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Water Softener | Plumber Fort Worth

Water Softener | Plumber Fort Worth

Water Softener | Plumber Fort Worth

Living in
an area with hard water, you may have already been advised to install a water
. You are probably familiar with the term “hard water”,
although you may be unfamiliar with how hard water forms. This blog will
explain the science as to why your water is hard. When planning to install a
water softener, a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can provide a
professional installation in your home. 

Hard water
begins with rainwater, which is naturally weakly acidic as it contains carbonic
acid. Carbonic acid forms with the reaction that occurs between water and
carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. When it rains, it flows over rocks or soaks
into the ground and seeps through layers of rock. As the acidic moisture passes
through the rocks, minerals from them, typically calcium or magnesium, dissolve
into the water, forming hard water. The degree of hard water varies in
different regions, and is determined by the types of rocks present in different

The Effects of Hard Water

Hard water
reduces the ability of soap to lather. Furthermore, the dissolved calcium and
magnesium ions in hard water react with the soap to form soap scum, requiring
extra soap be used, and creating a film on the shower walls and door along with
hard water deposits.

According to the experts, hard water
offers some benefits compared to
soft water, including:

·      Improved taste

·      Assists in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth

·      Reduces the incidence of heart disease

However, hard water has a number of
negative effects when compared to soft water, including:

·      Requires more soap to produce lather.

·      Hard water reacts with soap to form unsightly soap scum.

·      Heated water produces lime scale containing calcium carbonate. It forms
in the water heater, increasing
energy costs, reducing both the performance, and the lifespan of the appliance.
Water softener installation by a plumber
in Fort Worth
can extend the water heaters lifespan.

Hard water can cause blockages in your
homes plumbing in Fort Worth.

Causes dry, itchy skin and dull hair.

Causes spotty dishes, and effects
appliance performance.

Homeowners often install water filtration systems, mistakenly believing
filtration will remove the minerals of hard water. This is not correct, as only
a water softener can remove the minerals contained in hard water. However, a Benjamin
Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can
install a water conditioning system, which will provide the benefits of both a
water filtration system and water softening for your home. A water softener can
provide the following benefits:

A water softener stops the unsightly spotting of dishes
caused by hard water.

Improves the efficiency of laundry detergent, and
provides softer, brighter clothing, linen, and towels that last longer.

Provides shinier hair and healthier skin, and reduces
the amount of soap and shampoo required.

Water softening extends the lifespan of
appliances by reducing problems caused by hard water. This is especially true
of the water heater, which requires
routine maintenance, and an increased incidence of water heater repairs from a plumber in Fort Worth due to untreated
hard water.

A water softener reduces the blockages that hard
water causes in your home’s plumbing in
Fort Worth

Hard water deposits minerals and causes soap scum
to adhere to tubs, and showers. Furthermore, the unsightly stains that collect under
the toilet rim are due to hard water.

A water softener will improve house-cleaning
chores by increasing the efficiency of products.

A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can provide the professional installation of
a water softener for your home. For
additional information, or to schedule installation or water softener repair, give us a call. In addition to water
softener services, our licensed plumbers
offer a wide range of plumbing services.
You can rely on the expertise of a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Fort Worth for your plumbing needs. Our experienced and
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