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Water Line Repair: 7 of the Most Common Causes of Water Line Damages | Mansfield, TX

Water Line Repair: 7 of the Most Common Causes of Water Line Damages | Mansfield, TX

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Water leakages and other plumbing issues can account for a large portion of your water bill. If you don’t stop the leakage as soon as possible, you could potentially increase your water bill by anywhere from several hundred dollars to over $25,000 per incident. That’s a lot of money out of your pockets!

Water line damages and leakages tend to be one of the most costly plumbing problems that you’ll run into. One of the main problems with this type of damage is that the damage may be several feet underground and not easily observed through regular daily activities. It’s not unusual for many homeowners to not realize that their water line is damaged until it’s too late. In most cases, most homeowners only realize that their water line is damaged when their water bill shoots up significantly.

Water line repair in Mansfield, TX can be costly, but repairing it will always be cheaper than letting the problem fester and worsen. If you need any type of water line repair or even an assessment of the situation, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our experts can help you assess the extent of the damage and decide what the best solution may be. This article will look at the 7 of the most common causes of water line damages and the different types of water line repair services in Mansfield, TX that can solve the problem.

Overgrown Tree Roots

Don’t overlook the damage that nearby trees and bushes can do to your water line. Plants can do a lot of damage over time, as the roots can easily penetrate all types of materials. Overgrown tree roots are generally more problematic for those who have a lot of greenery on their property. Over time, the tree roots will not only penetrate the water line, but may also break the water line entirely. In some cases, the tree roots may actually grow within the water line and clog it.

When dealing with overgrown tree roots, the first thing that a plumber needs to do is locate the leak. This can be very difficult to do, as the tree roots can often grow very far from the tree.

Once the leak is located, there are several different water line repair solutions that may be recommended in Mansfield, TX. If the water line simply has a small leakage, some plumbers may recommend patching up the leaking area. If the tree roots have fully penetrated inside the plumbing and is growing within the water line, most plumbers will recommend cutting out a section of the plumbing and replacing it. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to replace a large portion of the plumbing. The cost of the water line repair will vary depending on the type of repairs that are needed.

Mineral Buildup and Residue

Depending on where you live, mineral deposits in the water can also accumulate within the pipes and clog it. These deposits are also known as scale deposits. Your water line will have more deposits if the water is heated often. This is because a certain amount of the water will evaporate when it is heated. This, at times, causes some of the minerals that are suspended within the water to precipitate.

Although the accumulations may seem harmless at first, they can become quite problematic. Some of the problems that can result from mineral buildup include clogs, low water pressure and accelerated deterioration. Some types of plumbing are also more susceptible to mineral buildup than others.

So, what can you do if mineral buildup and residue is damaging your water line? How can you fix this problem in the quickest way possible?

Depending on the extent of the damage, most plumbers may recommend that you replace a part of that water line. These water line repair services in Mansfield, TX are generally quick and, fairly, inexpensive. Some water line repair services may also include cleaning the plumbing to remove as much of the buildup as possible.

To ensure that your water line stays in as pristine condition as possible, most plumbers will also usually recommend one of two options: installing a water softener or installing a reverse osmosis water treatment system. The type of installation and water line repair that is best suited for your home will depend on many different factors.

Ground Movement

Ground movement may also cause different areas to shift. This may cause some areas of the water line to get bent out of shape or to break off. In these situations, the water line repair that’s needed may be a bit more extensive. You may need to expect a higher repair cost.

Our plumbers in Mansfield, TX will first need to assess the layout of the ground. This includes the type of ground movement that has happened and how this ground movement has affected the plumbing. They will then need to consider what future ground movements may occur. This is especially important when considering the type of water line repair that may be most suitable for the situation.

Many plumbers may recommend replacing the water line entirely. They may also recommend changing the structure or layout of the plumbing to avoid future damages and leakages. For example, if the ground is expected to shift in the near future, it may be best to avoid installing your home’s water line in that area. Or, you might want to consider water line repair that involves installing some reinforcements that will help the plumbing maintain its overall integrity and shape.

Freezing and Thawing from Fluctuating Temperatures

One thing that many homeowners forget is that the outdoor temperature can also have a huge effect on the overall condition and integrity of the water line. In the event that you live in an area that is constantly switching between cold and warm temperatures, there’s a good chance that the water line can become damaged from freezing and thawing the water inside.

