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Water Line Repair in Arlington

Water Line Repair in Arlington

Water Main Leaks |Water Line Repair Arlington

The home’s complete plumbing system – all water using appliances and plumbing fixtures – depend upon the water main to deliver potable water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and bathing. Signs that you have water main leaks and require water line repair in Arlington are not always clear, after all, the water main is buried underground.

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Signs of a Water Main Leak

  • A higher than normal water bill without explanation
  • A loss of water pressure is a potential sign, though there may be other causes of reduced water pressure
  • Water pooling on the lawn, though it may be draining from a neighboring yard
  • Unexplained green and lush grass over and around the water main location
  • Discolored water from soil entering a leaking water main. Pipe corrosion can also cause discolored water if you have aged galvanized piping. There are other potential causes for discolored water, and a Benjamin Franklin Plumber is the best source for identifying the cause.
  • A lack of water at all taps likely indicates a broken water main. If all taps are not affected the problem will lie within the homes water supply lines and not the water main.
  • Water bubbling up from the ground over or near the water main is an obvious sign of water main leak. Locating a Water Line Leak

Water line leaks may be difficult for the homeowner to locate. When this is the case Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s professional plumbers have the experience and extensive training in leak detection to pinpoint your water main leaks. Our expertise includes the use of a number of specialized tools designed to efficiently locate underground and hidden water leaks to expedite the repair.

Leak Repair

A reliable water line repair in Arlington comes from experienced plumbing professionals. Our plumbers are licensed and highly trained individuals with the experience to ensure the work provided meets or exceeds the industry’s practice and code. The repairs our plumbers provide is backed by Benjamin Franklin’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Water Line Replacement

In certain situations the plumber may recommend water line replacement rather than water line repair in Arlington. There are good reasons for this and include:

  • Aged or outdated pipe with frequent leaks. Eventually plumbing will wear out and require replacement. Pipes constructed of outdated materials or those past their prime and/or life expectancy with frequent leaks should be replaced. The cost of multiple repairs due to frequent leaks can be applied to reliable modern plumbing, effectively eliminating the risk of costly damage to property, the home or its foundation. Cleaner water will also be provided with pipe replacement.
  • Damaged water line. Tree roots seek water and can invade water and sewer lines, eventually blocking them and causing further damage. Do not plant shrubs or trees near water or sewer lines to avoid this problem. Water mains and sewer pipes can potentially be damaged from excavation, heavy equipment or large trucks driving over them and soil shifts to name a few potential causes.

Replacement vs. water line repair in Arlington will depend upon a number of factors, including the amount of pipe requiring replacement, the age, type and condition of existing pipe and any applicable code, for example.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s plumbers utilize the latest plumbing technology to assist our experienced plumbers in the location of water main leaks including hidden water leaks. Our plumbing professionals provide the highest standards in the industry for water line repair in Arlington, water line replacement and other plumbing services for residential and commercial applications. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas. A member of the BBB, we maintain a consistent A+ rating.