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Water Leaks | Water Line Repair Fort Worth

Water Leaks | Water Line Repair Fort Worth

Each year, water line leaks cause costly damage to homes’ behind walls, to flooring, slabs, basements and foundations. In many cases, substantial damage can occur before you know it. Ignoring water leaks can cost you more in the long run than providing water line repair in Fort Worth.

Hidden water leaks can be frustrating for the homeowner to locate, and you may be uncertain that a leak is even present. The following can assist you in verifying a leak, or ruling one out. Unless you have seen signs of water damage, it is likely you suspect a water leak due to a high water bill. If you haven’t used the pressure washer, watered gardens outdoors, washed the car or other uncommon tasks, a high water bill may indicate the presence of a leak. However, if the electric or gas bill is also elevated (depending on the fuel source for the water heater), you may have a water heater problem or hot water line leaks, which increases both the water and energy bill. Other potential signs of a water leak include:

  • Pooling water indoors or out.
  • Damp walls, especially if mold and/or mildew are present.
  • Cracked and/or discolored tile and/or grout.
  • Stains on wood, vinyl or linoleum floors.
  • Sagging floors or floors that feel spongy and may “give” when you step on them, indicate rotted wood.
  • A musty odor in the home.
  • The sound of running water. The sound is likely to be loudest at the area of the leak. You can also listen at the location of the main water line entry to the home for the sound of running water.
  • Cracks in the foundation are a potential sign.
  • Low water pressure.
  • Grass is likely to be lush and green in the area of an outdoor water leak. The ground may or may not feel soft.
  • Warm spots on a slab floor with a hot water leak.

Verifying a Leak with the Water Meter Test

The water meter can be used to verify the presence of a larger leak. Ensure no water is used during the test period, and cut off ice makers, the dishwasher, the sprinkler system and other automatic water users. Jot down the numbers on the water meter. Check it again in 1 hour. If the numbers have increased you have a leak, contact Benjamin Franklin plumbers for water line repair in Fort Worth.

Hidden Water Leaks

When you have a leak cut the water supply off to prevent additional damage and water waste. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing uses the latest technology for the location of hidden water leaks. Our experienced, licensed plumbers will pinpoint a hidden leak and provide prompt water line repair in Fort Worth. You can rely on our plumbers in Fort Worth to find and fix your hidden water leak.

Slab Leaks

Everyone dreads hearing they have a slab leak. The good news is today’s technology allows your Benjamin Franklin plumber to provide water line repair in Fort Worth without tearing up the slab foundation. In most cases, our plumbers can provide the repair with minimal or no disturbance of your floor at all.

The Causes

The most common causes of a slab leak include:

  • Over time the ground settles beneath a slab foundation. As the ground shifts, breaks may occur in the pipes beneath the slab. Even small earthquakes can cause ground shifting.
  • When the quality of the initial installation of plumbing is poor, problems can develop in the following years. Improperly wrapped pipes, and poor quality pipe material can result in premature leaks.
  • Even though a plumber properly installed the plumbing, a worker from another industry may have caused damage to the pipe. Over time a damaged area may wear through, resulting in a leak.

Slab Leak Detection

A slab leak is a plumbing emergency with the potential for substantial damage. With so much at stake, only hire a licensed plumber for professional slab leak detection, location of the leak, and reliable water line repair in Fort Worth.

Yard Line Repair

The yard line is the pipe that delivers water from the meter to your home. Damage to the pipe may occur due to damage, age and deterioration, or the use of substandard pipe material in the original installation. Yard line leaks often cause substantially elevated water bills, and can damage any structure they lie beneath. Furthermore, under the right circumstances, the water may end up in your basement, or under the home’s foundation potentially causing the need for costly foundation repair.

When a yard line leak occurs, you may notice low water pressure, or even discolored water due to soil contamination. Yard line leaks require prompt water line repair in Fort Worth.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Fort Worth have the latest tools and equipment for a fast diagnosis of plumbing problems, and utilize the latest technology in repair and other plumbing services. The technology provides our reliable plumbers with the tools for water line repair in Fort Worth with minimal or no disturbance of the soil or slab. Our plumbers’ expertise ensures the professional water line repair in Fort Worth you can rely on. Our standards are high for our plumbers, ensuring you receive the best. This is why we can promise your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Fort Worth, Arlington, and the surrounding areas, and is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.