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What Are The Signs That You Have A Damaged Water Main And Need A Water Line Repair? | Arlington, TX

What Are The Signs That You Have A Damaged Water Main And Need A Water Line Repair? | Arlington, TX

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Your water main is the primary pipe bringing water to your home. It’s usually located underground and connects to your home’s plumbing. Over time, cracks or holes may develop in your water main, and you will need water line repair. Another issue is the corrosion of the pipes. To avoid problems with the water line, it’s imperative for homeowners to maintain their pipes. They should know the best practices on how to properly take care of their pipes and avoid costly problems down the road.

Another thing they can do is is hire a plumber in Arlington, TX for a regular inspection of the water main. A regular inspection ensures that any problem is addressed in a timely manner.

In this article, we’ll talk about common problems in your water line and what you can do about them.

Common problems:

Frequent Clogs

Clogs are a real nuisance, especially when you can’t fix them. One of the most common causes of clogs is when you are not mindful of what goes down the drains. It will be even more difficult when you don’t have the tools to help you alleviate the problem. However, that’s not the only cause of a clog in your plumbing.

When the root cause of the clog is your water main, no matter how much you use the plunger to fix the clog, it’s not going to solve the issue. Until you call a plumber for a water line repair, you’ll keep having that problem.

A license will have to check the root cause of the problem and whether or not you need a repair. As soon as the issue is fixed, rest assured that you’ll also eliminate clog issues in your home.

Noisy Plumbing Fixtures

Some of your plumbing appliances may make noises but not loud enough that it bothers you. With the rest of your plumbing — especially the pipes and the fixtures — it should be completely silent. But do you still hear banging sounds coming from the pipes when you turn on the faucet? When you have older pipes, the problem could be corrosion or other issues. However, when you’re certain that you’re cautious about your plumbing and your pipes are made with durable materials, the problem could be your main water line.

You’ll need to call a plumber in Arlington, TX, so they can do a thorough inspection and advise whether you need water line repair. Don’t worry; once you get the repair, you should no longer be hearing noisy taps, pipes, or fixtures when you use them.

Higher Water Bills

There are several reasons why your water bill is high. Plumbing leaks are the most common problem of a sudden increase in water bills. However, when you can’t seem to locate a plumbing leak in your appliances and fixtures, and you also don’t seem to notice any water marks behind the walls or the ceiling, there could be other issues with why you have higher water bills.

If you know how plumbing works, you can do some tests yourself to determine whether there might be a leak that you can’t locate. Don’t use water in your home, and then check the water meter and see if it functions or not. After you have exhausted all possible causes of the increase in the bill and you still can’t figure out why, consider calling a plumber in Arlington, TX. You may need water line repair. A licensed plumber will do an inspection, will diagnose the problem, and give you advice on whether or not you need a repair or not.

Pooling Water in the Yard

One of the most common signs that you need water line repair is seeing puddles of water just above your main water line. When you notice this, and there is no rain, and you’re not using water, the problem could be your main water line.

You need to call a plumber right away so they can do a proper inspection and give you the best solution. Depending on how severe the problem is, a plumber may advise you to either get a water line replacement or water line repair.

Ensure that you only hire a licensed plumber for your water line to avoid more problems with your water line. You can’t afford to hire someone unqualified to do the job as it may require some digging. Licensed plumbers are equipped with the right tools to help them do water line repair, while a handyman may not be fully equipped. Also, he’s not familiar with building codes, and the plumber is.

We would also not recommend that you fix your own problem even if you think you have the skills. Always call a plumber for water line repair.

Low Water Pressure

When it comes to plumbing, you can have very high water pressure as that will put strain on your pipes. Eventually, your pipes may fail and crack. Water damage is costly, and you’d want to avoid that.

You can’t have low water pressure either, or you’ll waste time. When the water pressure in your home is poor, there could be a blockage in the main water line, such as a clog or a tree root. You’ll need to call a plumber in Arlington, TX, right away for either water line repair or water line replacement.

Discolored Water

When there is infiltration in your water line, you may notice that the color of your water changes. You need to call a plumber right away so they can inspect your plumbing. You may need a repair for your home to fix the problem permanently.

