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Water Heater Expansion Tank Repair | Arlington TX

Water Heater Expansion Tank Repair | Arlington TX

Expansion Tanks | Water Heater Repair Arlington

Expansion tanks are used in association with residential hot water heaters to prevent the buildup of excessive pressure. Inside a water heater tank the water expands as it is heated in a process called thermal expansion. When an expansion tank is installed, the expanding water enters it rather than continuing to expand in the closed system of the water heater. By reducing excessive pressure inside the water heater, the consequential damage and leaks are prevented, reducing the need for water heater repair in Arlington.

If a problem occurs, allowing the pressure to continue to rise in a water heater it can result in tank rupture and a leaking hot water heater, or a burst water line.water heater repair arlington

An expansion tank will prevent this from occurring, by allowing expanded hot water to flow into the expansion tank, thereby relieving the pressure on the water heater before damage occurs, and the need for water heater repair in Arlington.

When a water heater develops a problem allowing the pressure to continue to rise, it is not uncommon for the expanding hot water to back up into the home’s water lines when an expansion tank is not present. You may notice cold water being warmer than usual, and before you know it the water heater is damaged or a pipe has burst and flooded your home. If you note warmer water when it should be cold you may need water heater repair in Arlington.

Recent federal legislation now requires backflow preventers on public water supplies. These devices prevent expanded water from your hot water heater from backing up into the municipal water lines when problems occur in the water heater. This closes the avenue of escape for excessively expanding hot water in your water heater.

If a backflow preventer has been installed on your municipal water supply, an expansion tank may be required. The installation is recommended to prevent damage to your water heater, and to reduce the risk of burst water lines connecting to your tank. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers expansion tank installation, as well as water heater repair in Arlington.

How it Works

Residential hot water heaters are typically closed systems. When an expansion tank is installed to be used in conjunction with water heaters, increased water pressure forces a diaphragm in the expansion tank to retract. Once retracted it allows hot water to enter the expansion tank reducing the pressure in the water heater, and the risk of damage to it or water pipes. The hot water collected in the expansion tank will be released into hot water pipes to be used as needed.

As water utility suppliers upgrade their systems to conform to federal legislation, it is highly likely that local codes will conform by requiring the installation of an expansion tank when the following occur:

  • Replacement of a water meter with a dual backflow valve.
  • Replacement of a hot water heater.
  • In new home construction.
  • When a backflow prevention device is installed on the water meter.
  • With the installation of a new pressure regulating valve.

With the 2004 Federal legislation being activated, the goal is to prevent contamination in public water systems due to backflow. As public water systems bring their water systems into compliance of the law, local and county authorities are increasingly recommending or requiring expansion tanks are installed.

Expansion tank installation is the safest option for providing protection for your water heater and water lines from the damaging effects of thermal expansion.. Having an expansion tank is the best and safest option to provide for your family’s safety, the integrity of your home and to reduce the need for water heater repair in Arlington.

You can rely upon a Benjamin Franklin professional plumber in Arlington to install, repair or service expansion tanks. Our experienced plumbers provide plumbing services including water heater repair in Arlington. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ ranking.