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Water Line Repair: Common Causes Of Water Line Damage | Arlington, TX

Water Line Repair: Common Causes Of Water Line Damage | Arlington, TX

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Did you know that an average American household uses roughly 300 hundred gallons of water each day, with 70 percent of this usage happening indoors? Water facilitates a lot of household activities, including the maintenance of hygiene and preparing meals which is much easier when everything is working properly and you aren’t in need of water line repair.

The water used in your home reaches your kitchen faucets, toilet, bathroom showerheads, and laundry room through a network of pipe connections known as the waterline. Water lines are usually found a few feet underground, and a glitch in the connection due to physical damage or leakages could have adverse effects for any homeowner.

If the line is leaking or damaged, you could end up paying a higher monthly water utility bill. Also, the integrity of your house may be compromised since water may begin seeping through your home’s foundation, hence weakening it.

But how can you tell when your Arlington, TX, home needs the services of a water line repair expert? You may overlook minor clogs that happen within your household or even unclog them with ease during general household cleanups. However, if the clogs are frequent, that’s a sign that you need to book an appointment with a certified water line repair technician for comprehensive inspections and subsequent repairs where necessary.

Other indicators of water line problems include:

  • Unreasonably high water bills
  • Damp dry walls
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Increased maintenance calls.

Below are some common causes of water line leaks and damages experienced by homeowners around Arlington, TX.

Corrosive soils

A homeowner may underestimate the amount of damage that soil can do to their plumbing and water line components. Waterline corrosion begins almost immediately, and if left unchecked, it may lead to leakages hence requiring you to reach out to an experienced water line repair service provider.

Depending on the material, some water lines corrode more quickly than others. Replacement experts warn homeowners against using copper, iron, and steel water lines. This is because these metals tend to be reactive once they come into contact with soil and underground water. As an alternative, they recommend newer and more economical PVC pipes that can’t corrode or react with water.

According to NACE International, a leading-edge corrosion prevention company, clay soils are among the most acid soils. This is due to their high chlorine concentration, which makes them acidic.

Acidic soil conditions result in quicker deterioration of copper or any other metal-based water lines. Professional technicians can quickly detect water line damage caused by soil pH-related circumstances. This is usually determined by scrutinizing the water line exterior to identify staining marks that denote corrosion. Plumbers will also examine the soil pH to ensure its compatibility with your home’s plumbing interface.

If the soil has a notably high or low pH, the repair technicians may recommend switching to water line materials that are more compatible with your environment or the installation of some type of protective covering for your plumbing components. They may also conduct entire replacements or attempt to change the pH by planting various plants nearby.

Other solutions for incompatible soil pH incorporate obtaining a soil pH kit to maintain suitable chemical conditions.

Old-fashioned wear and tear

Regardless of the local environment, plumbing and water line components are not immune to deterioration due to wear and tear. All water line materials, including PVC, CPVC, copper steel, and iron, have an expiration date.

For instance, water line repair experts suggest that copper-based water lines should serve homeowners for 20 to 50 years. As time passes, the waterline may develop extensive leakages that require immediate action from a reliable water line repair company.

Most homeowners require such repairs after 10 years. They may be patching up minor leaks or replacing specific components of the water line system. However, water line repair experts recommend entire replacements after a certain period as they are cheaper than regular repairs.

Homeowners have particularly embraced trenchless water line systems in recent times because of their convenience and cost-efficiency. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that the cost of water line repair and replacement ultimately depends on the amount of work that has to be done and the type of plumbing system your Arlington home has.

Ever-changing hydraulic dynamics

Water pressure plays a crucial role in ensuring the effective and non-problematic operation of the water line system. Each water line component is designed to withstand a certain amount of pressure. As such, if the water pressure is too high or too low, significant problems may be inevitable as the system continues to serve you.

The water line system requires a moderated amount of water passing through it to guarantee useful functionality. Therefore, rapidly changing water hydraulics often results in water line failure after a short time.

Under such circumstances, the problem could be a result of a well that doesn’t accommodate the requirements of the existing water table or the incompatible replacement of pumps, pressure gauges, and cut-off switches. If any replacement installed doesn’t match your home’s plumbing system, then it’s only a matter of time before the whole system falls apart

High water pressure is also another cause of water line damage that a majority of homeowners overlook. This problem mainly occurs due to improper calibration of the water pressure gauge and may cause your plumbing system to burst from the inside out.

However, if you seek water line repair experts near you, they could fix your issue by installing a pressure-reducing valve or a quality pressure regulator to manage the water pressure.

