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Why Installing Tankless Water Heaters in Fort Worth, TX is Better for You

Why Installing Tankless Water Heaters in Fort Worth, TX is Better for You

Photo By Igor_Gubarev at Shutterstock

Ever since Edwin Ruud invented the first water heater in 1889, water heaters have been in demand. Though water heaters were initially only used by people who were well off or lived in extremely cold areas, today they are a common appliance owned by most Americans. Water heaters have now become commonplace in all types of households, whether small or big. With extreme winters now becoming a norm, water heaters have become a basic household item that every house should own.

The most common type of water heater found in households today is the traditional tank type water heater. In this type of water heater, water is initially stored in the tank and is later heated so that you can enjoy hot water throughout the day. However, these tank type water heaters have now become outdated because of the technological advancements that have been made up till now.

Advancement in technology has resulted in a very useful invention like tankless water heaters in Fort Worth, TX. This new and improved water heater is much better in multiple dimensions when compared against its traditional counterpart— the tank type water heater. This is why you should consider switching to tankless water heaters in Fort Worth, TX to avail the benefits this new technology offers you.

Today we are going to discuss 5 advantages that tankless water heaters in Fort Worth, TX offer. Read ahead to find out.

1.  Endless Supply of Hot Water

With tankless water heaters in Fort Worth, TX you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water. This is because unlike tank type water heaters, which need to store water in their tank before they can start warming them, tankless water heaters in Fort Worth, TX are not restricted by a tank. This is a big advantage of using a tankless water heater—they don’t have to wait until water is stored in a tank.

This also increases the amount of water that can be heated at a particular time. Tankless water heaters warm the water as it comes out of the taps; hence, with tankless water heaters, you have access to an endless supply of hot water. So if you want to take a shower in the middle of the night because you want to relax yourself, you don’t need to worry about whether there will be enough hot water or not.

2.  Cheaper Running Costs

It is comparatively cheaper to bear the electricity costs of tankless water heaters in Fort Worth, TX. This is because they consume 20% less electricity, on average, when compared to tank type heaters. This cost saving can be significant in the long run for any household that’s on a budget. Given their use throughout the year, this cost saving, in the form of reduced bills, can make it feasible for many households to regularly use water heaters and take more hot showers. These small savings can eventually add up to a significant amount.

3.  Lasts Longer

The good thing about tankless water heaters in Fort Worth, TX is that they last five to ten years longer than their traditional counterparts. This means that they last almost twice as long as traditional tank type water heaters. You can estimate the cost savings as a result of this durability. The depreciation costs are almost halved in comparison to the depreciation costs of tank type heaters.

Also, don’t forget that it is a major inconvenience to install a new appliance such as a water heater in the house. You have to take out time from your busy schedule so that the expert can come to your home and set it up. With the time crunch that most people face these days, it is very difficult to repeat this process multiple times. So if an appliance lasts longer, then this inconvenience is limited because the frequency of replacement is reduced.

4.  Environment Friendly

The extreme temperatures that we face today is a result of global warming caused as a result of our excessive use of traditional energy resources. Tankless water heaters in Fort Worth, TX can help control this deteriorating environmental situation by reducing the amount of greenhouse gasesproduced.

If you use an electric variant of tankless water heaters in Fort Worth, TX then the good news is that they don’t produce greenhouse gases. Hence, they are environment friendly compared to tank type heaters. This is because tank type water heaters produce greenhouse gases every time they are used. You can play your part in this crisis by using an electric variant of tankless water heaters in Fort Worth, TX so that you avoid causing more harm to mother earth.

5.  Multiple People Can Use Hot Water Simultaneously

With tank type water heaters, the hot water is limited to the water in the tank. With tankless water heaters in Fort Worth, TX multiple people in the same house can enjoy a hot shower at the same time. You will not have to take turns to shower.

Who to Approach for Installation?

Most people always face the issue of finding a reliable professional to install tankless water heaters in Fort Worth, TX because there are many inexperienced and untrained individuals in the market. These individuals could cause more damage than good.

To avoid such amateurs, always contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth. They only have trained and experienced professionals. They will make sure that all your problems are resolved and you don’t have to face any inconvenient situations in the future. Call now at 817-478-4119 and book an appointment at your convenience.