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Water Line Repair Fort Worth

Water Line Repair Fort Worth

The water main service, often called the water supply line is the pipe that connects the water meter to a home or commercial building. A water main can also be a main municipal water line supplying water to all structures. The modern home’s water main service is typically manufactured of sturdy pipe material, and isn’t a source of common problems, except under specific circumstances. The following outlines the signs and potential causes of problems that may occur, resulting in the need for water line repair in Fort Worth.

Older Homes

In older homes, the pipe material may be copper, PVC, galvanized steel, or polybutylene. In the ground, galvanized steel corrodes, and will eventually result in a water leak. Polybutylene is an additional problematic pipe material that resulted in discontinued manufacture and a large lawsuit. Eventually, any pipe material will reach the end of its lifespan. However, when galvanized, or polybutylene pipe are present, they should be replaced as soon as possible with reliable modern piping. A Ben Franklin plumber can provide the replacement or water line repair in Fort Worth that you need.

Signs of a Walter Line Leak

Puddles – A water line leak may result in water puddles, streams of water, or even the shooting up of water from the defective pipe. The soil characteristics, location, and size of the leak, as well as the water pressure will affect how the leak presents itself, including if signs of a leak are visible at all. If you have a growing puddle of water on the lawn, and there’s no alternate explanation for its presence, it’s likely that you have a leak requiring water line repair in Fort Worth.

Low Water Pressure – Low water pressure can be due to several causes, including a water line leak. Check with neighbors, if they are also experiencing low water pressure the cause probably stems from municipal repair or a leak in the municipal system. You can also contact your water authority and inquire if they are providing work on the system that may affect your water pressure. If only your home is affected, it likely a leak in your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth.

Lush Grass

Lush, green grass in areas over and near a water supply line may indicate a water leak. Moist or soggy soil may also be present in the affected area.

Elevated Water Bill – A higher than normal water bill without an explanation is often the first indication of a water leak.

Water Meter Test – Open the lid on the water meter and observe the dial when no water is in use. If the dial is spinning, you have a leak. Otherwise, write down the reading and recheck in one hour, ensuring no water is used. If the reading has advanced, you have a leak. Small leaks may not be revealed by this test. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber for water line repair in Fort Worth.

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