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What You Should Do for a Water Line Repair | Arlington, TX

What You Should Do for a Water Line Repair | Arlington, TX

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Water line repair does not have to be a hassle for those who reside in Arlington, TX. In fact, any good, quality and fully functioning water line serves as the official lifeblood of your entire plumbing system, and what better place to call for water line repair than Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

There are several telltale signs that your water line is in trouble, and calling for water line repair service should never have to be a hassle. The origin of this taxing problem begins with the water main. A break in your water main is a root cause of the trouble that brews with the water line. Once the water main breaks, your water supply has the risk of severe contamination that results in water that tastes funny and may be unsuitable for cooking, cleaning, and other daily tasks. Water that has a dark red rusty color is a sign that dirt has entered your water line straight from the broken water main.

And, as we all know much too well, it’s no fun drinking water that has been contaminated by corrosion, dirt, and other harmful particles. Indeed, the human desire to drink good, clean water has been a major part of our culture. It’s so integral that it’s in our blood to want to drink it and use it for all household purposes. Yet when this gets taken away from us as the result of water line damage, the only thing left to do is to call your plumber for assistance.

Another sign that points directly to your need for water line repair is a water bill that appears to be unusually high for no reason. If this sudden, apparent rate hike continues for the months ahead without due warning, then it’s time to call a plumber. A plumber can seek out the source of the problem by doing an extensive inspection of your water line before beginning water line repair service.

The sudden appearance of water puddles that happen long after a major rain is another symptom of this often arduous and time consuming. These sudden, inexplicable pools of water can appear right within the vicinity of the water line leak, which typically happens underground. Homeowners in Arlington, TX know that these signs are never good, and that it’s time to call a plumber soon.

Indoor water seepage is another result of a problematic water line issue, and much like the aforementioned outdoor damage, these, too, can occur right above the area where the leaks reside. Weakened water pressure that exists in one area may signify that only one minor plumbing issue is at hand and in need of professional attention. But if this is something that occurs throughout your entire home, then the chances are very high that you need to call a plumber for professional water line repair service.

Sometimes, you may hear water running all throughout your home for no reason. No appliances are running, no faucets are being actively used, and no one appears to be using the tub or shower. And when this happens, you may be able to successfully trace it to a leak that is the result of a water line gone bad. This is also known as a slab leak, and is not something you should ignore for too long.

Water line repair is needed when water line slab leaks happen at the exact same time that a break in your water line occurs. Pipes that go through the home’s concrete foundations run the risk of causing severe damage to the house itself, so it’s best to seek early intervention to prevent further problems that can worsen over time. If the foundation in your home starts to crack, further damage can result. Visible cracks that align the inner and outer walls of your home are the worst signs of trouble. And any type of flooring that has breaks or cracks in it has much to tell you of the possibility that a slab leak has occurred. And if your floor has carpeting, then the odds are great that mold and mildew may result, both of which emit strange odors and can be harmful to your allergies and your health.

Slab leak and water line repair must be done by a professional plumber as soon as possible. In fact, these initial signs of water line damage and slab leaks warrant that you contact a plumber as soon as possible, as any further damage may necessitate a phone call to your homeowner’s insurance carrier for a property damage claim.

Water line damage has other signs and causes, and some of these can be traced to tree roots that grow into your main water line, thus piercing a pipe and resulting in more water loss as the result of a leak. This can lead to a broken or damaged sewer line, which can cause other problems to crop up in almost no time. Harmful pests such as sewer rats can creep up into your home, which are known carriers of all types of disease. If you happen to notice them in your home, then you may need to call a plumber to assess your need for water line repair in Arlington, TX.

Do not be fooled, even damage to your kitchen or other cabinets throughout the home are results of a water line leak. Wood that has expanded or becomes warped can become an issue as the water creeps up into it. Wood can become easily molded over time, which results in breathing problems for those who have allergies.

Faucets that appear to shake after you have turned them off may be indicators of a water line problem. The intense pressure that occurs as the result of an intense problem may have its roots well within your water line, and if this does happen, maybe it’s time to call a plumber for water line repair service.

