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What Are the Dangers of a Gas Leak in the House? | Plumber in Arlington, TX

What Are the Dangers of a Gas Leak in the House? | Plumber in Arlington, TX

Every year, many people lose their lives to gas leak explosions and poisoning, whereas countless others fall sick as a result of it. We are not talking about power plants, or accidents at a workplace; we are talking about regular homes.

While natural gas is one of the safest gases sealed inside pipes, it becomes the deadliest when it comes in contact with humans and goes undetected.

The detection of gas leakage at the right time can save lives and protect many people from becoming its victim. If you are not confident in your own detection skills, the best method of finding out about gas leakage is to call your plumber in Arlington, TX every other month, and get your house inspected thoroughly by them.

Nothing will guarantee your safety from gas leakage better than an expert plumber in Arlington, TX.

To drive the point home of how dangerous gas leakage is, we are listing down all the hazards and ways to take care of them:


1.  Explosion

Early detection is still better than no detection at all. If your plumber in Arlington, TX suspects a leakage or possible leakage early on then you’ll end up preventing a major catastrophe for yourself and your family.

If a gas leakage is large then it means natural gas has spread over thickly all over the house. This gas is highly combustible and even a tiny spark is enough to cause a fire or even an explosion.

Most people turn off their stoves and prevent lighting a match when they suspect a gas leakage. What many people don’t know is that this spark can also be from an electrical device, from simply flipping a switch, from hanging up the phone, or even turning on the TV.

2.  Poisoning

If you fail to detect the gas leakage and didn’t call a plumber in Arlington, TX on time, then it can get worse, especially in case of carbon monoxide.

Most people tend to ignore the fact that the stove is not lighting up properly and that carbon monoxide is leaking continuously. Slow and steady inhalation of this gas can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. It can get to the point that once you sleep, you’ll never be able to wake up with so much of the deadly gas in your system.

3.  Health Risks

Large amount of gas leakage causes instant accidents, such as explosions and fires. However, a small amount of gas leak shouldn’t be underestimated either.

If you suspect it, call a plumber in Arlington, TX pronto because a small leakage over a period of long time can cause serious health issues.

First off, natural gas is toxic when inhaled. It can give constant headaches to the people in the house. It can also make one continuously nauseous and the symptoms only become more intense with more exposure.

Natural gas isn’t the only thing we need to fear in case of leakage. When natural gas fails to burn off properly due to lack of adequate supply to your stove, it begins to emit carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is as dangerous– if not more –than natural gas. In addition to headaches and nausea, inhaling carbon monoxide in small amounts also leads to dizziness, exhaustion, and a blurry vision.

Most people mistake these symptoms as that of the flu, but when everyone in the house suffers from them, it could be because of a gas leakage, or just a viral disease. Either way, it’s better to be safe than sorry and hence, calling a reputable plumber in Arlington, TX for inspection would be the smartest course of action.

Precautions, Safety and Actions

It is the responsibility of anyone who is aware of the dangers of a gas leakage to pass the knowledge onto others.

Here are some important things everyone should know about gas leakages:

  1. The smell of rotten eggs doesn’t necessarily come from eggs it could be from natural gas. This smell can be from the deadly gas chemicals. Natural gas itself is odorless. If you suspect the smell of rotten eggs inside your house, it’s time you call your plumber in Arlington, TX for taking care of the leakage.
  2. If you have kids or pets in your house, then make sure they are aware of the fact that hanging on the basement pipes is a big NO. Also, during make sure to keep the outside meters clear of dirt and snow, leaves and all kinds of grime.
  3. There might be markers indicating gas lines on your property. Don’t remove them for aesthetic purposes. They make it easier and quicker for the plumber in Arlington, TX to start digging as soon as a leak is found.
  4. Do not, under any circumstances, try to fix it yourself. As soon as you detect a leak, get everyone out of the house, shut off the main gas supply before calling the experts. They’ll take care of the rest. Trying to fix the issue yourself while everyone is in the house is a recipe for disaster.

If you suspect a possible leakage in your house, reach out to a plumber in Arlington, TX without any hesitation, and as fast as you can. Your life and safety depends on it hence make sure that you only trust the most reputable plumber in Arlington, TX. You can contact Benjamin Franklin Fort Worth and trust them with your eyes closed.