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What Should You Expect and Why Would You Need Water Line Repair? | Arlington, TX

What Should You Expect and Why Would You Need Water Line Repair? | Arlington, TX

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Discovering that you need water line repair in Arlington, TX can come as a shock. Outside repairs of your water line can be very expensive, not to mention disruptive to your landscaping in the front yard. Most of the time these repairs include excavating the entire line which generally runs across your front yard and out to the street. This is partially why it is such an expensive undertaking. Of course, if your water line is broken you won’t have much of a choice, since you need to be connected to running water.

The following is a breakdown of what to expect if you need water line repair in Arlington, TX from repair procedures to installation to the authorizations you will need to get (although a reputable repair company should handle this task for you). While you may not have an option, working with a company you trust and understanding the process can make it a little easier to stomach.

Common Water Line Issues

There are a lot of reasons that you may suddenly find yourself in need of water line repair in Arlington, TX. Usually, it is because the water main is leaking. If you have a leaking pipe indoors you would quickly replace it because it can damage your flooring, personal belongings, and furniture. A leaking pipe outdoors can also cause a lot of issues. The water pressure from the pipe can push dirt out of its way creating dangerous sinkholes while at the same time depleting the nearby water supply.

Believe it or not, the breakdown in your water line can affect your neighbors’ water supply and depend on how much water is being released, even the city supply. At the very least, it will be very costly for you in more ways than one. From high water bills to high repair bills, it is best to address the problem as soon as you become aware of it.

In most cases, it is better to get ahead of the situation. If you know that your water main is corroding or showing any other signs of failure, it is time to call for water line repair now. Delaying the process will only lead to larger problems and an emergency service instead of a planned one. It is always better to get ahead of a problem, so while water line repair is expensive don’t put it off until you don’t have a choice.

Instead, contact a professional and have the water line inspected via a line camera. If they ascertain the water line is indeed broken or starting to corrode allow them to handle the replacement. These days usually copper or PEX water line piping is used. You need a professional to handle the installation to ensure that it is sound and will last for the next few decades. Water line repair is not a process you want to repeat again.

Daily Comforts of Water

Don’t forget that water plays a large role in your life. Going just one day in your life without access to fresh water can make your home unlivable. Without water, you cannot take a shower, wash dishes, clean food, flush the toilet, or prepare most foods. It’s probably not something you have ever thought of, but you would notice it immediately once it is gone.

Professional Water Line Repair

As just mentioned, this is too large of a project to attempt to handle on your own. You need a professional plumber, water service specialist, or water line repair specialist to handle the task. The expense is based on a variety of prices, but you won’t know in most cases until the process begins. While you should shop around and gather quotes, make sure that you choose a reputable company in the end. This is not an area where you want to go with someone that lacks the proper experience to get the job done right.

How Much Does Water Line Repair Cost in Arlington, TX?

As mentioned, it is impossible to say how much water repair line costs without first investigating the specific situation. There are a number of variables that go into determining how much the entire process will cost from the length of the line to whether or not there are any obstructions. Here are just a few facts that will impact your quote. If you hire a reputable company they should be able to give you an estimate based on the facts they know before breaking ground, but you should be aware that in certain circumstances that price will change.

Location of Your Water Supply Line

Your water supply line connects your home to the municipal water supply and generally reaches from the street to your home. For this reason, most people need repairs in their front yard, but depending on your community and the way your home is built it possibly may mean your water supply line is in the backyard. The length of the line, location, and area of obstruction can all play a role in how much the actual water line repair will cost you. In addition, the age of your home and the age of your original supply line may also play a role. For example, homes built in the 40s and 50s often have lead water supply pipes that need to be removed and completely replaced whereas a home with copper tubing may only need a segment of line replaced.

Depth of Water Street Main

How far under the ground the water supply line is located will also play a large role in how much you will end up paying for water line repair in Arlington, TX. The deeper the service trench the higher the costs of the job will be. This is because more dirt will need to be excavated to reach the line. A proper sewer and water installation company should be able to adjust the job to work under any circumstances.