On top of figuring out where the damage is located and replacing that section of the plumbing, most plumbers will also recommend that you install some type of insulation on the outside of the water line. The insulation will prevent constant freezing and thawing, which can cause the water line to burst from within.

There are several different types of insulation that can be installed. Most plumbers would recommend installing frost-proof outdoor spigots and wrapping. There are many different types of insulation materials to choose from, and each one will have its own unique advantages and disadvantages over the other options. For example, some popular options include spray foam insulation and insulating pipe wrap.

All of these types of insulation can also protect the plumbing from other types of damages as well. Depending on the extent of the damage, our plumbers may recommend insulating only a portion of the plumbing. With that said, those who choose to install insulation throughout the entire length of the plumbing will generally get better results.

High Water Pressure

Another common cause of water line damage that most people don’t consider is high water pressure. If the water gauge in your home is not calibrated properly, it can cause the water pressure to be too high. This may cause the plumbing to burst from the inside out.

The solution to high water pressure is quite simple. All you need to do is to install a device that will be able to drop the water pressure back down to a more manageable level. Some common devices that may be installed to manage the water pressure include a pressure-reducing valve or a faulty pressure regulator. Our plumbers can walk you through the distinct features of each device, and help you decide upon which one to choose.

It’s important to note that you’ll still have to replace the water line or repair it somehow. However, if you are able to fix the high water pressure problem first, then you can rest assured that your plumbing will have a longer lifespan and will last for a much longer time.

Acidic Soil Conditions

Don’t overlook the amount of damage that the soil can do to your plumbing. Some materials are much more likely to corrode than others. For example, many homeowners are advised to be careful if they have copper plumbing. Acidic soil conditions can cause copper plumbing to deteriorate at a much quicker rate.

In general, it’s usually quite easy to determine if acidic soil conditions have led to the water line damage. You’ll usually see that the water line exterior has corroded or has some type of staining to it. A good plumber will then check the soil pH to see whether it is compatible with the type of plumbing that you have at your home. In the event that the soil has too high or too low of a pH, the plumber may recommend that you do one of the following types of water line repair services:

  • Switch to a different type of plumbing. A different type of material may be more suitable for the environment that you live in.


  • Install insulation on the outside of the plumbing. If not, your plumber may also recommend that you install some type of protective cover. This way, the plumbing may be able to last for a much longer period of time.


  • Replace the plumbing entirely and try to alter the pH level of the soil by planting different plants nearby. Many plumbers may also recommend that you replace the soil around your home with a more suitable alternative or get a pH kit to help you maintain the soil at a suitable pH.

There are many solutions available. You’ll need to talk with your plumber to see what the different pros and cons of each solution may be. Consider choosing an option that will not only fit your budget, but will also be long-lasting.

General Deterioration Over Time

Last but not least, don’t underestimate the extent of general deterioration. Different types of plumbing will have different lifespans and will require water line repair at different types. Copper plumbing, for example, has a lifespan of anywhere from 20 to 50 years. After that, the plumbing is going to start to break apart, and you’ll start to see water line leakages and damages.

Many homeowners will have a plumber come take a look at their water line every 10 years or so to determine the type of water line repair services that may be needed. This may be anything from patching up a leak to replacing a certain part of the water line.

In many cases, many homeowners will opt to replace the water line entirely. This will be much cheaper than repairing the water line continuously. Trenchless water line repair and replacement services are becoming increasingly popular for their convenience and for their cost. This might be a good solution to look at with your plumber. The cost of trenchless water line repair in Mansfield, TX will vary depending on the amount of work that needs to be done, as well as the type of plumbing that you will be repairing.

Our Experts Offer Affordable and Quick Water Line Repair Services

Damages to your home’s water line can quickly get out of hand and become a huge problem. If you don’t get the water line repair services that are needed as soon as possible, the entire water line may need to be replaced. The water leakage may also damage the foundation of your home. If this happens, you’re going to have an even bigger headache on your hands.

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We’d be happy to offer you an assessment and provide you with several solutions. We’ll explain the pros and cons of each solution, so you fully know what to expect. This way, you can choose the solution that is the best fit for both your needs and your wallet. Get the water line repair services that you need from us today!