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Water Hammer | Plumbing Fort Worth

Water Hammer | Plumbing Fort Worth

Water hammer is recognized by loud knocking, banging or hammering noise, or a loud bang followed by several echoes. The opening of a faucet that results in loud noise is probably due to air in the plumbing. However, when it occurs with the rapid closing of a tap, it could be water hammer. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can provide the plumbing service required to stop water hammer in your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth.

When water hammer hasn’t been a previous problem and the onset is sudden, it indicates the development of a problem within the home’s plumbing in Fort Worth. You shouldn’t ignore the problem, as over time water hammer can cause wear and damage to the home’s plumbing, that ultimately end with leaks. The problem may be due to one or more factors, and requires a licensed plumber to identify the cause, and provide a solution.

The Causes

  • Potential causes of water hammer include:
  • A loose pipe strap
  • Improperly sized piping
  • High water pressure due to a faulty pressure-reducing valve
  • Long runs in the home’s plumbing in Fort Worth
  • Failure of the plumbing dampening system

Water Hammer Repair

In order to repair water hammer the cause will have to be determined. A few of the solutions our plumbers use include the following:

  1. Securing loose plumbing straps will stop banging pipes. Long runs require securing to prevent moving water from causing pipes to bang on adjacent structures such as wall framing. The lack of repair can result in the pipe experiencing fatigue cracks or wear with eventual leaks occurring. Pipe straps prevent the pipe from moving, banging and wearing thin at striking points.
  1. Pipe corrosion can cause water hammer as the corrosion causes narrowed pipes, as well as frequent leaks, low water pressure and potentially poor water quality. Re-piping by a licensed plumber is the only solution for aged and corroded pipes, and offers benefits in addition to stopping water hammer. These benefits include improved water quality, water pressure and the end of the leaks common with pipe corrosion. Repiping also increases the value of the home, while preventing serious damage to the home and its foundation from water leaks.
  1. A high water pressure may cause water hammer. When high water pressure is common in your area, it is likely a pressure reducing valve is already installed at the water meter. Unfortunately, they require periodic replacement due to corrosion and failure. The installation or replacement of a pressure-reducing valve (PRV) will restore the normal water pressure, and stop potential damage to the plumbing system. High water pressure can damage the home’s plumbing in Fort Worth, and water using appliances. However, replacement or installation is not a task for the average homeowner. Installing a PRV requires a professional plumber with the expertise to provide the plumbing repair.
  1. Of these potential causes, a common reason for water hammer to occur suddenly is due to the air chambers becoming water logged. Plumbing systems often contain air-filled risers at various points to absorb the shock wave of moving water. Our plumbers can take care of this issue, or other causes of water hammer in your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth.

When experiencing water hammer with your plumbing in Fort Worth, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for professional plumbing repair. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington, and the surrounding areas with a wide range of quality plumbing services. Our licensed plumbers provide expertise that meets or exceeds the industry standards for service you can rely on. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and are a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating.