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Water Heater Expansion Tanks | Plumbers Arlington Texas

Water Heater Expansion Tanks | Plumbers Arlington Texas

Expansion Tank | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

An expansion tank is installed in your home’s hot water system to prevent the buildup of excessive pressure inside of a conventional hot water heater. The excessive pressure is caused by the thermal expansion of hot water. An expansion tank will protect your water heater, hot water lines and fittings from the damaging effects of high pressure, by acting as an overflow receptacle receiving the expanded water. You can trust the proper installation of an expansion tank to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s qualified plumbers in Arlington, Texas.Plumbers Arlington Texas | Water Heater Expansion Tanks

The expansion of water when it is heated occurs through a process called thermal expansion. As water will not compress, and residential hot water heaters are typically closed systems, the expanded volume of water must go somewhere. The increased water pressure forces a diaphragm in the expansion tank to open, allowing the excess volume of water to flow into it. This relieves the pressure and the risk to the water heater, pipes, fittings and home. Eventually, hot water is drawn from the system through a tap and the expansion tank releases the extra water into the water pipes to mix when a tap is turned on.

Recent federal regulations requiring the installation of backflow preventers further reduces the potential avenues of escape for expanded hot water. When a water heater develops a problem allowing the pressure to continue to rise, it is not uncommon for the expanding hot water to back up into the home’s water lines, and potentially into the municipal water lines when an expansion tank is not present.

You may notice cold water being warmer than usual, and before you know it the water heater is damaged or a pipe has burst and flooded your home. If you notice cold water being warm, it is a good idea to have your water heater checked by our plumbers in Arlington, Texas, and consider the installation of an expansion tank.

A backflow preventer keeps expanding hot water out of municipal water lines, cutting off this avenue of escape. Consequently, expansion tanks are being recommended and in some areas, required for homeowners across the nation. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides experienced plumbers in Arlington, Texas specializing in the installation and repair of expansion tanks.

An expansion tank must be sized for your home’s needs, based upon the capacity of your home’s water heater, and the pressure of water entering your home.

As water utility suppliers nationwide upgrade their water systems to conform to the law installing backflow preventers, many local codes are likely to change. Current recommendations regarding the installation of an expansion tank are in the following situations:

  • The replacement of a water meter with a dual backflow valve.
  • After the replacement of a hot water heater.
  • In new home construction.
  • When a backflow prevention device is installed on the water meter or a pressure reducing valve is installed on the service line.

The installation of an expansion tank by the qualified plumbers in Arlington, Texas is the safest option of protecting your hot water system from the damaging effects of thermal expansion, and your home from potential water damage should a leak occur.

Benjamin Franklin’s professional plumbers can accurately configure the proper expansion tank for your home. You can depend upon Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas to install, repair or service an expansion tank. We provide a wide range of expert plumbing services for Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing backs all of its plumbing repairs and installations with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.