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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Slab Leak Detection | Mansfield, TX

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Slab Leak Detection | Mansfield, TX

If your Mansfield, TX home is built on a slab, it is possible that your property is at risk for a slab leak. Slab foundations became common during the post World War II construction boom, and are still in use today. The problem starts because many of these homes were built in areas in which the ground is not stable, and can shift and move, putting large amounts of pressure on the water pipes located below the slab. When the situation reaches the point of no return, the pipes can break, causing what is known as a slab leak. When this happens, you are going to need slab leak detection for your Mansfield, TX home as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to your home’s structure, which can, in the worst-case scenario, lead to the complete loss of your property. But slab leak detection can be complicated. It isn’t like with other types of foundations, where leaks are easy to detect, mostly because there is a concrete slab that weighs many tons on top of your pipeline. If you are unsure of whether your home is built on a slab, you can quickly verify this by asking yourself if you have a basement or a crawl space under your home. If you don’t, your home is built on a slab. In order for you to better understand what slab leak detection entails, continue reading to find out what you need to know.

Look for Signs of Trouble

While slab leaks aren’t always visible, there are a number of signs that can lead you to suspect you could need slab leak detection as soon as possible, including the following:

  • You discover water coming through your floor – When this happens, it is a good idea to check the temperature of the water on your floor. If it’s hot, it could point to a leak in your hot water pipes under the slab.
  • Your floor feels hot – Even if you don’t see water coming through your floor, but feel hot spots on it, you probably have a slab leak that needs attention.
  • Something smells bad – If you detect a strange or moldy smell throughout your house, but can’t find the source, it could be due to a slab leak that is causing humidity to accumulate somewhere within your home’s structure.
  • You can constantly hear running water – The sound of running water, even when nobody is using any water in your home, is a sure sign of a slab leak, so you should call a slab leak detection expert as soon as you can.
  • Your water bill is getting more expensive – One of the most important indicators for needing slab leak detection is a constantly increasing water bill, even when you aren’t using more water than usual. The increase could be due to the water leaking from the pipes under the slab.

How the Pros Do It

Professional slab leak detection involves much more than the use of a plumber’s senses. Professional plumbers have access to tools and equipment that help them detect whether your home is suffering from a slab leak or not. Some of these devices are special microphones and video cameras which can safely scan your home’s concrete slab in order to verify if anything is wrong underneath it.

What Happens If Something Is Wrong?

If your plumber finds a slab leak in your home, the next step is for them to talk to you to repair the issue. The plumber will perform a thorough inspection to determine the location of the problem areas. Once that happens, and they have a solid diagnosis and location, the plumber can propose a variety of solutions, which can include the replacement of the section of the pipeline where the leak has sprung, re-routing the pipe, re-piping, and re-lining the pipeline. The best solution for your specific case will depend on how bad the leak is, the age of your pipeline, the condition of the pipes, and your budget.

Keep in mind that in most cases, especially when your entire pipeline is old or very worn, implementing a repair will only postpone the inevitable, which is the replacement of your entire pipeline. This is because, even when you do repair the leaking section of the pipeline, the rest of it will continue to be old and worn, and won’t be getting any better over time, so you could end up spending a lot of money on continuous repairs. If this is the case, your plumber may recommend replacing the entire pipeline, and can offer a few options for you to do it.

Slab leaks are no laughing matter. If allowed to fester, they can erode the ground under your home, leading the slab to crack and become unstable. If this happens, your home’s entire structure will be damaged, and, if the problem continues, it can even result in the collapse of your entire property. Because of this, slab leaks pose a very real threat to your family and your property, which is why, if you are in doubt, or have detected one or more signs of a slab leak, your best bet is to call a professional plumber to verify if there is a problem. Nobody wants to have to spend money on repairs they haven’t budgeted or planned for, but a slab leak is something that requires immediate attention, given the consequences of ignoring it. With this in mind, you should be aware of the signs of an active slab leak, and schedule an annual inspection as part of your home maintenance schedule.

If you suspect your home could be suffering the effects of a slab leak, don’t hesitate to contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth for professional slab leak detection in the Mansfield, TX area. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, we are always happy to provide professional and accurate slab leak detection services as quickly as possible so you don’t run the risk of losing the home you have worked so hard for.

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