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Water Heater Repair Arlington

Water Heater Repair Arlington

As with all appliances and plumbing fixtures, wear and tear will eventually cause the water heater to need water heater repair in Arlington. While some of the problems can be repaired, others may require a new water heater installation. Furthermore, repair should not be delayed, as doing so can cause additional problems to develop. Delay not only increases the cost of repair if other components fail, it also increases the risk of complete failure. When your water heater is experiencing problems, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for a professional diagnosis you can trust, and water heater repair in Arlington, you can rely on.

Some common water heater problems include:

  • No hot water – There are a number of potential causes for a lack of hot water. For example, someone may have turned the thermostat down, or a thrown breaker due to a power surge, a bad heating element, a pilot that has gone out, and other causes.
  • The hot water is used up too quickly –If the hot water seems to be in short supply, you may have a bad element or other problems. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington will efficiently identify the cause, and provide the required water heater repair in Arlington that you need.
  • Discolored water-The anode in a water heater protects it against rust. Eventually it can corrode and can result in discolored water. Other causes are possible, and it is best to contact a licensed plumber to identify and repair the cause.
  • Excessively hot water –When the water heater produces scalding hot water check the thermostat, it should be set at 120 degrees F. Contact a plumber for water heater repair in Arlington.
  • Rumbling, popping or squealing noises –The buildup of sediment due to hard water can cause unusual water heater noise as air bubbles escape. Routine flushing of the water heater prevents buildup. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can provide a professional flush for you.
  • Leaks – The presence of water under or around the water heater indicates a leak. Leaks may occur from a leaking pipe, fitting or water heater component. A plumber can provide water heater repair in Arlington for these causes. However, when corrosion has caused the tank itself to leak, repair is not possible. A new water heater installation will be required. Repair or replacement should not be delayed due to the potential for serious damage to your home and its foundation.
  • Foul odor to water –If you smell an odor similar to rotten eggs every time you turn on your faucet, there may be a bacterial or fungal infestation in the water heater. Taking care of this problem will require a plumber in Arlington.

If your water heater is experiencing any of these problems, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for a correct diagnosis, and reliable water heater repair in Arlington from our licensed professionals. From installation to repair, we offer a wide range of water heater services, and other plumbing services. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.