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What Homeowners Should Know About Water Lines And Water Line Repair | Arlington, TX

What Homeowners Should Know About Water Lines And Water Line Repair | Arlington, TX

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Although from afar it may seem as though the Earth has an abundant supply of water, only one percent of it is safe for human consumption. Water plays a crucial role in supporting your local community. Without it, managing businesses and developing industries can become near impossible.

For the water to reach your home’s faucets, showerheads, toilet, and laundry room, it first passes through a network of pipes, canals, and pumping stations managed by public water utility service providers. Thereafter, it enters your residential water line, allowing you to receive a reliable supply of treated water whenever you need it. That said, issues that may require the attention of a trained water line repair professional can leave your household without water, which can be quite inconvenient.

Water line leaks and problems can also run up your water utility bill. The US Environmental Protection Agency claims that household plumbing leaks waste approximately one trillion gallons of water in America annually. That aside, water line issues could also result in the excessive infiltration of moisture into your home’s foundation, a scenario that may lead to extensive structural water damage, which can be costly to fix.

Despite the consequences of water line issues on a homeowner’s finances and property, many homeowners don’t know much in relation to water lines, yet this knowledge can help avoid water line repairs altogether. Therefore, you should read on to discover more information regarding water lines and water line services in Arlington, TX.

Water Mains and Water Lines Defined

As aforementioned, for clean and safe water to reach your residence, it first has to pass through water mains, which connect your home’s plumbing system to the public water supply. Breaks within the system can lead to the unavailability of water throughout your locality.

Studies show that an estimated 850 water main breaks happen daily in the US. Many water mains occur below the ground, which can make it difficult to determine when it has a problem. Luckily, you can contact a trained water line repair technician near you for professional solutions.

Past that, every residential plumbing infrastructure features two main components, water lines, and drain lines. Drain lines, as the name suggests, facilitate the distribution of wastewater from a sink, toilet, and bathroom drains into the sewer system.

On the other hand, water lines are responsible for allowing fresh and treated water into your home. This is why you should have the contact of your local water line contractor on speed dial to avoid prolonged inconveniences during problematic situations.

What Are Water Lines Made of?

To stay ahead of water line problems, homeowners should know what water lines are typically made of and how these designs impact their durability and functional efficiency.

Essentially, how long the water line lasts depends on the material used, but some systems may require more frequent water line repairs. As a responsible residential property owner, you should know the type of water line present in your home and how long it has been in place.

Today, water lines are usually made of copper or PEX. Although copper has been predominantly used in previous times due to its minimal maintenance requirements, it’s more expensive than other materials.

That’s why the water line repair savings aren’t often enough to convince homeowners to install copper lines. As an alternative, PEX, a type of cross-linked polyethylene, has become more popular in recent years because of its cost-effectiveness and ease of installation.

Galvanized pipes have also been used previously to construct water lines, especially in older homes. However, they’re vulnerable to various problems, a factor that has made them less popular over the years.

Galvanized lines often react with the soil, making them corrode and eventually fail at a faster rate than systems created from other materials. These pipes are also costly and generally don’t last as long as copper lines would.

Where Are Water Lines Located?

As a homeowner, you should also have a working knowledge of where your household’s water line lies. However, keep in mind that water lines run throughout your residence since they’re responsible for allowing water to reach indoors. This is the reason why water line repair services can be complicated, requiring the attention of a trained, certified, and licensed plumber.

Ideally, your home’s water line runs from the water meter located near the street to your residence. The main water supply reaches indoors via a hose bib, which features a shut-off valve that you can use to sever the indoor water supply as needed. From this point, the other lines run throughout your home depending on the configuration of its plumbing infrastructure.

If your residence is a one-story building, the water lines may be primarily positioned beneath the floor and inside the walls. In two- or several-story buildings, the water lines usually run through the walls to ensure the supply of water to all the floors. This can make them trickier to access in case your home needs water line repair solutions.

How Long Do Water Lines Typically Last?

By now, you’re probably acquainted with the notion that how long your home’s water line lasts may depend on the type of material used to construct it.

As aforementioned, some materials have a reputation of requiring frequent water line repair services while others can last for a significant while without developing any major problems along the way.

If you’re having doubts regarding your home’s water line, you can ask your plumber to perform an inspection to help you understand your options.

Galvanized Pipes

Galvanized pipes, which have been in the market the longest, tend to develop problems after a short while. As previously described, they may react with the soil, causing extensive corrosion inside the pipes.

Waste can get stuck along the corroded walls, eventually forming clogs that can wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing infrastructure. Despite that, home service experts claim that a galvanized water line can serve your household for 20 to 50 years, but that can only be possible if you keep up with the line’s maintenance needs.

