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Why Do You Need To Hire A Licensed Plumbing Service? | Mansfield, TX

Why Do You Need To Hire A Licensed Plumbing Service? | Mansfield, TX

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Plumbers are trained to maintain water systems in your home, including toilets, showers, washing machines, water heaters, and dishwashers. While handymen may also provide plumbing services, it’s always best to hire licensed professionals. In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons why.

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Reasons why you need to hire a licensed plumber:

Prioritizes Safety

There are certain dangers and hazards involved in plumbing work. Sewer issues, pipe problems, and broken water heaters are not only hard to fix for a homeowner, but they can also be highly risky. You might be injured when you decide to do this by yourself. A licensed plumber would know exactly how to go about this plumbing work by getting a professional service from your plumber. He is also knowledgeable on the safety precautions required as he’s trained for it. He is certified and licensed to do plumbing work. Also, he will have the necessary tools and equipment needed to get the job done right.

Some homeowners don’t even use protective gear in doing some plumbing maintenance or minor plumbing work. However, a licensed plumber would never take any chances. To avoid dangers and accidents, he will always practice safety precautions on every appointment. He also will make sure that your home and your family are entirely safe.

High-quality Work, Guaranteed

Homeowners who attempt to do plumbing work may fix the problem, but it’s not a guarantee of a job well done. An average homeowner lacks the experience and skills to tackle any plumbing work, however small. It’s also best not to hire an unqualified plumber to help you fix a plumbing problem as he may not also have the skills needed and the tools necessary for the job.

When you get a professional plumbing service you are guaranteed exceptional work every time. That is because licensed plumbers give out guarantees to their customers. They are confident about their skills and experience — licensed plumbers can guarantee 100 percent satisfaction with their service. Also, they are familiar with the local building codes and standards and always follow them. Should they make a mistake, licensed plumbers also provide a warranty, which means that you can still hire them to fix the problem, and you won’t be paying extra for that.

Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, and rest assured that we can resolve the issue promptly. You won’t need to schedule another appointment as we will work incredibly hard to finish the job on time. We also guarantee exceptional work on every appointment. Unfortunately, you will not get this guarantee when hiring an unlicensed plumber to fix your water heater or dishwasher. DIY plumbing also doesn’t guarantee that it always works. To avoid other issues down the road, ensure that you only get a professional plumbing service.


Some homeowners would think it’s more affordable to hire an unlicensed plumber for repairs or installations. Those who don’t want to spend anything may attempt to do DIY plumbing, thinking it’s the most effective plumbing solution. Don’t fall into this trap, or you may only end up paying for more costly repairs. Imagine when the unlicensed plumber tries to fix your water heater, and it still malfunctions. What do you do? You hire another plumber to resolve the issue again. You will not experience this problem when you always get a professional plumbing service.

Licensed plumbers are not only skilled in helping you determine the root cause of the problem, but they also provide you with the most cost-effective plumbing solutions. And take note: these are permanent solutions, meaning the likelihood that the problem would recur is slim. But, of course, we also educate homeowners about what they need to do to maintain the efficiency of their plumbing, and you’re expected to do this if you want it to last for several years.

When you get a professional plumbing service, a licensed plumber will follow a process to help him resolve the problem. First, he will do a thorough inspection of the issue, and he may ask you about the history of your plumbing, or whether there were previous repairs done. Next, he will discuss the solutions he thinks would be the most beneficial for your plumbing, and if you agree, he will then proceed to the next step: to permanently resolve the issue for you.

Legal Permission

If you have a plumbing license, that means that you had the proper education and training to perform plumbing work. It also certifies that you’re legally allowed to provide professional plumbing service to your customers. Hiring an unlicensed plumber could get you in trouble with your homeowner’s insurance or the manufacturer’s warranty. Your homeowner’s insurance may not honor your claim, especially when they learn that you didn’t hire a licensed plumber to perform repair work. The manufacturer may also void the warranty when they find out that you didn’t get a professional installation. To avoid these problems, make sure that you only hire professional plumbing services in your area.


As we mentioned earlier, plumbing work can be dangerous and risky. This is why licensed plumbers have insurance, in case something happens to them while on the job. Never hire unlicensed plumbers for any major repair or installations because they’re not insured. They also can’t get insurance for the plumbing work as these people are not licensed. Should there be an accident, you will have to pay for the medical cost. Please only get professional plumbing service in Mansfield, TX, to ensure that you won’t encounter this costly problem.


