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Whole-House Water Filters: Types, Advantages, And Drawbacks According To Your Plumber | Dalworthington, TX

Whole-House Water Filters: Types, Advantages, And Drawbacks According To Your Plumber | Dalworthington, TX

The Environmental Protection Agency points out that billions of dollars annually go to water treatment systems that improve the quality of drinking and cooking water. Every homeowner strives to have a clean and healthy water supply for bathing, cooking, washing dishes, and laundry. Water from lakes, rivers, wells, and rain cannot be pure for immediate use in the home.

Ground sources such as wells have immense impurities because they have undergone no treatment, unlike municipal water, which goes through several treatments before it gets to homes. They can contain mineral sediments, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, chlorine, or heavy metals, making them unfit for use.

You can opt for whole-house water filters for water treatment, making it safe and pure throughout your Dalworthington, TX, home for peace of mind.

A plumber installs water filtration systems at the point of entry, where household water enters and flows to your plumbing fixtures and faucets for use after removing numerous impurities, saving your family and appliances from the dangers of unclean or contaminated unfiltered water. The focus of this blog is to discuss the types, advantages, and disadvantages of whole house filters.

Types of Whole House Filtration Systems

Several types of whole house water filtration units use diverse methods to clear impurities in household water. The hired plumber can give you the pros and cons of each system to empower you to make the correct choice that can effectively filter out the most contaminants.

Whole house filters include:

Cartridge filtration systems

They have removable filters that trap impurities and should be replaced at least four times annually, depending on the quality and amount of unfiltered water it filters with a new one. Failure to change the cartridge when it is clogged and filthy can increase the chances of contaminating the pure liquid instead of making it clean and healthy.

Backwashing filtration units

They differ from the cartridge options because they use media filters to push contaminated rainwater through a tank to move in the opposite direction to eliminate contaminants. If your plumber in Dalworthington, TX, installed the system correctly, it cleans itself routinely by rinsing away the pollutants it has removed from the filtered clean water.

Consequently, the backwash system is more cost-effective when it comes to maintenance. Backwashing filters also have a tank with a filtering substance that removes pollutants.

Filter media with impurities makes the control valve start a backwash operation, allowing the contaminated water to pass through the filter, starting from the bottom to the riser tube. The upward flow helps wash away almost all the stored contaminants and prepare for another cycle.

Sediment Water Filter

It is a cartridge type of filtration system that filters out insoluble or suspended ions such as iron, manganese, silt, clay, loose scale, and organic contaminants. Spin down, and pleated filters are the most common sediment filtration systems. They are the best option for well groundwater because they clean muddy water and eliminate larger particles, making it safe for household use.

Sediment filters are cost-effective, easy for a plumber to install, and effectively remove large insoluble particles. However, the system cannot filter out minerals, or chemicals from water, get rid of bad taste and odor and requires more regular replacements.

Reverse Osmosis

It is another whole house water filter efficient in removing nearly all impurities from the unfiltered water, entering your kitchen and bathroom using semipermeable membranes.

With correct installation by a plumbing company, the filter removes pesticides, chlorine, chemicals, microorganisms, organic pollutants, heavy metals, minerals, and other impurities.

People with private wells in their homes can go for this type of filter because they are highly effective in removing high amounts of pollutants.

Water Softeners

It is also known as an ion-exchange water filtration unit installed by a plumber in homes receiving hard water for purification. The softeners are purifiers that remove hard water ions such as calcium and magnesium in the pure liquid to reduce the build-up that creates scum.

The water-softening and treatment systems can save your pipes and other plumbing fixtures from mineral accumulation that cause clogs and other plumbing issues that might need immediate repair services of a plumber.

They are inexpensive to purchase and install, remove sulfates and other minerals, and significantly lower dissolved inorganic pollutants in the filtered water that gets to your faucets. However, the water softeners cannot remove chloride or bacterial contaminants.

Carbon-Based Filter Cartridge

Homeowners can also go for the activated or granular carbon filters to improve the taste of water and remove foul smells. An experienced and skilled plumber in Walworthington, TX, can recommend the best option for eliminating odors, chlorine, and chemicals from unclean water used in houses. The whole house water filters have no chemicals, remove chlorine, and are affordable. Apart from frequent replacement of the cartridge, they cannot remove heavy metals.

Advantages of Whole House Water Filters

Safe and Healthy Water Throughout

The first and most vital reason for having water treatment systems in homes is to remove all kinds of contaminants and impurities in water. When a plumber from the best plumbing company installs the unit in your house, you can be sure of a clean water supply for doing chores, cooking, bathing, brushing teeth, and drinking.

