise. If you can narrow the location of the noisy pipe, and
can access it, check for a loose mounting strap.

Pipe that is clogged with
rust and/or lime scale due to age and/or corrosion can result in noisy pipes.
Furthermore, corroded pipes will eventually leak, placing your home and its
foundation at serious risk for costly damage, and mold. Replacement is the
solution for corroded pipes, and should be provided as soon as possible.

High water pressure is also
a potential cause of water hammer. Furthermore, high water pressure may damage
pipes, fixtures, faucets, and water using appliances. A Benjamin Franklin
plumber can install a pressure-reducing valve, providing protection to the
home’s plumbing in Fort Worth. If
your home already has one, contact a plumber
for replacement when it fails.

You can test the water pressure with a water pressure gauge available at a home supply store for $10-$20. The gauge screws
on to an outdoor faucet similar to a garden hose. Turn the water on, and the
water pressure will be displayed.

The installation of new piping will eliminate
water hammer when installed by a licensed, qualified plumber. Other options
include the installation of air chambers at various locations, and can often
solve water hammer problems. Our plumbers are experts meeting and/or exceeding
plumbing industry standards, for plumbing you can rely on.

When water
occurs in your home’s plumbing
in Fort Worth
, call our licensed
for a professional resolution. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington and
the surrounding areas with a wide range of reliable plumbing services, including repiping, installation, plumbing repair, maintenance, and more.
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