Copper Water Lines

Copper lines, which are a slightly more recent alternative to galvanized pipes, can guarantee longer years of service than their predecessors. Their tough design essentially means that they can serve your home for 50 to 70 years without requiring frequent servicing.

However, copper lines have a higher probability of developing pinhole leaks that can force you to fork out a significant amount of cash to facilitate water line repairs. They’re also expensive to purchase, which makes them a monumental investment upfront.

PEX Pipes

PEX water lines have amassed immense popularity in modern times due to their affordability, ease of use, and durability. They don’t require frequent water line repairs and have minimal maintenance obligations.

Although they may typically last for about 40 to 50 years, they’re a fitting water line installation choice if you’re a new homeowner in Arlington, TX.

Obvious Signs of a Damaged Water Line

Water line issues don’t come around without warning. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to know these signs of trouble so you can request a professional water line repair service on time. Ignoring or failing to identify these signs can be detrimental to your home and finances.

The water line may get damaged beyond repair, prompting the need for a replacement, which can cost you a pretty dime. Here are some of the apparent signs of a damaged water line.

Inexplicably High Water Utility Bills

The first hint that shows you should consider requesting a water line repair service is a high water utility bill. If you notice an enigmatic increase in your water bill yet your consumption has been consistent all along, your home’s water line may leak.

In such cases, you should first check for wet spots or pools of water in the yard or lawn since they can indicate an issue with the external water line. You should then check if your residence has any leaky toilets, faucets, or shower heads. If everything seems fine, but the bills keep skyrocketing, the leak may be in an area that’s hidden from your line of sight.

Under such circumstances, you should never hesitate to contact your water line repair professional in Arlington, TX. Household leaks can affect the structure of your residence. Without prompt interventions, you may find yourself having to rebuild your home’s foundation, which can significantly impact your finances.

Decreased Water Pressure

You should consider consulting a water line repair expert if your home’s water pressure has significantly reduced due to some inexplicable reason. A change in the water pressure when you crank open the outlets in your residence often indicates the possibility of extensive water line damage.

In some scenarios, the decrease in pressure may be minute such that you can’t notice it quickly. However, if it’s taking longer for you to complete routine activities such as filling the bathtub or rinsing the shampoo off your hair, you may need to schedule a water line inspection and repair service.

Dampness in the Yard or Inside Your House

It may be time to schedule a water line repair service if you notice an unusual level of dampness in the yard or inside your residence. If your home’s furnishings seem to have traces of unaccountable moisture, it’s often a sign of water line damage.

The moisture from the leaky water line pipes can infiltrate the wooden surfaces in your home, causing significant property damage. With time, it may also attract pests such as carpenter ants and termites, which can destroy the physical integrity of the wood.

Stagnant water in your yard can attract mosquitoes, which facilitate the spread of various infections. That said, you should contact your Arlington, TX, water line repair specialist if you’ve noticed strange damp spots in your yard or inside the house.

Water Discoloration or Cloudiness

Cloudy or discolored water is a sign of a damaged or broken water line. Various circumstances may lead to this scenario. Firstly, the water you receive in your residence may change color if there are leaks within the pipes that are allowing dust and grime to infiltrate the water intake system. Once inside, the contaminants may turn the water muddy.

Besides that, the water color may change if the pipes making up your home’s water line are old, leaving them susceptible to corrosion and rust buildup. The discoloration may happen when the rust mixes with the water traveling through the pipes.

Regardless of the situation at hand, it would help if you prioritized seeking the assistance of a trained water line repair professional. If the rust buildup is excessive, it may be in your best interests to consider replacing the pipes altogether.

Strange Noises at the Junction Where the Water Main Enters Your Home

Ideally, you shouldn’t hear any sounds coming from or near your water main. Therefore, suddenly noticing awkward noises at the junction where the pipe comes into your Arlington, TX, residence should raise concerns.

Gurgling, rumbling, or hissing noises often denote problems within the water line, and you may need to contact a professional in water line repair for comprehensive and informed solutions. Essentially, you should only hear a gentle sound when you first turn on an outlet. This sound should be nothing more than a soft hum as the water flows.

In that regard, if you can hear noises near the water main accompanied by other plumbing issues, the problem may be with the water main, which forms an essential part of your home’s water line. If you hear any of the previously described noises, don’t hesitate to contact your local water line, repair technician.

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Although the above information may be helpful, nothing can beat the value of having a professional plumber at your service whenever you’re faced with a water line repair issue.

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