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Water Leaks & Line Repair Fort Worth

Water Leaks & Line Repair Fort Worth

Water Leaks | Water Line Repair Fort Worth

Water line leaks are potentially one of the most damaging occurrences that can happen to your home. Water leaks will cause costly damage to your home and in the case of hidden leaks – substantial damage can occur before you know it. If your home is on a slab, it can damage the slab as well as the wooden structure of the walls, the tile, or linoleum, certainly the hardwood flooring. Under the slab leaks can potentially undermine the soil beneath it, causing the floor to sink. On the lawn sunken spots can occur, and in extreme cases sink holes may form. Ignoring leaks will cost you more in the long run than providing water line repair in Fort Worth quickly when a leak is found.

water line repair Fort Worth

Of course, leaks that are difficult to locate the source can waste time if you are attempting to find it yourself, especially when you aren’t certain that you do have a leak. So what are the signs of a leak? Let’s look at some of the common signs:

  • A higher than normal water bill when you haven’t left a hose running, pressure washed your home or etc…
  • Pooling water on the lawn, or water on the floor. Water on the lawn may be draining from a neighbor’s water leak.
  • Damp and/or moldy walls.
  • Cracked tile and/or grout.
  • Stains on wood or linoleum floors.
  • Soft spots or sagging areas on floors indicating the wood has rotted.
  • Standing water may cause a musty odor in the home.
  • The loss of water pressure.
  • Water is running into the street. This also may be a situation of water draining from a neighbor’s property.
  • Grass that is greener than the surrounding grass, especially if the soil is softer in the green location than other areas of the surrounding lawn.
  • Warm spots on a slab floor when a hot water line is leaking.

Hidden Water Leaks

Hidden leaks can be difficult to locate on your own. When you have a leak cut the water supply off. Then call a licensed plumber to provide water line repair in Fort Worth. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing uses the latest in advanced technology to locate hidden leaks. Our experienced plumbers will pinpoint a hidden leak and have it repaired quickly, preventing additional damage to your home from a water leak.

If the leak in your home is an under the slab leak, our plumbers have the expertise to provide water line repair in Fort Worth with minimal disturbance to your homes slab and flooring.

The causes of a slab leak can vary; the most common are as follows:

  • Ground Shifting occurs when the ground settles beneath a slab foundation and can potentially cause breaks in the pipes that lie beneath the slab. Earthquakes large or small, can cause ground shifting.
  • Pipes that are improperly wrapped exposes them to damage that can result in leaks.
  • Damage to a pipe during the initial installation will over time wear through, resulting in a leak.

Damage may also be due to work provided after plumbing installation during the home’s construction.

Slab Leak Detection

Don’t underestimate the potential damage to an under the slab leak. A slab leak is a plumbing emergency with the potential for substantial and costly damage. Don’t risk further damage by hiring a friend or unqualified handyman. Only use a licensed plumber to ensure accurate leak detection, pinpointing of the leak, and water line repair in Fort Worth that is reliable and up to code. Keep in mind, the structural integrity of your home, and your family’s safety depends upon a successful and professional job being provided.

Yard Line Repair

Yard lines may leak due to damage, aged and deteriorated pipes, or the use of an inferior product in the original installation. Yard line leaks cost you money with wasted water, and have the potential to damage landscaping. Furthermore, water from yard line leaks may end up in your basement, or under the home’s foundation creating the potential for costly foundation problems.

When a yard line leak involves your homes water main, you may notice a loss in water pressure. In addition, there is the potential for contamination to enter a cracked water line and may subject you and your family to health risks. Yard line leaks should receive prompt attention with water line repair in Fort Worth.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth utilizes equipment with advanced technology for leak detection, accurately pinpointing slab leaks, yard line leaks and other leaks. This technology enables our reliable plumbers to provide water line repair in Fort Worth with minimal soil or slab disturbance. The expertise of our plumbers ensures the professional water line repair in Fort Worth that is required. Our work is always 100% satisfaction guaranteed or we redo it for free.