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Water Odors | Plumber Arlington, TX

Water Odors | Plumber Arlington, TX

Common Causes of Water Odors | Plumber Arlington

What’s That Smell?

Water odors are one of the most common complaints from homeowner’s. The majority of water odors are harmless, while some of the contaminants posing the greatest health hazards will not have any odor at all. Your Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can assist you with many water odors. The following are common odors often complained about, the common causes of water odors and their potential solution:plumber arlington


The odor of chlorine, or bleach in water is typically due to the excessive chlorination in public water sources used for its disinfection and treatment. The treatment for the removal of potentially harmful chlorine is activated charcoal filtration, available in whole house filtration systems, shower filters or point of use filtration. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can provide the water filtration you need for eliminating chlorine odor.

Earthy, Fishy or Woody Odors

These odors are typically from harmless, naturally occurring from organic matter present in open water reservoirs. Chloramines can also cause these odors. Chloramine is used in the treatment of municipal water. An activated charcoal filter will remove this odor. We can provide the water filtration required to eliminate this smelly problem, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington today.

Fishy Odor

An additional cause of a fishy odor can be due to the metals of Barium of Cadmium in the water. Naturally occurring Barium is regulated by the EPA and water suppliers are required to maintain a level below the approved amount. Approved methods for removal are Ion Exchange, Reverse Osmosis, Lime Softening and/or Electro dialysis.

Cadmium is also naturally occurring, though it most commonly enters the water supply through aging galvanized piping, fertilizer contamination or industrial waste. Approved methods for removal include Coagulation/Filtration, Ion Exchange, Lime Softening and Reverse Osmosis.

A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can provide you with reverse osmosis filtration.

Sulfur Water/Rotten Egg Odor

A number of water quality issues can cause a rotten egg odor. Water can cause yellow or black stains on bathroom fixtures, discolor beverages and affect the taste of food and drinks. Sulfur can be naturally occurring and may enter the water. When sulfur dissolves it converts into the gas hydrogen sulfide, imparting a rotten egg style of odor to the water.

Sulfur contamination can also be caused by a water heater’s sacrificial rod, installed to prevent corrosion of the tank. The rod can be replaced, stopping smelly water in the home. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can provide water heater repair for replacement of the sacrificial rod.

An additional cause is bacteria in a plumbing system.

Sulfur odors can also occur in rivers, lakes, streams and ponds and may be caused by a lack of oxygen in the water and algae. These conditions may be consequential to the presence of high nitrogen from agricultural runoff.

Furthermore, water with a high iron content and low pH can result in a rotten egg odor.

Treatment for rotten egg odor varies according to the cause. Consulting with a water quality professional can determine the cause and determine the appropriate treatment is the homeowner’s best option. If the odor is a recent occurrence where it did not exist previously, schedule a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington to check your water heater sacrificial rod.

Sewer Odor

A sewage type of odor with or without foaming of the water when drawn can indicate contamination from a septic system in an underground water supply. This is a health hazard due to bacterial and viral contamination from sewage. Consult with a water quality specialist for this dangerous condition and use bottled water until safe water can be provided.

Discolored Water

A sudden change in the color of water could indicate a health concern with water safety.

Black or dark brown water: May be due to pipe sediment or manganese. Open all faucets and flush all toilets for several minutes. If the water doesn’t clear wait approximately one hour and repeat the procedure. If water remains discolored, contact your water supplier. Manganese isn’t harmful to your health.

Blue or green water: Corrosion of copper plumbing can cause blue or green water. If due to corrosion porcelain fixtures will be stained by dripping water. Some metals may pose a health hazard. Hard water may cause problems with copper pipes. Contact your plumber in Arlington if you suspect pipe corrosion. Otherwise contact your water supplier.

Brown, red, orange or yellow water: Typically due to the presence of rust in galvanized pipes, steel or cast iron pipes in the home or the water main. While distasteful in appearance and may cause staining of clothing and fixtures, iron water is not harmful to your health. However, rusty pipes can be cause severe damage to your home due to leaks. Contact a plumber in Arlington for repiping.

Milky white or cloudy water: Typically caused by air bubbles. Fill a clear glass with water and set it aside. If the water starts to clear at the bottom of the glass first, the milky appearance is due to trapped air. It is not a threat to your health and should clear in a few minutes. A milky appearance is commonly due to the water supplier having performed maintenance or water line repair.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides professional plumbing services meeting or exceeding standard industry practice, and strives to exceed your expectations. Contact us when you need a reliable plumber in Arlington. We provide water filtration systems for the correction of your water quality issues. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.