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Water Leak | Water Line Repair Fort Worth, Texas

Water Leak | Water Line Repair Fort Worth, Texas

Every year, in homes across the U.S. water leaks wastes anywhere from approximately 500 to 20,000 gallons. Water leaks can cause costly damage to your home and its foundation, mold problems and the cost of mold remediation. Unfortunately, homeowner’s are often unaware of leaks, and only suspect them when the water bill is unusually high. Even when a leak is verified, it can be difficult to locate. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for water line repair in Fort Worth, Texas. Use the following tips to check for leaks.


Begin by checking plumbing fixtures and appliances. The toilet is a common source of leaks. There are several potential problems in which the toilet can leak. They include:

  1. Tank sweating isn’t a leak. Water condenses on the outside of the toilet tank and drips to the floor. It’s caused by the difference in the temperature of cold water in the tank, and the temperature of a warm bathroom. Some of the solutions include toilet liners which insulate the tank, anti-sweat valves which mix warm water with the tanks  incoming cold water.
  2. Tank leaks include those caused by a faulty flapper valve in the bottom, which allows water to leak into the toilet bowl. An additional type is due to leakage around tank-to-bowl bolts. An additional possibility is a cracked tank or bowl. Testing for any of these leaks is the same. Place food coloring in the tank to color the water. Check every 15 minutes. If colored water appears in the bowl, the flapper valve should be replaced. If the colored water runs down the toilet near the tank-to-bowl bolts, the bolts and gasket will need replacement. The third possibility is a cracked toilet resulting in water leaking from the crack. When the colored water is outside the toilet inspect carefully to determine its source.
  3. A faulty fill valve can allow the water level in the tank to be higher than the overflow tube, resulting in the loss of water and a running toilet. In addition, the gasket at the base of the fill valve may be faulty, requiring replacement.
  4. Check the shut off valve and the supply line that serves the toilet, these are a possible location of a leak. Our plumbers can provide the water line repair in Fort Worth, Texas you need.

Of these, only a cracked tank or bowl will require toilet replacement. Otherwise, contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumber for toilet repair and/or water line repair in Fort Worth, Texas.

Faucet Leaks

Faucets are also a common source of leaks. Typically, the faucet needs a part replaced such as an o-ring or seats, for example. Our plumbers can provide the plumbing repair you need.

Water Heater Leaks

Water heater leaks are  generally noticeable. Check around and on the water heater at least monthly, and contact Benjamin Franklin to schedule repair or replacement.

Tubs, Showers and Sinks

Inspect the water supply lines serving sinks. Leaks may also occur in tubs or shower water lines, but aren’t accessible in every home. You may notice water at the base of the wall where they are located, or damage to the wall or flooring. The water lines under the sink can be viewed. If your water supply lines to appliances in the home are leaking, contact our plumbers for reliable water line repair in Fort Worth, Texas.

Other locations to check indoors for leaks include the washer, refrigerator and the dishwasher.  Steel braided hoses are the best option as they resist corrosion and last longer.

Outdoor Leaks

Outdoors, standing water and/or bubbling up are obvious leaks. Unfortunately, not all outdoor leaks are as noticeable. Outdoor leaks can be difficult to locate without specialized equipment, such as a plumber uses. Contact Ben Franklin plumbers for professional leak detection and water line repair in Fort Worth, Texas.

Outdoor Faucets

You can determine if an outdoor faucet is leaking by placing a container under the spout. Water will accumulate when a leak is present. However, when the pipe connected to the faucet has damage and is leaking, you will require water line repair in Fort Worth, Texas.

Yard Line Leaks

Leaks in the piping connecting the water meter and home are called yard line leaks. The signs of a yard line leak include healthy, green grass in the area of a leak, soft soil, and water running out onto the drive or street, or pooling on the lawn. If you don’t see any evidence of a leak, use the water meter to verify whether or not you have a leak. A Ben Franklin plumber can provide reliable water line repair in Fort Worth, Texas.

Ensure no water will be used during the test, including automatic users such as the ice maker or pool. Open the lid on the water meter and write down the numbers displayed on the dial. If it’s moving, a leak is verified. However, if it’s not moving there may be a small leak. Recheck the meter in an hour, if the numbers have changed you have a leak. However, a tiny leak may not be detected during this time frame.

If the meter test indicates a leak, you can determine whether the leak is outdoors or in the home by shutting off the main water supply valve outside the home. If the numbers on the meter continue to change, the leak is in the piping between the meter and the house. No movement indicates the leak is somewhere in the house. If you think you may have a leak, contact our licensed plumbers to provide  water line repair in Fort Worth, Texas.    

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers experienced, licensed plumbers for your plumbing needs. Recognized nationwide for quality plumbing solutions, when you have a water leak you can rely on a Ben Franklin Plumber for water line repair in Fort Worth, Texas. Furthermore,  we offer a wide range of other plumbing services. Our plumbers serve Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas with quality plumbing that meets and/or exceeds the industry standards. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.