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Water Heater Repair | Mansfield, TX

Water Heater Repair | Mansfield, TX

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Your water heater does a lot more than you probably give it credit for. Most people don’t think about their water heater until something goes wrong and they suddenly find themselves in need of water heater repair in Mansfield, TX. However, you shouldn’t wait until a plumbing emergency to notice your water heater. It is actually one of the most essential appliances in your home. Your water heater is responsible for delivering hot water all over your home.

Do you wash your dishes? Do you take hot showers? Rinse your dishes off in the sink? Wash your clothes? Wash your hands? Your hot water heater provides you with the hot water you need to take care of all of these tasks. In fact, due to the current pandemic you are probably relying on your hot water heater more than ever which is why you want to take care of any needed repair sooner instead of later.

Most people are finding themselves washing their hands more, showering more, and running loads of laundry more in an effort to decominate. That means that your water heater is more stressed than it has ever been. If it is operating at its full efficiency that should not be a problem, but if there is anything compromising its performance then it is likely starting to feel the strain.

You don’t want to wake up one morning to a cold shower or a flood in your basement caused by a burst water heater. Especially not when basic water heater repair and maintenance can prevent this from happening. Hot water heaters are expensive to replace, and regular water heater repair in Mansfield, TX can help you extend the lifespan of your current water heater.

There are a lot of signs that your water heater is starting to experience problems as a result of normal wear-and-tear. Minor issues can turn into major issues very quickly. Here are a few of the most common signs that it is time for water heater repair. If you notice any of these signs, call a plumber sooner than later and you can fix a small problem instead of dealing with an expensive headache.

Poor Water Pressure

When you take a shower does it seem like the water pressure is not up to par? Or when you are rinsing dishes in the sink does it take forever to fill up your sink? Every home has its own normal amount of water pressure, and you can usually tell when it changes. If you are suddenly noticing that you have no water pressure coming out of multiple fixtures it is time to have someone out to your home for water heater repair.

If you only notice the problem in one sink or fixture, then it is probably a localized problem that has to do with the fixture, but if you are noticing problems with multiple water fixtures there is a larger problem. There is no reason why your water pressure should just drop, especially if you are the only one using water at any given time. Believe it or not, there is a good chance that your water heater is to blame.

The good news is that simple water heater repair is all it usually takes to fix the problem so you can go back to enjoying high water pressure again. A lot of the time a high amount of mineral deposit build-up is responsible for poor water pressure. The deposits start to build up in the pipes causing the flow of water to decrease. You may also notice that the water is not as warm as usual along with the poor water pressure. An expert water repair company can troubleshoot the issue and offer you advice on how to remove the clogs without replacing your system.

Your Water Heater Is Making Abnormal Sounds

Simply put, outside of a gentle hum your water heater should never make any sounds. If you start to notice sounds coming from your hot water heater it is time to call a plumber to come for water heater repair. Almost any other sound indicates that something serious is wrong with your water heater, and if you don’t address the issue quickly you may have to deal with a flooded basement or utility closet soon.

Some common sounds that occur when a water heater is starting to malfunction include cracking, popping, banging, or rumbling noises. All of these sounds indicate that something is failing without your water heater throwing off the usual flow of things. The machine is therefore working harder than it should be and water pressure is building.

As water pressure builds it can exceed what the water tank can hold. The end result is burst piping or even worse, an exploding hot water tank. The good news is that in some circumstances if you get a plumber out right away for water heater repair they can investigate teh problem and fix your old tank. There are a lot of components on your water heater that can be repaired and fixed. In most cases water heater repair can take care of most major issues and get your tank back to its normal functioning.

Other times even flushing out the water tank will not be enough. If your water tank is failing then water heater repair may not be possible and you’re Mansfiled, TX plumber may advise you to replace the tank instead. There are usually several factors involved with this decision including the actual problem and the age of your current water tank. Even if you find yourself in this situation it is better to proactively replace your water tank then wait for it to explode causing massive flood damage and then replace it.

