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Water Heater—From Purchasing and Installation to Repair in Arlington, TX

Water Heater—From Purchasing and Installation to Repair in Arlington, TX

Everybody will testify to this fact that among all the modern facilities available to us, nothing can beat the luxury offered by a water heater. When you are returning home completely exhausted after a long day, the one thing that can help you unwind and relax in the best possible way is a soothing hot shower with warm water being provided by the water heater.

Since the equipment holds such an important position in our lives, it means that you should practice extreme care while buying a water heater. Moreover, you must always choose an insured and licensed professional for its installation since poor installation can result in severe plumbing issues. It can in fact, even result in safety hazards.

If you are a resident of Texas, then always hire professionals offering the services of installation and water heater repair in Arlington, TX.

The working principle of a water heater

In order to take proper care of any equipment though, it is vital to understand how it works. A water heater runs on propane, gas, or electricity to heat the water coming from a source. This heated water then passes on and flows through a fixture or faucet.

Conventional storage water heater

While there are several types of water heaters, the most common one is the conventional storage water heater. Structured as a cylindrical tank, this water heater is often located in a closet and has several pipes protruding from its top.

Tankless water heater

This type of water heater has recently become quite popular and uses an improved technology for water heating purposes. Instead of heating it in a tank, this system warms the water as it is on its way to the faucet. As a result, the water is heated on demand in a more efficient way with lesser usage of energy.

Things to consider before buying a water heater

There are various things you should consider before buying a water heater system. These include the following:

  • Fuel source (gas or electric)
  • Tank type (conventional or tankless)
  • Storage capacity (30 gallons to 80 gallons available)
  • Product efficiency ratings
  • First-hour hot water delivery
  • Recovery time
  • Automatic shut off valves

There are self-cleaning units available as well, which fight sediment and lime buildup automatically. This lengthens the tank life, maintaining peak efficiency. If you are not sure which unit will serve you best, you can always ask the service providers for guidance.

When to look for water heater repair in Arlington, TX

While the most obvious usage of a water heater is to offer hot water during a shower, they are also extensively used when you’re washing clothes and the dishes, especially in the winter months. What’s more, these tasks are a part of our daily routines, making water heaters extremely essential on a daily basis. As a result, maximum care should be taken to ensure that they are maintained properly.

However, in spite of precautions, water heater repair in Arlington, TX is ultimately needed and is not an easy task to perform on one’s own. The repair is not only highly complicated but also potentially dangerous. Therefore, it is never advised that you attempt the water heater repair in Arlington, TX by yourself. You must always hire the services of a professional for effective water heater repair in Arlington, TX.

Nevertheless, you can troubleshoot the appliance to inform the repair service about the various anomalies being exhibited so that they can send the personnel responsible for water heater repair in Arlington, TX. Some of the behaviors exhibited by the appliance may include:

  • Lack of hot water in the home
  • Low pressure of hot water through the valves
  • Quickly running out of hot water
  • Slow heating
  • Extremely hot water irrespective of the valve setting
  • Odorous or Discolored water
  • Presence of water puddles near the water heater

In addition to all this, remember that water heaters use high levels of energy. In fact, they consume around 25% of the total energy usage of an average American home. Thus, being excessively used, the heaters may lose their efficiency with the passage of time, becoming highly expensive to operate with every passing day.

While the actual repair is the duty of a professional, these are some additional symptoms shown by the equipment that may mean you need water heater repair in Arlington, TX:

  • Water heater is now more than 10 years old
  • Strange noises including high pitched whining, hissing or sizzling noises, popping or low rumbling
  • Discolored water

Professional Services for water heater repair in Arlington, TX

Water heater repairs should only be done by a professional holding a license to provide such services. This safety precaution is necessary since there are several components of this device that can cause serious damage, including giving you a shock of 200 Volts.

It is also recommended that you update your system in time without waiting for it to give up completely. There are several advantages of practicing this precaution and not waiting until the device is beyond repair. When you know there is little hope of gaining efficient results from the equipment, then simply save your energy bills by replacing the water heater instead of looking for water heater repair in Arlington, TX. Save additional money by choosing a model that is more energy efficient and will be economical in the end.

Have you recently moved into a new place or has your old water heater suddenly stopped working? In either case, do not worry, as all you need are the services from a reliable company for the installation of a new unit. In case you are looking for water heater repair in Arlington, TX, then hire the services of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Call now at 800.471.0809. We are available 24/7.