We all know that drain clogs can happen from time to time, and most of them are not the biggest deal. Sometimes, something solid such as food or grease can travel down your drain without any further notice. Other times, hair may escape down the shower or bathtub drain and clog up your system. You might use a plunge to de-clog your drains, but sometimes you may need to have a plumber use a snake or a hydro jetting method to rid your pipes of these problems.

Even though both methods work hard to free your drains of annoying clogs, their frequent use over the course of a year can pose a hassle. With hydro-jetting being the method that applies the use of the fastest, heaviest water pressure, your pipes may run the risk of further damage in little to no time. Your plumber should be able to tell you when it’s time to check for water line damage as soon as possible. If any damage is found, then it may be an indicator that you need to look into water line repair as soon as possible.

Water line damage has several root causes, one of which includes pipes that were poorly installed at the time when your home was built. When purchasing a new home. one of the key factors you should think about is having a thorough inspection done of the plumbing. If the pipes are old or they are simply ill-fitting, then calling on a plumber for water line repair service is the best option.

Pipes that undergo major changes as the result of drastic weather patterns run the risk of wear and tear and can therefore harm your water line. In Texas, for example, temperatures can fluctuate from extreme 100 degree heat to falling down near or below zero as the winter months usher in the coldest of temperatures. And with freezing temperatures, pipes may burst. For pipe systems that are buried above four feet, even a simple frost may result in a crack that can damage the system, thus leading to the need to call a plumber for water line repair. Something as simple as a ten degree change in the temperature can cause pipe breakage in a matter of minutes without warning.

The shifting, constantly moving earth can disrupt a piping system from underground and cause the water line to move with it. In fact, this may lead to a water line leak further down the road as the amazing power of tectonic plates eventually causes the pipes to break, thus leading to more problems within your water line and necessitating the need for water line repair service.

Difficult or hardened soil is another contributing factor to water line damage. If you live on property that’s composed of clay soil, or ground that is high in chloride. With clay, your pipes may be subject to corrosion, which eventually leads to the sediment that collects in them and causes build up. Water leakages can result and it’s highly probable that your yard may see an increase in the amount of water puddles in it.

A surge in water pressure that comes suddenly and without warning can wreak havoc on your waterline. You can only opt for minor repairs such as water gauge replacements can only go so far to keep your system solvent, but then you know when it’s time to call a plumber for an estimate on your water line repair.

Even tiny, pesky little critters can bring a lot of harm to your water line, as some of them may get caught up in the underground piping system and attempt to chew their way out. Underground animals such as field mice, wild rats, moles and gophers are but a few of the pests that can damage your system without much warning. When the damage happens, you know it’s time to call a plumber for water line repair service.

Sometimes, the plumber can use an electronic device to check for breaks within your water line. During the process, a camera can be dispatched into the water line, where it can record and take photos of the entire area where the breaks or leaks may be happening. A radio transmission can be sent to inform the plumber of the location of the problem so that the water line repair process can begin.

Sounds and images may get recorded so that the plumber can make an accurate review of where the problem lies. These could be set to a mobile device or uploaded onto a PC for further study. This type of inspection is tantamount to noting the accuracy of the location so that it can be marked off for future repair.

With this type of detailed accuracy, the plumber can save the data for review. The camera may be able to detect a flaw such as a line break, or it could be used to locate a clog within the water line. Whatever the case may be, your plumber will then draft an invoice and review the charges with you.

But the further benefits of an electronic inspection by video camera are that you may save time and money on your water line repair. Back in the old days. the plumber would have to break apart your flooring just to find the faulty pipe that caused the water line to break. This would have cost you more time and money as you would have been spending hundreds of dollars just to have your floor tiles repaired and fixed. Just thinking of the mess and the noise would have been enough to send you into a headache, not to mention the days spent on locating a problem that could be resolved today in over half the time.

A water line problem may not be as easy to identify as you would like it to be, but there is no reason you should feel panicked. The best reason to call a plumber is to have the problem checked and fixed in a timely manner and at a cost that’s affordable to you. Remember, the sooner you go for water line repair service, the better you’ll be in the years to come. At Benjamin Franklin in Arlington, TX we are here for you!