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Water Purification & Filtration Systems | Arlington, TX

Water Purification & Filtration Systems | Arlington, TX

Water Purification | Water Filtration System Arlington

Water purification systems are not all alike. The systems are designed to remove different contaminants from water. For example, type A may remove a whole list of chemicals and organic compounds, whereas type B may remove only the most common. There are smaller filtration systems that can purify the water flowing through a single point, like a kitchen faucet, or you can have a whole house water filtration system in Arlington capable of filtering all water entering the home. Ben Franklin Plumbing’s water quality specialists can provide your home with the water filtration system in Arlington that it needs.Water Filtration System Arlington

You may have been told that water filtration systems treat hard water, and this is only partially true. While the systems will remove solid particles of minerals, carbon water filtration systems, and reverse osmosis will NOT remove dissolved mineral content. Only a water softening system can remove dissolved minerals from the water.

Hard water is a common problem in U.S. water, with 85% of the nation’s water supply being “hard”, which typically indicates the presence of calcium and magnesium. As water sieves through the soil and deeper underground it comes in contact with rock, where minerals are leached from the stone and enter the water before settling in underground reservoirs. The passage through and around the stone, and typically the underground reservoir itself is the source of hard water.

Although the medical and science fields assure us these minerals are good for our bodies, they are not good for your home’s plumbing and appliances. The white film and deposits you see on your fixtures and appliances are minerals that are left behind when water evaporates. Hard water residue is difficult to remove and builds up if not routinely removed. This build up occurs both inside and outside the fixture, and the damage occurring inside is far worse.

In fact, hard water can reduce the life of plumbing fixtures and appliances by as much as 50%. A water softener provides the solution for the clogging, damaging effects of hard water to faucets, pipes and appliances, such as the water heater. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can provide you with the water softener your home requires.

Other contaminants are treated by a water filtration system in Arlington. The first step for a homeowner in obtaining clean water is to have your home’s water tested. This will identify the specific contaminates present, and the type of water filtration system in Arlington that you need to remove them.

Remember filtration systems type A and type B? If your water contains only a few contaminates, type B may be the filtration that you require. You won’t have to spend more on a water filtration system in Arlington that filters out contaminates not present in your water.

However, if occasional heavy rain causes runoff and contamination in your water supply of specific substances not filtered by type B, you may want to select a water filtration system in Arlington that will prevent these occasional contaminates from making you sick. After all, your goal is clean, safe great tasting water, and you want it to be safe all of the time.

Carbon filtration systems are extremely effective in removing a large number of contaminates. The two basic types are block charcoal filtration and granular activated charcoal. Granular activated charcoal has received an added electro-positive charge, enabling it to adsorb (as opposed to absorb) contaminates. In other words, it attracts contaminates and holds them to its surface.

Both types are exceedingly effective in removing chemicals such as chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs and radon. Block filters are more effective, primarily due to the larger surface area. For the purposes of their use they provide great tasting, crystal clear and clean water. Unfortunately, carbon filters are incapable of removing heavy metals or dissolved solids. For the removal of heavy metals, filtration is stepped up to reverse osmosis systems.

Reverse Osmosis Reverse osmosis uses pressure to extract water through a semi-permeable membrane and filters the impurities from it as it flows through the membrane. The system is an exceedingly effective water filtration system in Arlington in removing most contaminates, providing water that is 99% contaminate free. However, dissolved solids will pass through the membrane and into the water, requiring a water softener to extract dissolved minerals.

Water filtration systems in Arlington are available that provide the best of both systems. Modern water treatment utilizes chlorine and chloramine to treat water for biological contaminates. However, chlorine will damage the reverse osmosis membrane, requiring a carbon prefilter to remove the chemicals before the water passes through the reverse osmosis membrane.

This process is enhanced by systems featuring a multi-staged water filtration system in Arlington. Contaminates travel through a series of graduating sizes of carbon filters before entering the reverse osmosis system. In this system you receive the benefits of both carbon and reverse osmosis for superior water results. When a water softener is added you have a complete water conditioning system and the purest water possible.

A Benjamin Franklin’s plumber in Arlington offers the expertise you need for a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services including water purification. Our experienced, licensed and well trained plumbers can provide your home with the water filtration system in Arlington that it needs. Contact us today for our professional plumbing services, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas, and is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.