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Water Heater Repair | Plumbing Arlington

Water Heater Repair | Plumbing Arlington

The water heater is an essential component of the home’s plumbing system and of modern living. It’s easy to take it for granted as long as it provides the hot water we need for showering, doing laundry, washing dishes, cleaning and the other tasks requiring hot water. When you experience a problem with your water heater that requires a professional water heater repair, call the experienced, licensed plumbers of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Our plumbers in Arlington have the expertise to ensure plumbing services that meet and/or exceed the industry standards. In addition, our plumbers offer a wide range of services for your installation, repair and maintenance needs of your plumbing in Arlington.

Routine professional maintenance is the best way to keep the water heater operating efficiently, effectively and to ensure the longest possible lifespan. Routine maintenance also reduces the frequency of water heater repair service. However, it’s still possible you may need repair service at some point in the water heater’s lifespan. When  the need for repair occurs  schedule service as soon as you are aware of the problem. Ensure you hire a qualified, licensed plumber for repair you can rely on. In addition, this is always true for any installation, maintenance or repair of your home’s  plumbing in Arlington.  By using a qualified plumber, you prevent the need for callbacks, and the problems that may arise from using those without the training, certification and experience of a licensed plumber.

Common Signs That Water Heater Repair is Required

While homeowner’s may miss the early warning signs of a developing problem with the water heater, you can certainly recognize the signs of a problem in progress. Learn the signs, and call for prompt repair before permanent damage may occur.  These signs include:

  • Improper water temperature is a common sign that a problem exists with the water heater.
  • Unusual noise is an indicator that you may need a water heater repair. For example, a popping noise  may indicate the existence of hard water sediment in the tank or a problem and potentially a problem related to its presence.
  • Visible water leaks or rusting on the water heater should be seen and attended to by a professional plumber promptly. Leaks related to a leaky drain valve, a loose fitting or failed pipe can be repaired. However, leaks due to a rusty and leaky tank will require water heater replacement.

Have Your Water Heater Repairs Handled by Professionals

In the end, the reliability and lifespan of the water heater rely on routine maintenance and prompt repair by a plumber in Arlington. The water heater is too important in your home to settle for anything less than reliable and expert services.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides the reliable services you require for your home’s  plumbing in Arlington. So confident are we of the quality services we provide, that we guarantee your 100% satisfaction. If you are in need of water heater repair, contact us today to schedule a repair. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.