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Water Hammer Plumbing Repair | Fort Worth

Water Hammer Plumbing Repair | Fort Worth

Water Hammer | Plumbing Fort Worth

Water hammer occurs when water in motion is forced to stop suddenly after a faucet is turned on or off quickly. The sudden cessation of running water causes the loud bang characteristic of water hammer in the home’s plumbing in Fort Worth. Water hammer is also called hydraulic shock.

water hammer plumbing fort worth

Water hammer may not occur each time the water is turned off. When water hammer suddenly occurs in the pipes it indicates that there is a problem. Water hammer is potentially damaging to your homes plumbing in Fort Worth, and having a qualified plumber correct the issue will prevent damage to the home’s plumbing, or potentially serious damage to the home due to related leaks.

If your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth is experiencing water hammer, a Benjamin Franklin Plumber can find the cause and provide the plumbing repair required.

Pipe Damage from Water Hammer

The loud banging noise is the noticeable symptom of water hammer. Unfortunately, over time, water hammer can damage pipes, valves and fittings, contributing to erosion and may result in burst pipes and leaks in your plumbing in Fort Worth.

Modern plumbing design incorporates chambers of air, which help ease the damage water hammer can cause. Unfortunately, over time, the air chambers can become waterlogged, reducing their ability to neutralize the effects of water hammer.

There are numerous potential causes of water hammer, elevated water pressure, pipe corrosion and lime scale, for example.

Treating Water Hammer

How successful a home owner can be in managing water hammer will depend upon the cause. The homeowner can utilize the following steps for restoring air to the chambers before calling a plumber. When this intervention fails to resolve water hammer, other problems likely exist that will require the services of a qualified plumber in Fort Worth. Keep in mind, resolving the issue can prevent catastrophic damage to your home and its foundation due to leaks as a consequence of the damaging effects of water hammer.

  1. If you can identify the affected section of pipe turn off its water source.
  2. Open the valve where the water hammer is occurring.
  3. Allow the water to completely drain through the open valve. This will restore air into the chamber.
  4. In some pipes, the air chamber is located below the water source. If this is the case the water source should be drained as well. For most homes this will be the main shut off valve, or the water meter, which will need to be shut off to prevent the chamber from refilling with water. Older plumbing may lack air chambers and these tips will not assist in resolving water hammer.

When high water pressure is the cause of water hammer, the best means of protecting pipes and appliances is by installing a pressure reducing valve between the water meter and the homes water main. It will be best for a professional plumber to provide this service as the home’s main water supply line must be cut to install the valve and the potential for costly leaks is high if not properly provided.

When pipe corrosion or outdated plumbing is the cause of water hammer, re-piping the home by a qualified and experienced plumber will end the issue.

When your homes plumbing in Fort Worth is at risk due to water hammer, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for a professional resolution. We provide Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas with reliable plumbing services by the plumbing professionals of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. We back all of our repairs with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and are a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating.