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When to Seek Out Water Heater Repair Services | Arlington, TX

When to Seek Out Water Heater Repair Services | Arlington, TX

Water heaters are among the essential components at home, making life more comfortable, especially during cold seasons. Like most units, water heaters also require maintenance and repair of broken parts to increase efficiency, minimize energy usage and reduce related high costs. As a homeowner in Arlington, TX, you may fail to realize when to call professional plumbers to help in keeping your water heater running smoothly. Therefore, you should learn when and how to seek professional repair services for the provision of quality maintenance of your unit.

Common Water Heater Repairs

  • General Water Heater Inspection

In some cases, your plumber may choose to conduct a general maintenance process to analyze if there are any damages in the system. Tankless water heaters tend to use direct water heating mechanism different from standard tank water heaters. Tanks are often insulated, holding up to 80 gallons of water. Water heaters occasionally accompany various problems, especially when old with signs such as unusual noises, rusts in water pipes, and uneven heating. When you see any of these signs, hire a plumber to check out your system and provide reliable water heater repair solutions.

  • Lack of Hot Water

Cold showers tend to induce cold and bring unpleasant sensations, causing more harm after a long day at work. That is, water heaters may fail to heat water when there is a problem at the thermocouple, control valve, or heating elements, including the thermostat. The pilot is also another area that may cause the problem, henceforth the need for professional water heater repair services. With several parts of the system capable of creating the issue, it is crucial to hire a plumber for the provision of immediate repairs for specific areas.

  • Inadequate Heating

There is a difference between an entire lack of hot water and insufficient heating. Inadequate hot water is when your water heater starts with hot water but later turns to cold. Some may produce hot water but not attaining the hotness required. Common parts that may cause this problem include heating elements, faults in dip tubes, and the presence of sediments in the tank. You should, however, note that other parts may cause the problem, therefore, hire a plumber to inspect your water heater.

  • Rusty and Smelly Water

Having a shower with discolored or smelly nasty water is worrying and may have an impact on your health. The problem often emerges from corrosion in pipes and bacteria build up in the tank or boiler. This is usually the primary cause of rusts, and bad smells more so when the water heater remains unused for quite some time. A plumber in Arlington, TX, can provide exceptional maintenance services to your system by cleaning the pipes and tank as well as disinfecting the system.

  • Unusual Noises

Newly and well-installed water heaters tend to function efficiently with limited issues. However, you may hear some strange noises overtime coming from your basement. This may be your water heater producing rumbling and popping sounds because of the boiling water. Sediments are the primary cause of mysterious noises in the unit resulting from overheating. Leakages in the tank often cause a hissing sound due to the water finding its way to the burner. Another probable cause of noises is condensation buildup at the bottom of the tank when the heater is turned on for sometimes then off. All these are problems that can be easily eliminated when your plumber conducts water heater repairs.

  • Water Leakages Around the Base

Leakages are always a nuisance and may result in other significant problems if not attended to appropriately. Temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valves are the common cause of leakages in water heaters. Other reasons result from fault connections of pipes and the tank. When seeking repairs for this problem, your plumber will recommend repairs on T&P valves and pipes, but tanks will demand a replacement. The technique for replacement should be done by experienced and highly trained plumbing company to prevent further leakages or damages to the unit.

Why Hire a Plumber to Repair Your Water Heater in Arlington, TX?

There are various reasons why it is vital to avoid the do-it-yourself method when conducting water heater repair services. Professional plumbers deliver different types of work, including providing guidelines and tips on how to keep your unit in good condition. Either being electric, tankless, or gas water heaters, they ensure the delivery of exceptional results. Some of the reasons to hire a plumber include;

  • Meeting All the Codes

The Texas Administration Code consists of plumbing regulations that ensure that plumbing processes are undertaken with professionalism. All plumbers, therefore, are required to adhere to all these regulations for delivery of quality services, including water heater repair services. As such, plumbers in Arlington, TX, fulfill these codes by providing quality services approved by the state.

  • Prevention of Accidents 

Chances of personal injuries and accidents are always high, especially when trying water heater repairs yourself. For instance, working on electric water heaters poses a risk of electrocution and fires. Plumbers utilize years of experience, skills learned, and knowledge to maneuver through different risky parts of the unit. This guarantees safety while preventing further damage to the unit.

  • Certification

Homeowners and investors work towards making profits while minimizing additional costs by working with professionals when building their new homes or during renovations. The same applies to plumb, where certification guarantees proper installation, repairs, and maintenance of piping units. Certification is also crucial for insurance purposes, especially when lowering the premium that you pay. More so, hiring plumbers guarantee work delivery, including follow-ups for a given period while plumbers taking responsibility for mistakes arising from their work.

  • Cost Efficacy

You may choose to attempt and conduct water heater repairs to save the costs of hiring plumbers. However, that may not be the case due to increased costs, time, and effort when trying your lack. Besides, you may impact further your unit leading to more damages that would have been avoided when you hire a plumber. Time, effort, and additional costs are some of the repercussions of do-it-yourself methods when trying water heater repair solutions. For all of your plumbing needs contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing!