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Water Heater Leakage – When to Call an Expert for Water Heater Repair in Lake Worth, TX

Water Heater Leakage – When to Call an Expert for Water Heater Repair in Lake Worth, TX

A constant supply of hot water in our homes is a modern luxury. Imagine waking up on a frosting morning to a puddle of stagnant water in your bathroom. Now instead of getting ready to leave for work you would start your day by figuring out where did this water come from?

Well, is your hot water heater leaking? Are you not sure what might be the reason? Or are you considering the choices of getting a new heater? Do you need a water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX?

Firstly, you need to relax! But you should be cautious about it as well. Just a small quantity of torpid water can convert into a nightmare of flood of water due to the leakage. Water heater leakage, be it minor or massive both can be hazardous for your property thus it should be fixed quickly. Even a small leakage if left unattended can prove to be disastrous for your walls and floors. Therefore, you should always have the number of an expert water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX company at an arm’s length.

A hot water heater is truly treasured during cold chilly weather. Water heaters are really reliable and would work for good number of years, but when a hindrance arises in the system, it catches the attention of households rather swiftly. It is always in one’s best interest to have technical knowledge about the mechanics of water heaters, so that in case of an emergency you are capable of handling it. However, in case of major complications it is really important to get professionals for water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX involved in order to prevent from any kind of loss.

Types Of Water Heater Leakages

Before coming to the solution of repairing the damage of the heater, it is necessary to analyze the water pipes that can create this issue. Talking about water heaters, it is understandable that we are talking about the mechanism of pipe lines fitted to it. Although, water heaters also have gas pipe lines attached to them but gas leakage is a completely different matter.
Water leakage can arise due to two reasons. It’s either due to the leakage of water pipeline or due to the water valve. Both conditions will require the services of an expert company for water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX.

Water Pipelines Leakage

A water heater may leak from the pipeline joints. This draws attention toward tightening of pipe fittings. Another point from where heater may leak is the nipple. It is the region where the pipes enter the tank. A household can fix this problem by using pipe wrenches and tighten the pipes. However, if the fittings are old and rusty it may pose a serious threat and it needs to be fixed by a professional company offering water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX.

Valve Leakage

A water heater has a valve attached to the pipe which allows cold water to enter the heater. This valve has washers and nuts inside it which might get loose, thus cause the water leakage from the valve. It is important to call an expert company to take care of your water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX so that you don’t end up worsening the situation.

Expansion Tank Leakage

Water heater tanks are usually connected with expansion tanks at the top. These provide safety measures. These expansion tanks suck up excess hot water during the process. The expansion tank can also leak from the joints.

Temperature and Pressure Valve

Temperature and pressure valve is present at the top of water heaters. This valve helps in emission of surplus heat formed in the tank due to the process of heating. T&F relieves heat when the temperature in the tank becomes too hot. This valve also leaks at times thus creating troubles for households which needs the immediate attention of an expert service offering water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX.

Mechanism of Water Heaters

Water heaters works on heat transferring process by using energy source to heat water for instance natural gas, oil, or liquefied petroleum gas. Water heaters are usually meant for supplying hot water in the pipes on continuous basis. There are different variants of water heaters now available for consumers in the markets. Each one has its different and unique dynamics.

Storage Water Heaters

Storage water heaters are also called tank-type water heaters and geysers. Storage water heaters consist of two kinds of heaters. One is electronically operated heater while the other one is operated on fuel. This heater has two pipes attached to it. One enables supply of cold water into the tank while the other provides heated water into the taps of the home after being processed. Fuel fired tanks also have vent pipes attached on the top for discharge of gases.
Electronic storage heaters are connected to electric circuit. The circuit closes for the heater to turn the temperature of the water to the specified limit, when the water reaches that limit the circuit closes.

In case of a problem in a storage water heater, it is important to get help from a water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX company.

Tankless Heaters

Tankless heater is the new improved technology in heaters and gaining popularity quite instantly. Tankless heaters are also known as instantaneous heaters. Unlike storage heaters these do not store water instead tankless heaters provide hot water whenever need be, neither do they retain water inside them except for the heat exchanger coil.
One of the main reasons of their gaining popularity is that these heaters are time saving. When a tap is turned on, cold water runs in the pipelines and passes through a unit, with the help of electric component or gas burner hot water is heated thus allowing continuous running of hot water in the taps. Tankless heaters have eliminated the trouble of waiting for the storage tanks to save the water and heat it up. If you feel your tankless water heater is not functioning to its optimal level, you need to call in an expert company for water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX to take a look at the issue and fix it for you.

Water heater leakages are not really complicated issues. However, every so often we witness major accidents caused due to these heaters. Like every machine, these water heaters also consist of limited years of usage. Exceeding the service life too much may not only result in increasing expense but also impose serious threats on your house. So, it is always better to have your issues fixed by the professionals before they cause terrible damages. If you are looking for an expert water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX company, get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to take the issue in their hands and fix it for you.