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Water Line Leaks & Repair | Fort Worth

Water Line Leaks & Repair | Fort Worth

Water Main Leaks | Water Line Repair Fort Worth

A clean and consistent water supply is a necessity we take for granted in the U.S. The water that flows from our taps is supplied by our home’s water main which connects to the municipal water line. Unfortunately, over time the water main will deteriorate due to age or damage resulting in water main leaks requiring water line repair in Fort Worth.

water line repair fort worth

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In the past, a leaking water main required extensive digging with a backhoe or other equipment. At the time, this was often the only means of locating a leak and of providing water line repair in Fort Worth and across the nation.

Fortunately, modern Trenchless technology can be used for the majority of water line replacements and provides water line repair with minimal disruption of the lawn. Water Line Replacement

Water line replacement is the solution for aging pipes in an advanced state of corrosion, as well as pipe having extensive damage due to age or mechanical factors.

Water Line Repair in Fort Worth

Tree roots will seek out water, and can damage and block the water main. The best way to prevent this potential damage is to not plant trees or shrubs near the water line. Just how far trees should be planted from the water line will depend upon the tree species. As a general rule 25 – 50 ft. is the most common recommendation. However, a Catawba Worm tree with a ten ft. canopy has been proven to have roots extending 60 ft. from the tree in its search for water.

Signs of a Leaking Water Main

  • A loss of water pressure can be due to a leak in the water main. However, pipe corrosion is also a potential cause of low water pressure.
  • Pools of water forming on the lawn or water running into the street, can be sign of a leaking water main. Keep in mind, the water may be draining from a neighboring yard into yours.
  • Grass that is greener than normal over or near the water main can indicate a water leak.
  • “Mushy”, soft areas of the lawn.
  • An elevated water bill without an explanation is a red flag.
  • A change in the color or consistency of your water can be due to the infiltration of soil from a pipe break. Pipe corrosion of steel water line can also cause rusty discoloration of water. Either situation will require water line repair in Fort Worth.
  • Quickly clogging water filters can indicate debris and/or soil in the water.
  • No water at all taps can indicate a broken water main, or a corroded and clogged line. It may also indicate work is being provided to the water system. When water is absent at a location, but present in others, the problem will be in the supply line of the affected tap.

Video Pipe Inspection

Utilizing the latest video pipe inspection technology, Benjamin Franklin plumbers can quickly pinpoint a problem without destruction of the lawn. Once the problem is identified, our plumbers will determine the best solution to correct it with water line repair in Fort Worth.

When you suspect a leak due to elevated water bills and/or reduced water pressure but there are no visible signs of a leak, use the water meter test to verify a leak or rule it out:

Select a time when no one is home to use water. Shut the water supply off to all automatic water using appliances such as the icemaker, and ensure no appliance is running for the duration of the test. Read the dial on the water meter and record the reading. Recheck in 30 minutes to 1 hour. If the dial has moved you could have a water leak.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbers utilize the latest plumbing technology for diagnoses, repair and replacement of water main leaks. Our plumbers provide the highest standards in the industry for water line repair in Fort Worth, water line replacement and other plumbing services. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas. A member of the BBB, we maintain a consistent A+ rating.