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Why You Need a Plumber in Fort Worth, TX, for Sump Pump Installation

Why You Need a Plumber in Fort Worth, TX, for Sump Pump Installation

Do you to continuously have to deal with water accumulation in your crawlspace?

The American Society of Home Inspectors notes that almost two-thirds of residential properties in USA deal with problems related to below-ground wetness. Flooded basements are recurrent problems in American homes and, therefore, require the services of a plumber in Fort Worth, TX. Wet basements can not only lead to property damage but can also lead to health issues.

Thankfully, the inventions of sump pumps have helped to tackle these issues. While they were earlier installed as an additional appliance, because of recent legislations, sumps pumps are now a mandatory requirement for homes. What is a sump pump, and why do you need one in your basement?

What is a Sump Pump?

According to an expert plumber in Fort Worth, TX, a sump pump is a small pump that is installed in a crawlspace or basement. A sump pump dries the area beneath the home. Thus, these appliances remove any moisture or dampness, which are a result of floods or other sources of water. Sump pumps have their customized pits where they are installed and siphon water from.

The collected water is then transferred through a pipe to the outside. With the help of a home’s slope, the water easily flows outside without any major hiccups. There is also a valve between the pipe and the pump, which blocks any water coming back into the home. Depending on its type and style, a sump can run on electricity. However, it does not require any customized wiring for installation.

Benefits of a Sump Pump

The inclusion of a sump can protect your home as well as the health of your family members. Additionally, the expenses saved with a sump pump are surprisingly high, and therefore it provides an excellent value of money for your investment.

Health Issues

Do any of your family members require special care for respiratory issues?

The water in your crawlspaces and basements is a breeding ground for mold. Mold can cause health issues for your family members and can especially harm those with asthmatic, allergic, and respiratory health problems.

With the help of a certified plumber in Fort Worth, TX, you can safeguard your family’s health as well save future hospital bills that can be incurred due to the mold.


Do you suddenly see rodents and bugs in your home?

Moist basements are a great home for insects.  If you do not deal with this problem soon, you will have to opt for fumigations, which will leave your family homeless for a number of days. As these insects grow in size, your home’s structural foundations are damaged slowly and gradually. They also contaminate the environment of your home.

Moreover, an insect-filled home becomes notorious among friends and family, and thus it can discourage many people from  visiting your home. Therefore, save yourself from such an embarrassment and call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX for the installation of a sump pump. With the right sump pump, your home will be insect-free!

Saving Valuable Items

Has floodwater ever damaged your valuable items that were stored in the basement? Are you worried about storm damage to your floors and basements? Well, a sump pump can be the perfect lifesaver in such a scenario.

Since the main function of a sump pump is to prevent water build-up, they are highly useful in the event of a raging flood or a powerful rainstorm. Without a sump pump, water can cause some serious damage to your basement’s walls, floors, appliances, and other useful fixtures or items that are located in your basement. However, with a sump pump, you would be able to quickly pump out the floodwater and save costs. Therefore, call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX and install a sump pump as soon as possible.

Property Value

Are you concerned with the resale value of your home? Do you plan to rent it out?
Well, in either case, the installation of a sump pump in your home can give a noticeable boost to its value. Since many homeowners have to deal with the flooding damages, potential buyers or rent-seekers often look for a home with a sump pump.  Therefore, call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX so that you can get the best price for your property.

Alerting at the Right Time

Have you ever come back home and found it full of water?

At times, during excessive flooding, a sump pump is unable to function properly. However, today’s modern sump pumps act as notifying agents. This means that when the water level becomes dangerously high in your basement, then your sump pump can notify you via phone about it. This can help you address the problem before it’s too late. You can do this by calling a reliable plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

Stabilization of Soil

The soil that exists beneath your home’s basement is crucial. Sometimes, an issue with soil, like soil erosion, can make a home unstable and can lead to catastrophic damages. However, with the use of a sump pump, you  do not need to worry. Sump pumps stabilize the soil under the basements and crawlspaces and provide helps maintain the structure of your home.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have realized the advantages and benefits of a sump pump, you should not wait before major water damage wrecks your basement as that can result in heavy plumbing repairs and loss of valuable items. Instead, contact a reliable plumber in Fort Worth, TX for a sump pump installation.

Well, fortunately, as a resident of Fort Worth, TX, you have access to one of the country’s best plumbing services, Benjamin Franklin Fort Worth. Upon contact, our plumber in Fort Worth, TX will inspect your home and give you advice about the best sump pump based on your requirements.