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What Do You Know About Water Damage? A Plumber Has Some Tips | Grand Prairie, TX

What Do You Know About Water Damage? A Plumber Has Some Tips | Grand Prairie, TX

As a homeowner, do you know a lot about water damage? If not, read this article to know the causes of leaks in your plumbing, what you can do about them and some tips straight from a plumber. For those with questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth. We are happy to help.

Why Do Pipes Leak and What Can You Do About Them?

One of the most common causes of a pipe leaking is sediment buildup. If you live in an older home and your pipes are still made with galvanized steel, your home may be at risk of a plumbing leak. That is because galvanized pipes are prone to rust and over time, it will result in a pipe breaking. You can avoid this by switching to modern piping. Call a plumber to help you install copper or PVC pipes.

Below are some of the other causes of pipe leaks. Let us know if you notice any of the signs below so we can send someone over to investigate the issue further.

High Water Pressure

Get a water pressure gauge and check for your home’s water pressure levels. Be careful when it reaches more than 60 PSI as that’s too high. If you don’t address that, you can end up with a catastrophic plumbing problem. Call a plumber to install a water pressure regulator to help you regulate your home’s water pressure.

When the water pressure is too high, the pipes will break and cause a major leak. You need to also be careful when there’s low water pressure as that usually means there’s a leak in your plumbing. Do a water meter test first to know if there’s a leak and call a plumber for professional leak detection if you suspect a leak. You’ll be able to avoid a major plumbing emergency if you do something about it right away.

Tree Roots

Tree roots don’t directly cause a leak in your plumbing. But you need to be careful with them because a tiny leak is enough for tree roots to infiltrate the pipes and cause major damage. Call a plumber if you suspect a leak so they can investigate further.

Frozen Pipes

Thankfully, you can avoid frozen pipes by protecting all exposed pipes both inside and outside of your home. All you need to do is get an insulating blanket and use it to cover the pipes. If you don’t, the water inside the plumbing pipes can freeze, causing them to break and leak.


You can prevent clogs by taking care of your drains. So make sure you install strainers to catch food, debris and dirt. Better yet, consider installing a garbage disposal to effectively manage your food waste. Don’t waste chemical-based drain cleaners for they can actually damage your pipes. They can also be dangerous to pets and children. Call a plumber instead for a professional drain cleaning service. Additionally, please remember that clogs are also associated with other problems such as pest infestation and nasty smells in the kitchen. It’s also best to get a drain snake or basic plumbing tools to help you get rid of minor clogs. If you’re not confident about using them, call a professional instead.

Preventing Water Damage

So, how do you help prevent having a costly plumbing repair? Check out some of the tips from a plumber below:

  1. Get routine plumbing inspections. Although you need to also regularly check your plumbing appliances for any signs of damage, it’s better to also get routine plumbing inspections so that a plumber can thoroughly check your plumbing system. He will be able to identify problems that can lead to a major plumbing emergency. A regular plumbing inspection also ensures your plumbing is in top shape.
  2. Install leak detection devices. You can prevent further damage to your plumbing by installing leak detection devices near your water heater, plumbing pipes or dishwasher. These devices can send you notifications in case there’s a possible leak in your plumbing. Talk to a professional today if you’re thinking of installing these safety devices in your home.
  3. Learn how to maintain your water heater. Drain your water heater tank at least once a year to ensure it stays efficient. Do it twice a year if you have hard water or when your water pressure is low. Get professional maintenance as well so that a plumbing expert can check the heating elements of your water heater and there are no issues with it.
  4. Replace old pipes. If you have older pipes at home, consider replacing them with new ones. Don’t forget to also take care of your pipes by protecting them during winter, getting professional drain cleaning, and regulating your home’s water pressure levels.

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