Your kitchen, bathroom, or yard with plumbing fixtures receives the same clean water because the filtration system at the point where well water or municipality water enters your house. So, the whole-house treatment systems make all the water supply systems in your Dalworthington, TX, household with clean treated water as a shield from numerous water-borne diseases.

The different water treatment units installed by a plumber eliminate many contaminants such as chloramine, lead, hard metals or minerals, arsenic, bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

Removes Awful Odor and Smell

Water full of pollutants such as chlorine and other chemicals has a nasty smell and metallic taste to drink. You can prefer to endure the thirst than take smelly water. A plumber mounts whole house filters that can remove the smell and odor, making your drinking and cooking water safe to drink.

They eliminate almost all contaminants that can alter the smell and taste of water, such as hydrogen sulfide, chloride, and alkaline properties. For the alkaline impurities, the whole house filters can balance the pH levels of alkaline water. Therefore, if your drinking or cooking water has a rotten egg smell, you can trust the water filtration systems to fix the problem.

Healthy Hair and Skin

In addition to drinking and cooking, clean and pure water can also benefit your skin and hair. If the bathroom water you use in your home for showering is full of chemicals and other impurities, it can extensively damage your skin and result in scale and dirt in your hair.

A plumbing system connected by a plumber with hard and chlorinated water can never be friends with your hair because it can remove most proteins from your hair, leaving it looking unhealthy and unkempt.

They can also prohibit hair growth and leave you struggling with many hair growth products that will fail and be washed down the drain with chlorinated water. Moreover, unfiltered water with high levels of magnesium and calcium minerals can make your skin dry, itchy and breakouts at most times.

For that reason, you can hire a plumber in Dalworthington, TX, to install whole house filtration systems to make water clean and healthy for your skin and hair.

Decreases Household Costs

Most people unsure of the safety and health of drinking water from the faucets prefer bottled water. The cost of bottled water in a household with many family members can be high and unavoidable as each person must quench their thirst.

Getting a plumber to install whole house water filters at the point of entry of your water line supply is one way of reducing costs. For instance, if the expenses of bottled water for an entire family is 100 dollars per week, then having the water filters reduces your household expenses by a hundred dollars.

Apart from bottled water, you can save a lot more from reduced hospital visits that result from gastric health complaints.

Reduces Plumbing Repair Expenses

Moreover, homeowners receiving hard or well-ground water can experience numerous mineral build-ups in the water lines and plumbing. The accumulated heavy metals create clogs that lead to burst pipes, slow drains, standing water, and leaks that need urgent repairs from a skilled and experienced plumber.

But, having the water filter system in your home is a game changer because it lowers the mineral build-up in pipes and drains.

Fewer Maintenance Needs

People in Dalworthington, TX, can also find the whole house water filtration systems efficient even with fewer maintenance requirements. Since the backwashing filters can self-rinsing when they have accumulated dirt, it does not need a plumber for regular clean-ups.

That does not mean maintenance is not necessary because tune-ups of the components from time to time are appropriate for efficiency.

Plumbing experts can inspect and clean the pipes during the maintenance process and other minimal tasks that prolong the life of the water filters. Whole house filters with cartridges also need minimal servicing because the plumbing expert changes the cartridges periodically to prevent the built-up dirt from contaminating water again.

Drawbacks of Whole House Filtration System

Any appliance or equipment with advantages has its disadvantages that help you gauge if it is worth it or not. The following are some cons of whole house filters in homes.


One of the drawbacks of the water filtration units is the initial cost which might be high for most homeowners. The price of the filtration unit can range from as little as 20 dollars for simple ones to hundreds of dollars for more efficient and complex systems.

Buying the whole house filters should factor in the installation payments to a plumber installing the system, making it more costly. But, people that want the unit for clean and safe water throughout their house can overlook the price as the determining aspect and go for the system if they can afford it.

Decrease in Water Pressure

Another con of the whole house filtration unit is water pressure in your Dalworthington, TX, home. The pressure decreases because the filtration system might take a long time. Impatient people can find it frustrating and annoying to wait for a long time for a bucket of filtered water to fill. It is a problem that might not affect all types of whole house water filters, and a qualified plumber can check out the ones affected for possible solutions.


In addition to the cost is the space to install the water filter. If you lack a suitable place to mount the whole house filters, it can be a hassle to decide on the type to purchase or whether to get one in the first place. People in rentals can also find it hard to have the filters in their houses because of limited space or limitations from the residential property owners.

Excessive Filtration

Some whole house filters, such as reverse osmosis, can filter out pollutants and go an extra mile to remove essential nutrients in the filtered water. The system can eliminate vital minerals that help people grow healthy such as calcium for teeth and bones. In such cases, a plumber can also install a remineralization filter to replace the lost minerals.

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