Rust in Your Water

There should never be rust in your water, but if you open up your tap and find rust coming out of it then there is a good chance that your water heater is to blame. This is even more true if you notice that the rusty color is almost exclusively showing up in your hot water. This is a tell-tale sign that it is time to call for Mansfield, TX water heater repair.

Not only do you not want to drink rusty water, but it is a sign that there is a serious issue with your water tank. Usually rust shows up in your water when the bottom of your hot water tank starts to corrode on the inside. You cannot see this without flushing your entire system so it is very likely that your tank is rusting without any sign.

Sometimes the rust can be coming from a pipe that is not associated with your hot water heater, but you won’t know until you have a Mansfield, TX plumber out to your home for water heater repair. Rusty water is not safe to drink and will discolor your dishes and your clothes when you do laundry so it is not something that you want to delay dealing with. The minute you see rust coming out of multiple fixtures in your home you need to dial your plumber.

Fluctuations in Heat

Another clear sign that your water heater may not be functioning the way it should is changes in the temperature of our water. Do you notice that some days you have plenty of hot water and other days the water seems to be more lukewarm? Or do you notice that sometimes you run out of hot water quicker than other days? There are a lot of reasons why this may be happening, and almost all of them have to do with your water heater. Mineral build-up, internal flow, and damaged heating elements can all cause your water to heat unevenly.

The most common reason for heat fluctuations is a build-up of mineral deposits on the heating element. This means that water is not evenly heated in the tank since not all of the heating element is exposed to the water. You may remember that mineral deposits can cause other issues as well. The truth is mineral deposits are the number one reason that people need water heater repair in the first place.

However, there is no way to avoid mineral deposit build-up either. Water naturally contains water and minerals naturally will float to the bottom of the tank over time. Now that you know that however, you can take proactive measures to ensure that your tank stays clean. Scheduling routine water heater repair is a great way to do so. Flushing out mineral deposits on a yearly basis is a great way to avoid future problems and high water heater repair bills.

Leaks From Your Water Heater

While a large leak from your water heater is fairly obvious, you may be surprised at how easy it is for a small leak to go undetected for months before it causes issues. It is possible that your water heater is leaking right now and you have no idea. That is because small leaks can form around the fixtures or near the pipes that bring water in and out of your water heater.

Some people will mistake the small leaks for moisture that builds up on the outside of the tank, and others simply never look at their water heater to know. It is a good idea to inspect your hot water heater on a regular basis so you can spot these little leaks and ward off future emergency water heater repair. If you spy a little leak before it causes a major issue you can proactively schedule water heater repair and repair the leak without much hassle or cost.

To check for leaks go downstairs at different times of the day and inspect your water heater. You want to catch it at different times in its normal cycle since water pressure builds at different levels in the cycle. When water pressure is at its highest there is most likely to be leaks on the side of your tank. Look for small trickles of water or small dots of water under your tank that cannot be attributed to anything else.

Even if you do not see any leaks you will want to thoroughly check out your water tank for signs of moisture or discoloration. Discoloration on the floor around your water tank or around the fixtures can point to a gradual leak that has been around for some time. Mold or mildew is another sign that something is leaking.

If you notice any of these signs of leaking then it is time to call for Mansfield, TX water heater repair. Of course, if you notice any larger signs of leaking you need to call right away. A leak is never something that you want to take lightly because it is only a matter of time before a simple leak turns into a rushing roar of water when a water heater is involved.

Have you noticed any of the above signs of water heater issues in your home? Or are you concerned about your water heater because of something else not on this list? Either way you need to act quickly and get the opinion of a professional plumber. Remember, proactive water heater repair is always better than reactive repair.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth has helped customers with their hot water tanks for years and we would be happy to come out and inspect your water tank. Our team of trained professionals have the proper tools and knowledge to promptly diagnose and fix any problems we find. If you have any reason to be concerned about your hot water tank give us a call today so we can schedule a visit and set your mind at ease.