Mold and Mildew on the Bottom Level of Your Home

As much as possible, you should avoid mold and mildew in your home. They don’t only damage the structure of your home, but they also bring health risks, especially to people suffering from allergies and other respiratory issues.

When you notice that molds are growing at the bottom level of your home, you need to call a plumber right away so they can inspect your plumbing. There could be issues with your main water line. After inspection, you may need either water line repair or water line replacement.

Cracks in Your Home’s Foundation

This is a costly problem and one you should avoid. You need to immediately call a plumber so they can check your water mains. To alleviate the problem, you may need water line repair immediately or completely. Also, ensure that you hire a licensed plumber only, as this should only be done by a professional.

What to Do When There Is a Leak in the Water Main

When the problem is in your water mine, it’s incredibly important to get a plumber in Arlington, TX, right away. Depending on the problem, you may need either water line repair or water line replacement. It has to be fixed immediately to avoid long-term damage to your entire property.

Keep these things in mind:

Get a Replacement When Your Home Is Over 50 Years Old

Your plumbing won’t last forever. When your home is more than 50 years old, we recommend that you don’t just get a water line repair but a full replacement. Another sign to get a replacement instead of a water line repair is when plumbing problems keep coming back. You wouldn’t want to keep calling for plumbing repairs as the cost would add up. The best thing you can do, and the most cost-effective one, is to get a full replacement.

Always Call a Licensed Plumber

It’s imperative to hire a plumber to help you with water line repair or replacement. Digging is not an easy job; sometimes, utility lines are damaged by digging. This is why we always recommend that you get a professional for your water line repair. A professional will have all the tools he needs, including safety gear to protect himself from electrocution.

Avoid DIY

When it comes to water line repair or any major plumbing repairs, never attempt a DIY. Why? You don’t have the right skills and tools needed to get the job done properly. Also, repairing the water mains may require some digging. Let the professionals do this to avoid other problems that may come up.

How to Take Care of Your Pipes

To prevent water line repair ensure that you know how to take care of your pipes properly. Below are tips that can help you maintain your plumbing pipes.

  1. Are there trees near your sewer line? You need to call a professional to give you advice on what to do with the trees. If they are planted too close to the sewer lines, their roots may push through the main water pipes. This can create a lot of problems for your home, including long-term damage to your property.
  2. Buy a drain guard and install it in the sinks to catch debris, hair and other dirt that go down your drains. Remember that whatever you throw down the drains go to the pipes, eventually clogging your plumbing.
  3. Get a professional inspection of your sewer lines. An inspection can save you costly repairs down the road. With a plumber doing a regular inspection, any problem will be addressed right away. It will prevent long-term damage to your home. Do ensure that you only work with a licensed plumber.
  4. Your sewers and pipes may back up when waste and water can’t freely flow in them. This happens when there’s huge gunk building up in your pipes. We would recommend that you get professional drain cleaning to avoid dirt buildup inside your pipes. When cleaning your drains, make sure that you don’t use chemical-based cleaners. They are harmful to your pipes and not good for your health.

Once a week, consider pouring a liter of hot water down your drains to get rid of the dirt or grease inside your pipes. You can also try vinegar and baking soda solution.

  1. Never flush anything other than human waste in the toilet. Wipes or any feminine products are definitely a no-no. Don’t flush dirt or leftover food either, no matter how little they are. They can wreak havoc on your entire plumbing system.
  2. When using the garbage disposal, ensure that you break down large food particles. Also, don’t put pasta or starchy veggies in your garbage disposal. For grease, consider freezing them and then throw them away in the trash.
  3. If you still have older pipes in your homes, consider calling a plumber for a replacement. Galvanized steel pipes are usually in older homes, and they only last between 20 to 50 years. Brass supply pipes last between 40-70 years, while copper pipes last up to 50 years. If you want pipes that will last indefinitely, consider getting PVC drain pipes.
  4. Your water pressure should be no higher than 80 psi. Clogs can damage your plumbing as well as sending too much water down the pipes. If you’re having problems with your water pressure, call a plumber right away so they can help you fix this.

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