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Water Softener | Plumber Fort Worth

Water Softener | Plumber Fort Worth

Water Softener | Plumber Fort Worth

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can assist you in reducing the effects of hard water on your home and life when you schedule the installation of a water softener by a Ben Franklin plumber in Fort Worth

Water Softener | Plumber Fort Worth

You often see the term hard water referred to in the information we provide. This is due to the high incidence of it across the nation, including in Texas. 

Hard water is one of the factors adversely affecting your plumbing. It can clog water lines, significantly reduces the lifespan of water heaters and potentially copper pipes, mars the appearance of faucets, clogs showerheads, and affects every part of your day from drying your skin and dulling your hair when you shower, to spotting your dishes.  

Water filtration systems by themselves will not remove the minerals of hard water. While filtration will remove solid particles of minerals, the majority of hard water is due to dissolved minerals, and water filtration is ineffective against it. To reduce the mineral content in your water, a water softener is required. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can install the water softener you need to protect your home’s water using appliances, and to have softer hair and skin.

The Benefits of a Water Softener

Hard water causes scale and sediment to build up in pipes and appliances, such as the water heater, and dishwasher. The installation of a water softener can prevent this extending the life span of appliances, while increasing the effectiveness of cleaners, shampoos and other products. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can provide the professional installation of a water softener that will provide the following benefits:

  • A water softener cleans dishes without unsightly spotting.
  • Increases the efficiency of laundry detergent, while providing softer, brighter clothing, and towels that last longer. 
  • Softer, shiny hair and softer, healthier skin, especially for those who suffer from dry skin conditions. In addition, a water softener reduces the amount of soap and shampoo required by up to 75%, saving you money.
  • A water softener extends the lifespan of appliances, while assisting to maintain efficient performance. Hard water can reduce the lifespan of the hot water heater by as much as a third, increases the need for maintenance, and potentially increases the number of repairs required by a plumber in Fort Worth
  • A water softener reduces mineral deposit blockages, and corrosion within your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth. For example, the toilet ports are prone to blockage due to mineral build-up, resulting in a poor flush. A water softener stops the process by removing minerals from water.
  • Hard water deposits minerals and soap scum to stick to tubs, shower doors, faucets, shower heads and walls. These are what cause the white, dull film on your shower door that is so difficult to remove, and collects, even though you dry it after each use. Furthermore, the dark stains under the rim of your toilet are due to hard water. You can use over the counter products, or saturate bath tissue in vinegar or lemon juice, and allow to sit for several hours, and then scrub with a toothbrush to remove. Repeat as necessary.
  • A water softener improves your ability to clean your home by increasing the efficiency of cleaning products. On those surfaces where hard water collects, you will find cleaning far easier without the rough build up of minerals. 

A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can provide the professional installation of a water softener for your home. For additional information, or to schedule an installation or a water softener repair, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Our professional plumbers offer expert plumbing repair, plumbing installation, and service for your plumbing in Fort Worth. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth provides expertise for all of your plumbing needs. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.