Obstructions and/or Blockages

At the same time, if there are blockages in the way that impede excavation the price will also increase. For example, an old stump in the ground over the water main that needs to be removed will lengthen the time of the entire job and the costs. The largest price factor in water line repair is actually the excavation process. Concrete, ledge, bedrock, stumps, or any other material that is blocking access to the water main will result in a higher bill.

Location of Your Home

Finally, the municipal rules of your community may dictate what type of material must be used to replace the water main such as PEX or PVC tubing. However, in cooler areas, this is not an option since freezing temperatures and frost can affect it. Copper is another common choice, but in some cities, it is not allowed because of corrosive elements that are naturally occurring in the area’s gravel or soil. In other cases, more expensive tubing may be mandated which will drive up the price of the overall project.

Finally, before anything can be done, you need to obtain proper authorization from the city you live within. If you choose a reputable water line repair company they will probably take care of this for you, which is one benefit to working with a company versus attempting to do it on your own.

Common Signs You Need Water Line Repair in Arlington, TX

Wondering whether or not it is time for water line repair? There are a few signs that commonly point to an aging water line. If you notice any of these it is probably not a bad idea to at least call a water line installation company or local plumber for a consultation. This may give you a better idea of whether you will need to budget for an upcoming repair or if something else is wrong with your plumbing causing a similar issue.

Wet Spots in the Yard

One common sign that something is wrong with your main water line is soggy spots in the lawn even though it hasn’t rained in a few weeks. If you notice constant wet areas in your yard this is a sign that there may be a crack in the water line that is allowing water to leak up towards the surface. You want to address this quickly so that you don’t end up with a sinkhole or other damage.

Water Mineral Stains

Your water should be clear, so if you suddenly notice that it has a reddish-brown tint or is leaving a tint on around your sink, bath, or toilet bowl there is a good chance that something is going on with your water main. Keep in mind that any corroding pipe can cause water mineral stains. If you notice water stains appearing in your home or tinted water you need to call a plumber to come out and inspect your plumbing system so you can be sure of the troublespot.

Noise at the Junction Where the Water Main Comes Into Your Home

There shouldn’t be any sound near your water main, so suddenly hearing noise where the water pipe enters your home is not a great sign. Any gurgling, rumbling, or hissing sounds indicate that something is wrong and you need a professional trained in water line repair to come out and take a good look. You should only hear a bit of noise when you first turn on the water, and that should only be the gentle hum of water flowing.

If you hear any noise in conjunction with any other water issues then it is almost certain that the problem is with your water main. For example, if you can hear a gurgling noise but the water is not running then you need to call an emergency plumber. The same is true of a hissing sound because this indicates water is gushing out somewhere else along the pathway.

Loss of Water Pressure

One very common thing that people notice when it’s time for water line repair is a sudden loss of water pressure. While not every water main leak will cause a loss of water pressure, a lot of them do because the leak relieves the natural pressure of flowing water. Therefore, by the time any water makes it to your house, it just comes out as a trickle. Replacing your water line with one that does not leak should solve this issue along with a host of other issues. Keep in mind that leaks in other areas of your plumbing can also cause a loss of water pressure, so before jumping to water line repair you need to talk with your local Arlington, TX plumber.

Rising Water Bill

Finally, if you notice your water bill rising and you are not using any extra water that explains it, there is a good chance that your main water line may be leaking. At any rate, it is possible that there is a leak somewhere in your home plumbing system and this needs to be looked at by a plumber. Small leaks can tack on tens of dollars at once, where water main leaks can instantly jump your water bill up into the hundreds depending on how long the leak has existed undetected. Given the extra expense, this is not something you want to wait around on.

If you have any reason to think that your main water line needs to be replaced call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth-Arlington, TX. We are experienced with all types of home plumbing including indoor plumbing repair and main water line repair. We will send a team out promptly to assess the situation and offer you a free no-obligation estimate. Give us a call today and put an end to your plumbing issues.