Licensed plumbers are not only properly trained but are also educated about plumbing innovations or energy-efficient appliances. So when you get a professional plumbing service, a licensed plumber can help you make an informed decision about anything plumbing-related. For example, if you can’t decide what type of water heater to acquire for your home, our plumbers are more than happy to discuss the two types of water heaters and what their benefits are. We can also recommend the best water heaters that we think would suit your home and family.

An unlicensed plumber may only be limited to what he has read or heard about as he didn’t have the proper education. If you want to be well informed about plumbing, speak with a licensed plumber only to avoid misinformation that may lead to a disaster.

Risks of Hiring an Unlicensed Plumber

When it comes to your plumbing, make sure that you only hire the best. You can’t afford mediocre work when it comes to your plumbing. Always get professional plumbing service in Mansfield, TX to avoid these problems:


When the unlicensed plumber messes up while fixing your pipes or your water heater, you may end up with a flooded home. And you know that water can damage the structure of your home. It can also lead to costly repairs and restorations. If you hired an unlicensed plumber and you ended up with a flooded basement, your homeowner’s insurance will not be able to help you. To avoid this problem, always get a professional plumbing service.


Gas leaks, sewer leaks, and chemical poisoning are just some of the dangers of hiring an unlicensed plumber to do major repairs or installations. And the insurance will not be able to cover these damages. To ensure that your home is always comfortable and safe, get professional plumbing service in Mansfield, TX. Please don’t hesitate to contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, and we’ll make sure to permanently resolve the issue.

Doesn’t Have the Proper Tools

Some plumbing tools can be costly and require special training. An unlicensed plumber may not be fully equipped with these tools. If you decide to hire him, he may ask you to buy these tools to perform the plumbing work. That’s another expense on your part. To avoid paying extra, always get professional plumbing service for any major plumbing repair or installation.

Should You Try DIY Plumbing?

The dangers of doing DIY Plumbing are similar to hiring an unlicensed plumber to help you resolve the problem. You may have a flooded home or a burst pipe, improper repairs, and more expenses. Remember that the cost can add up over time. For a more cost-effective solution, make sure that you only get professional plumbing service.

How to Choose the Right Plumber

We’ve already discussed the importance of hiring a licensed plumber for repairs and installations. We are now going to talk to you about how to choose the right plumber for your home. Below are our helpful tips:


Sometimes, it may not always be enough to have a plumbing license. To ensure that the plumber can do exceptional work, find out how long he has been helping out homeowners or businesses. The longer he has been doing plumbing work, the better. That means that he’s already an expert and has already encountered a problem the same as yours. He will know how to permanently resolve it.

Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing as we have been in the industry for several years. Our plumbers are also highly experienced and skilled. Rest assured, we can remedy the problem on the same day. Also, our experts are never late. Expect us to always show up on time and to always over-deliver what was promised.

Check Their Credentials

A plumber may tell you that he’s licensed when he’s not. As much as possible, find ways to determine whether he’s really what he says he is. One of the ways to do this is to check the website. Are they BBB accredited? You can also proactively ask for their credentials. This shouldn’t be a problem at all, especially when you’re talking to the right professional.

Are They Responsive?

Customer service may not directly impact their plumbing work, but it helps to have a team of professionals who are always ready to help you in any way they can and a team who can address any issues you may have. Before getting a plumbing service in Mansfield, TX, examine the plumber’s professionalism. Do they show up on time? How do they treat you as a customer? Are they polite? Only choose plumbers that meet all the criteria.

What Kind of Services Do They Offer?

It’s better to choose a plumbing company that offers a wide range of services. If they only provide plumbing repairs, then try to look for other professionals. A good plumbing company should be able to offer plumbing repairs, maintenance, and installations. Also, don’t forget to check their costs. How much are they charging for their plumbing services? Do they offer financing? How about a free estimate? There are plumbing companies that provide exceptional service at an affordable price. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, and we’ll make sure you’re satisfied with both the cost and the service we provide.

Are They Punctual?

You may not always have the time to wait for the plumber to arrive. So make sure that the plumber you choose shows up on time. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is the punctual plumber. We assure you that we are always on time. Should we ever come in late, the services provided will be on us. You won’t be paying for anything. Don’t worry, though; we have already built a reputation for being punctual plumbers. We’re confident that you will like our service and our professional plumbers. If you need a plumbing service today, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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