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Water Leaks and Clogged Sinks – Why Trying to Fix Plumbing Problems on Your Own Is Not a Good Idea | Plumber in Pantego, TX

Water Leaks and Clogged Sinks – Why Trying to Fix Plumbing Problems on Your Own Is Not a Good Idea | Plumber in Pantego, TX

You hear the slightest noise coming from the basement and your first thought is to get your trusty old toolbox and go have a look. While there’s no harm in poking around but when this is done using a wrench or a welding torch, better be prepared to get blasted by a stream of water.

Do you have any idea what you are doing? Plumbers in Pantego, TX find it annoying when homeowners try to fix plumbing problems on their own and when that doesn’t work, they call for help. By this time, the damage has already been done and then the repair gets bigger and much more expensive.

People don’t understand that without any knowledge of plumbing in Pantego, TX, when they try to fix a leaky pipe on their own, it always leads to disastrous results.

These people learned the hard way why they should have called a plumber in Pantego, TX when they thought the faucet in the kitchen was leaking or the sink was blocked.

I Am Batman

Mr. Quentin’s wife had been on him for days to fix the pipe in the basement that had been leaking insistently. Every time she went downstairs to do the laundry, she would step into puddles of water. One day, Mr. Quentin went into his garage to find his toolbox and found his son down there fixing his bike. Mr. Quentin decided to use his son to do the work, since he was handy with a wrench. Somehow, his son ended up convincing Mr. Quentin that they needed to take out the old copper fitting and install a new one. Armed with rubber gloves and a welding torch both father and son headed downstairs. Mr. Quentin’s son inspected all the pipes and then pinpointed one in the middle that was leaking. They cleared the area and then got to work. His son turned on the welding torch and started cutting into the copper fitting. The problem was, as soon as the fitting had the smallest of the cut, water started gushing out. He turned off the torch and wrapped his hands around the pipe. They both looked at each other and that is when Mr. Quentin realized that he had forgotten to shut down the main water valve. In such a short amount of time, there was 5” deep water standing in the basement that destroyed all their belongings, boxed and piled in a corner. While Mr. Quintin was angry at his son, his son was more worried about the comic books that he had boxed and kept in the basement.

Buried Treasure

After their 5 year anniversary, Ally and Sam decided to move in together. Luckily, they found a house that was quite affordable and bought it within a month. A few years into the house and Ally saw that the toilet flush was not working properly. When Sam complained of the same thing, she decided to call a plumber in Pantego, TX but Sam had other plans. He saw a YouTube video that claimed the sewage pipe in the backyard needed a little replacing and the clog will clear right out. Armed with a shovel and his toolbox, Sam headed to the backyard. He wanted to fix the problem right away, so that when Ally came back home, he would surprise her. 10 minutes into the digging and he hit a pipe… HARD. Suddenly, the dirty water started to leak and the air filled with a nasty smell. In just a matter of minutes, the backyard was filled with dirty, sewage water. When Ally came back home, she was greeted to a nasty sight with an unbearable smell. Her prized bed of roses was wet and half of the flowers had already wilted.

Armed With Drano

Read any blog and you will learn how harmful drain cleaning liquids are. Plumbers in Pantego, TX strictly advise against using any chemical that might harm the plumbing lines. They have a different method of drain cleaning in Pantego, TX, which involves manually inspecting the clog and then using a snake drain to clear the area.

Sondra had been living in her small studio apartment for 3 years now. Since she was an art student, she regularly had parties over at her place. She loved to cook and would always whip up something greasy that would have everyone licking their fingers. The first thing she did when the guests left was throw the leftovers into the garbage disposal and the gravy into the sink. One morning when she was washing last night’s dishes, she saw that the water was draining very slowly. She opened the kitchen cabinet, picked a drain cleaning liquid at random and poured one cup down the sink drain. Deciding to wait for a few minutes until the chemical did its work, she went on to watch TV. After half an hour, she started washing the dishes again and the same thing happened. She poured another cup of drain cleaning liquid down the sink drain. When she encountered this problem the third time, she took out all the drain cleaning liquids from the kitchen cabinet and poured one cup of each (5 to be exact) down the kitchen drain. After a few seconds, smoke started rising out of the sink drain and a strange smell filled the apartment. Apparently, the chemicals had reacted with the pipe, which resulted in chlorine gas. While the gas is not harmful but continued exposure to it can cause side effects such as vomiting, nausea, and headache and in rare cases, wheezing attacks. Sondra had to run out of the house and call a plumber for drain cleaning in Pantego, TX. However, the damage had been done and she was evicted by the landlord.

You will find hundreds of stories like these online where the homeowners thought fixing the plumbing or doing a water line repair in Pantego, TX on their own was a good idea. As you read, it was not! So, better call a plumber in Pantego, TX. If you are looking for a professional and trustworthy plumber, then visit Benjamin Franklin. The company offers all kinds of plumbing services from leak detection to water heater repair, drain cleaning, line repair installation, sink tub replacement and more. To get in touch with a plumber in Pantego, TX area, call 817-983-7876.