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Water Heaters: Tank and Tankless

Water Heaters: Tank and Tankless

Which type of water heater do you have in your home? Both tank and tankless water heaters in Burleson are common, each with their own sets of pros and cons. Let us take a detailed look at both of them.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters in Burleson are one of the most common models. Also referred to as instantaneous water heaters or demand type water heater, these units provide hot water as and when needed. As the name implies, they don’t have a tank attached, so they don’t store any water.  Also, there aren’t any standby energy losses as such, so you do get to save some money.

Tankless water heaters in Burleson directly provide heat to water and increase its temperature. If you turn on the tap, cold water would run in through the pipe into the tankless water heater unit. There, it is heated through a gas burner or electricity. Though the hot water supply is constant, the flow rate is limited for tankless water heaters in Burleson. Most of the units offer a rate of around 2 to 5 gallons in a minute, which is equivalent to 7.6 to 15.2 liters.

Units operating on gas tend to provide a higher flow rate than an electrical unit, but even the best gas tankless water heaters in Burleson may not be able to provide sufficient hot water if the household is large with excess water consumption. So for instance, if you want to shower and run the dishwater together, it can be a problem. A possible solution is to install tankless water heaters in Burleson, and then connect them in parallax to meet the hot water demand. Another choice is to integrate a separate water heater with each of your appliances.

The Pros and Cons

If the daily water consumption in your home is around 41 gallons or less, then tankless water heaters in Burleson will be around 24% to 34% more energy efficient than a storage tank water heater. If water consumption is greater than this at around 86 gallons daily, then efficiency of tankless water heaters in Burleson is around 8% to 14% more than the traditional model. Want to increase efficiency by as much as 50%? Install a tankless water heater with each unit.

What are the costs? Well, the upfront costs are higher than the figures associated with storage water heater. However, they have a longer lifespan consume power in reduced quantities. Thus, the upfront costs balance off in the long run. Generally, most tankless water heaters in Burleson can be used for around 20 years or more. Plus, their parts are replaceable and that can increase their life even more. As for the storage water heaters, their life spans around 15 years at the most.

Storage heaters generate standby heat losses, which tankless water heaters in Burleson can avoid at least to some extent. The gas operated heaters use more energy if the pilot light is constantly burning, but it is still not as much as compared to a storage water heater.

The operating costs vary from model to model. Your chosen plumber in Burleson can help you out in this regard. When buying tankless water heaters in Burleson, get an idea of the amount of gas, which the pilot light is expected to utilize. If the model features a standing pilot light, it can easily be turned off when it is not being used, to save some energy. A model that features an intermittent ignition device or IDID, instead of the standing pilot is usually a more affordable option. Devices of these sorts are similar to the spark ignition device featured on some gas kitchen ovens.

Installation Maintenance

Well maintained tankless water heaters in Burleson imply that you can enjoy higher efficiency and better results. During the installation, factors like the fuel type, safety, building code requirements and climate all play a significant role. So, it is best that you select a professional plumber in Burleson. Benjamin Franklin is a good choice in this regard.

Storage Water Heaters

Compared to tankless water heaters in Burleson, storage water heaters provide hot water in greater quantities, but at the cost of greater energy consumption. They are popular too, but the resulting bills are slightly higher than in the case of tankless water heaters in Burleson.

Generally, a storage water heater can store between 20 and 80 gallons of hot water, depending on the tank size. When you turn on the tap, hot water from the top of the tank enters the plumbing system from the top, and then exits through the tap that you have just turned on. Cold water is then made to enter from the bottom of the tank. The tank is always full at all instances.

The fuel sources used for a water storage tank are fuel oil, propane natural gas or electricity.

The Pros and Cons

A storage water tank heats hot water constantly, which wastes energy, particularly if water isn’t being used. Referred to as standby heat loss, this is the biggest disadvantage of a storage water heater because energy is being used even when hot water isn’t required. For tankless water heaters in Burleson, this loss is avoidable.

If the storage water heater has an insulated tank, then heat losses can be avoided to a significant extent. This decreases operational costs as well. Generally, models that have a thermal resistance between R-12 and R-25 are more preferable.

Installation and Maintenance

Like with tankless water heaters in Burleson, you should regularly get your storage water heater maintained to ensure it uses the least amount of energy to operate. Once again, ask a professional company that deals with storage tank and tankless water heaters in Burleson to get the job.

Considering maintenance, you should flush ¼ of the stored water quarterly. Check the pressure and temperature values biannually, and inspect the anode rod after around 4 years.

So, which water heater are you interested in? Reach out to Benjamin Franklin, and they’ll help you decide the best one for their needs.