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Why Water Pipes Burst or Break | Plumber in Lake Worth, TX

Why Water Pipes Burst or Break | Plumber in Lake Worth, TX

When it comes to life’s inconveniences, not many things compare to a broken or burst pipe. After a water pipe breaks or bursts, it can become extremely difficult for homeowners in Lake Worth, TX to get things back to normal. The good news is that these things don’t happen out of the blue. Instead, there are many reasons that can cause a pipe to weaken and eventually break or burst. So, you can avoid broken or burst pipes by getting the pipes pumping water in your home regularly inspected by a plumber in Lake Worth, TX.

Often leading to leaked water in the yard or increased bills, broken or burst water pipes are an unpleasant experience to say the least. At times, they problem may not be so evident as a broken or burst may only cause lowered water pressure and nothing else. Generally, this is the early stage of the broken or burst pipe. However, if this problem isn’t attended or taken care of early, it may slowly damage your home’s foundation, causing it to develop hazardous mold and mildew.

It is important for you to stay informed about the cause whenever your plumbing system develops a major problem. By ensuring this, you will be able to get the problems in your plumbing system fixed by plumbers in Lake Worth, TX before they become a real problem. So, what are the problems in the water pipes that you need to look out for and that can cause the pipe to burst and break? Let’s find out.

Water Pressure

One of the major causes of a burst or broken pipes in Lake Worth, TX is intense water pressure. A common cause for pipe breaks, increased water pressure or flow expands the pipe to a point of bursting. So, if you notice a sudden increase in pressure of the water coming out of faucets, get your plumbing system inspected by a service that performs plumbing in Lake Worth, TX immediately.


At times, corrosion may cause an older pipe to burst. While this problem isn’t seen in homes built post-1970s, it can occur older homes that have water pipes made of steel. The best way to deal with corroded steel water pipes is getting them replaced by a plumber in Lake Worth, TX. But, before you decide to get the piping replaced, get the pipe inspected by the professional plumbers to ensure that there is corrosion in the pipe.


One of the most common plumbing problems faced by homeowners and businesses in the services industry is clogged pipes. So, if the pipes of your plumbing system are clogged and there is increased water pressure in them, you are likely to get a broken or burst pipe. A good way to avoid clogged pipes and in turn burst pipes, is drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX.

Tree Roots

Perhaps the most uncommon reason for burst or broken pipes, tree roots can cause problems in your plumbing system and its piping if there is a loose connecting point or another weak point in the water line. The roots grow naturally in the water source’s direction and they can wrap around the pipes until the latter bursts.


Another reason water pipes may burst or break is due to below freezing temperatures. When the snow starts to fall, you could have a major problem at hand if you haven’t gotten your water pipes inspected and prepared for the winter season by plumbers in Lake Worth, TX. If it is exposed to icy air, the water in pipes will freeze. As it turns into ice, the water in the pipes will start to expand. At the same time, there may be water flowing between the pipes’ frozen walls. If the flowing water’s pressure and the frozen ice become too extreme, you are likely to have a broken or burst pipe.


Your water pipes can develop problems if they are left exposed. There are times when pipes are exposed and not properly backed up. This generally happens when there’s digging going around. Pipes can slowly but surely get damaged to the point of cracking and breaking if they are subjected to mistreatment above the ground or if they are exposed to hazardous elements.

Collapsed Pipe

Changes in the environment may cause water pipes in Lake Worth, TX to collapse. For example, if there is construction going around your home, the soil may shift around to increase the pressure or weight on the pipes, causing the latter to break or burst. The only way to prevent this from happening is informing the people performing the construction about the location of your pipes. To determine the location of your pipes, take help from a service that performs plumbing in Lake Worth, TX.

Water Hammer

If they are not secured, then whenever water is turned on or off suddenly, water pipes can move around inside the walls. This movement or clanging of water pipes inside the walls is referred to as water hammer. Moving back and forth, the pipes moving inside the walls ultimately cause its joints to weaken, Over time, the joint fails and the pipe bursts. This can be both costly and catastrophic. So, do the sensible thing and get your pipes regularly inspected by a plumber in Lake Worth, TX for a water hammer.

Cracked Pipe

The final cause of burst or broken pipes on our list is a cracked pipe. A crack in the pipe will widen over time and develop into a broken or burst pipe. Once again, regular inspection by plumbers in Lake Worth, TX is required to deal with this problem.

There you have it—the 9 reasons water pipes burst or break in Lake Worth, TX. Regardless of what causes it, you can get the broken or burst pipe in your plumbing system fixed by Benjamin Franklin in Lake Worth, TX.