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Water Heaters | Plumbing Fort Worth

Water Heaters | Plumbing Fort Worth

Gas vs. Electric Water Heaters | Plumbing Fort Worth

A hot water heater is an essential component of a home’s plumbing in Fort Worth. This blog can assist those of you who must replace a hot water heater, and are considering changing from electric to gas or vice versa. In the following we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of conventional gas vs. electric water heaters. For reliable service to your plumbing in Fort Worth, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

Gas Hot Water Heaters Advantages

  • When it comes to energy efficiency, natural gas is the winner. It heats the water faster with an approximate 65% faster recovery rate than an equivalent electric water heater and uses less energy.


  • Gas water heaters will cost you more than electric models. The installation of gas lines and an exhaust flue is an additional expense if you don’t already have a gas model.
  • Conventional gas water heaters require at least 18″ on all sides between the water heater and walls or other structure.
  • A number of gas water heaters no longer continue to function during a power outage due to electric ignition systems.
  • Though explosions are rare, gas is a volatile substance with the potential to explode. A leak, a faulty burner or failed safeties can result in an explosion. Leaking gas can asphyxiate occupants, and a faulty vent flue can result in deadly carbon monoxide gas leaking into the home. Routine maintenance and prompt water heater repair are essential on gas water heaters.
  • Gas water heaters require professional installation by a qualified licensed plumber. All gas pipes, fittings and connections must be properly installed and tested with gas leak detection equipment. It isn’t a DIY project due to safety factors and building code. Only a gas certified plumber can provide gas water heater installation or work with other gas appliances related to your plumbing in Fort Worth.

Electric Hot Water Heaters

Though a gas hot water heater is more efficient, there are sound reasons why so many persons prefer an electric water heater. Some of those reasons are:

  • Safety is the first reason, and is why so many homeowners will only use an electric water heater.
  • Electric water heaters have a longer lifespan than gas.
  • The cost of installing an electric water heater is lower as it only requires water and electricity.
  • Electric water heaters have less impact on the environment, as they don’t produce green-house emissions.
  • Water heater repair is simple without the worry of checking for gas leaks, gas pressures or combustion chambers for safety.
  • Electric water heaters can be installed in any small space you have.
  • Electric water heaters can be used with a timer, enabling you to control when it operates. If you are on an off-peak plan, a timer enables the water heater to run during off peak hours to save money on your electric bill.
  • Electric water heaters outlast gas water heaters.
  • An electric water heater costs less than gas water heaters.


Electric water heaters cost more to operate. However, with timers, insulating blankets and improved technology, electric water heater efficiency and recovery time is improving. Gas remains the most energy efficient, while electric is the safest. In addition, electric water heaters are the easiest to install and to provide water heater repair to. This means it cost less to install and maintain this essential component of your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers experienced, licensed plumbers with expertise. When you need plumbing service, installation or repair to your plumbing in Fort Worth, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will provide prompt and dependable service. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB. We hope you found the information on gas vs. electric water heaters of assistance.