An experienced water repair technician will walk you through each component’s functionality and help you make the right choice. By fixing high water pressure, you can rest assured that your water line will serve you for a longer time and more efficiently.

Ground shifts

As water line repair professionals lay down the system, the soil’s status quo is presumed to be more or less static, implying that minimal or no foreseeable changes are expected to take place.

However, with time subterranean conditions may cause different layers of the soil to move, hence disrupting the shape and course of your water line. Some of these problems require the comprehensive services of a well-trained water line repair technician in Arlington, TX.

The repairs may not only inconvenience you but also force you to dig deep into your pockets to finance it. Erosion around your home’s compound may put undue pressure on your waterline and expose it to factors that can accelerate physical deterioration.

To prevent such instances, all you need is an appointment with a trusted water line repair provider in Arlington, TX. The company will first evaluate the ground layout in your home to determine the type of ground movement that has happened and its effect on the plumbing.

During this process, they also consider future movements and shifts, which contribute significantly to the type of repair that will be implemented. In this regard, plumbers often recommend full-scale water line replacements to avoid future damages and leaks.

Therefore, where there are expected shifts soon, repair professionals may steer clear of such regions. They may also install reinforcements that go a long way in maintaining the unit’s integrity and shape.

Damage from natural factors, such as pests, rodents, and overgrown tree roots

Little critters, rats, moles, gophers, and even beavers have the potential of compromising the integrity of your home’s water line system. They can damage the pipe network depending on how the plumbing interface is set up. Rodents and pests cause water line damage both above and below ground, making it essential for homeowners to stay on the lookout for these creatures.

Nature may also result in water line damage because of the gradual penetration of tree roots as time goes by. This problem is common for homeowners with a lot of vegetation growing on their premises. The overgrown tree roots may penetrate the waterline and thrive within, hence blocking the water path or breaking the pipe connection completely. Even though water line repairs under these circumstances can be daunting since roots grow very far from the tree, the plumbing experts can provide useful and long-lasting solutions.

When they’re done locating the leak or damage, they may implement repairs on minor leaks, and where the roots have grown into the waterline, they recommend cutting the affected section and replacing it. Waterline repair technicians in Arlington, TX offer repair and replacement options depending on the extent of the damage.

Constantly fluctuating temperatures

Extreme outdoor temperature fluctuations, especially over a short period, can result in damages and leakages. Waterline repair experts suggest that even a minor change of up to 10 degrees could instigate an adverse change in your home. They also claim that the damage happens due to freezing and thawing action inside the waterline. Luckily, plumbers specializing in water line repairs have a wide range of recommendations to prevent such phenomena.

Firstly, homeowners can have water repair experts install pipe insulation to prevent the freezing and thawing of water inside the pipes during hot or cold weather.

The experts conduct in-depth evaluations to determine the section that has been damaged before implementing the suitable replacements. Some of the insulation options the water line repair specialist may offer include frost-proof outdoor spigots and wrapping as well as insulating pipe wrap and spray foam insulation. Insulation shields your water line from the harmful effects of freeze and thaw action and also protects against other forms of physical damage. This guarantees any homeowner in Arlington, TX, prolonged service from their water line.

Mineral and residue accumulation with time

Different locations have varying concentrations of mineral deposits, which are also known as scale deposits. The frequent use of hot water increases the occurrence of these deposits in the waterline. This is because when water is heated, the minerals suspended in the water precipitate after evaporation.

During the preliminary stages, the mineral build-up poses little or no threat to the waterline. But with time, you may begin noticing clogs, low water pressure, and accelerated deterioration of the waterline components. The damage incurred is also dependent on the type of material used for your line.

Trusted water repair professionals recommend various solutions for homeowners riddled with water line problems because of mineral accumulation. You can opt for partial replacement of the damaged areas of the entire line or request the technician to conduct a comprehensive cleanup of the waterline. The experts recommend installing a reverse osmosis water treatment system or a water softening apparatus.

Lousy initial installation work

Waterline installation, repair, and replacement require the expertise and quality craft services of qualified water line repair technicians. From the material selection stage to the final laying down of the waterline, reliable water line repair companies should strive to provide quality and long-lasting solutions. Their carefulness and attention to detail will play a crucial role in ensuring that premature breakdowns never happen.

Bonus tip

When you detect your home has a water line problem, the first thing to do is turn off the central control to prevent damage. It’s advisable to close the valve closest to your home so that if it breaks, you can shut off the water supply using the street valve as you wait for a plumber.

Most main lines are underground, hence it’s difficult to know where the leak is coming from. Therefore, it’s advisable to call a reputable water line repair company to determine and fix the leak.

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