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Water Heater Maintenance | Water Heater Repair Fort Worth

Water Heater Maintenance | Water Heater Repair Fort Worth

Water Heater Maintenance | Water Heater Repair Fort Worth

Water heaters are a modern necessity, and if you have ever experienced a nonfunctioning water heater, you know that inconvenient is the understatement of the year. Water heaters require routine maintenance to run efficiently, and to perform reliably. This is especially true in areas with hard water, which includes 85% of the nation. All water heaters will eventually require replacement, but with regular water heater maintenance, you can maintain performance, efficiency and extend the appliances lifespan. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can provide the annual maintenance your hot water heater needs. In addition, our licensed plumbers offer water heater replacement, installation, and water heater repair in Fort Worth.

Water Heater Maintenance | Water Heater Repair Fort Worth

Because of the minerals in hard water, sediment will build up in the bottom of the water heater tank over time. As the sediment deepens, the appliance takes a longer time to produce hot water, increasing the energy cost. In addition, the accumulation of sediment can cause rumbling, popping, and other unusual noises. Sediment is the cause of a noisy water heater, and is a cue to increase the frequency of water heater maintenance. Contact us for water heater repair in Fort Worth, installation, or replacement.

Our licensed plumbers can provide the water heater repair in Fort Worth necessary to stop a noisy appliance. The noise is the result of small amounts of water trapped beneath the sediment being converting into steam bubbles, which collapse, creating a popping sound. The sound indicates the need for flushing of the tank, or a professional cleaning, and inspection by a Benjamin Franklin plumber.

In addition, when small problems are identified during the inspection, it enables the plumber to provide a timely repair. This prevents small problems from developing into large problems that can result in the need for water heater replacement.

Unfortunately, the detrimental effects of sediment don’t end there. Sediment can also lead to the corrosion of the tank, including those with glass liners. Once corrosion occurs, a leaking water heater is only a matter of time, and consequently the need for replacement of the appliance. Give us a call for water heater repair in Fort Worth.

Discolored Water

As long as you don’t have galvanized piping, discolored water can be due to a rusty anode rod (also called the sacrificial rod), or a rusting water heater tank. When you see rust in your water, it is time to call a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Fort Worth.

A long-term solution to the problems hard water can cause is the installation of a water softener. A water softener provides protection of the home’s plumbing, and can reduce water heater repair in Fort Worth related to hard water.

Check on the water heater each week. Leaks can result is serious damage to your home and its foundation. It is also advisable to utilize a water heater tray under the appliance, which may help to contain leaking water, depending on the size of the leak. Finally, be aware of changes in your hot water supply such as water that is not as hot as usual, or it taking longer than is normal for water to heat up after depleting the tank. Over time performance degrades, and providing routine maintenance can help to minimize the effects of age on the water heater.

A Benjamin Franklin plumber offers the industry expertise you can rely on for quality water heater repair in Fort Worth. In addition, our plumbers offer a wide range of professional plumbing services, including the water heater maintenance that ensures you get the best performance possible. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Fort Worth, Arlington, and the surrounding areas, and is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.