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Ways to Add A Little Green in Your Plumbing

Ways to Add A Little Green in Your Plumbing

Green plumbing, as the name implies, is about directing people’s plumbing behavior as such that it does not harm the environment in any way. Green plumbing is about promoting the importance of water conservation and reduction in harmful gases that are emitted as a byproduct of your routine household activities. Green plumbing adopts such methods and techniques, which are energy efficient and save water. There are many programs, which are presently being run, to train the plumbers about its importance and how green plumbing actually works. Plumbers in Arlington, TX clearly understand the implications of green plumbing. They understand how green plumbing saves energy cost, improves the health of your house and has no harsh effects on the environment. Here is everything you would want to know about green plumbing.

The Only Barrier – Cost

Cost can sometimes be a problem for some people as the initial planning and green installation can be expensive. However, that is the only cost that is associated with this decision of yours. The returns of this investment are far more than you initially spent. The real return should not be measured in how much dollars you are spending on it. If you are getting cleaner water, helping in conserving water, and improving the overall health of your family, then these are more than what a cent or dollar would make up for.

Now that you have understood, or at least we hope so, what green plumbing is worth, here are some ways you can incorporate ‘green’ in your house plumbing system with the assistance of plumbers in Arlington, TX.

  • Insulate the exterior pipes — If your house has uninsulated pipes in the exterior wall, it can become a cause of energy loss since water passes through the hot water pipes to the tap. Insulating the exterior pipes can reduce the energy loss and reduce the need of extra energy to heat up water.
  • Removing exterior piping — Sometimes, it is better to remove the pipes from your exterior walls to prevent the heat loss once and for all, without going into the hassle of insulating them. This way, in cold weathers, you can efficiently minimize heat loss.
  • Install on-demand water heater — Installing an on-demand water heater is beneficial in two ways. First is, unused hot will not sit in the pipes as you will only get the water when you would need it, which will reduce heat loss. Second, you will not have to run the water tap for first few minutes, waiting for hot water to finally show up, hence saving water that would otherwise be wasted.
  • Install a new energy efficient water heater — It is important to replace old home appliances after a while because over the time, their performing capabilities wear out, making them less efficient and draining more energy. Installing a new water heater can save up to 10% of overall energy consumption with its new added efficiency and will eventually reduce your utility bills.
  • Chlorine filters for water taps — chlorine is the main culprit when it comes to most common skin diseases. Our skin is prone to absorb chlorine more quickly than our digestive system would. It can cause dry skin, rough patches on the skin and worsen the already existing eczema. Installing chlorine filters in washrooms and kitchens can reduce the risk of being effected by chlorine in the water.
  • Water filtration system for house — According to plumbers in Arlington, TX, people do not usually go for water filtration system, as they do not understand its importance. Filtration system removes almost 90% of impurities from your drinking water, and eliminates any traces of chemicals and bacteria present in water and gives you safe and pure water for consumption. It also helps in extending the life of water fixtures by removing sediments from the water being supplied through them.
  • Specialized water filters for all house — If you are among those who are especially concerned with the quality of water, then you must install water purification system in your house. You can go for activated carbon filters for your washrooms and normal use to absorb the pollutants from the water, while for kitchen, a reverse osmosis filter system would be beneficial. Get one installed at each sink to purify the water for cooking and drinking purposes.
  • Install device to monitor leaks at home – Each year, gallons of water is wasted due to leakages and spills at houses and the general negligence of people towards them. It may seem like a little thing at first, but by not paying attention to the leaks, you are contributing to water wastage and loss. Have a leak-monitoring device installed in your house, which will alert you the moment it detects a problems and you can get plumbers in Arlington, TX, to fix the problem without contributing any further towards the water loss.
  • Low flow faucets – Most of the time, a lot of water is lost only because we are supplied with water more than we need from our taps. Installing low flow taps would lower the flow of water through the faucets and reduce the amount of water drained down uselessly.
  • Low flow flush – Same goes for toilet flush, where a large amount of water is lost due to flush water draw. Installing low flush toilet flush would reduce the water drawn by at least 6 times. However, you must get your toilet set according to such system.
  • Energy efficient Kitchen appliances – You can reduce the water lost by getting energy efficient dishwashers installed. Not just that, water-conserving washing machines are also available in the market.

Although these installations and remodeling are indeed costly, but not a bigger cost than losing a healthy, functioning environment to our negligence and lack of awareness about going green. To understand better about how you can make a difference by bringing about a few changes in your plumbing systems, contact professional plumbers in Arlington, TX, who will provide you with better assistance and guide you through the installation processes.