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Why You Need A Plumber To Do An Inspection Before Buying A Home | Dalworthington, TX

Why You Need A Plumber To Do An Inspection Before Buying A Home | Dalworthington, TX

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There are a lot of things to consider when buying a home. One of them is the home’s plumbing. It’s imperative that a plumbing inspection is done before making that purchase especially when you are buying an old home. Hire a licensed plumber in Dalworthington, TX to help you with professional plumbing inspection.

Below are things that should be checked and inspected before making an expensive home purchase:

Your Water

The first thing the plumber checks is whether or not the water is safe for drinking. Although you may think of installing water filters for your home or if you drink only bottled water, it’s still important to know that the water is indeed clean and safe.

A plumber in Dalworthington, TX will be checking the pipes and if they are corroded or not. If the home is really old, the pipes may be replaced. A licensed professional would be able to properly inspect all the above-ground and exposed pipes in the home. He can pinpoint problems that a normal person won’t be able to point out. He can also provide the proper diagnosis of a water problem and can provide the best solutions for it.

Should a problem occur, you can always speak with the owner so you can work things out. When it comes to water inspection, make sure that you work only with a licensed plumber in Dalworthington, TX to ensure proper plumbing inspection.

Water Pressure

Another thing a plumber checks is the water pressure. When it’s low, you will have problems getting things done on time. The shower will take longer; you won’t be able to finish washing the dishes right away. When you hire a licensed plumber in Dalworthington, TX, they can check if the water pressure in your new home is normal.

It’s also not good to have high water pressure as that can also strain your pipes. If the pipes are old, chances are they may leak.

As a new homeowner, you want to make sure that everything about the plumbing is good and that you won’t have problems down the road. When you fail to have a plumbing inspection for a new home, you increase your chances of having costly repairs and even replacements.

During the inspection, make sure to always hire a licensed plumber in Dalworthington, TX.

Water Heater

The first thing you need to find out is how old the water heater is. If it’s more than 10 years old, you may be having a lot of problems with it. One of them is not having hot water when you need it. Another is the mineral buildup if they have a conventional water heater at home.

With a professional plumbing inspection, a plumber can check if the water heater is still efficient and if there is no mineral build-up inside the tank. Keep in mind that a problematic heater may give you costly repairs down the road; it would be best if the problem is addressed ahead of time. If there is a problem with the water heater, you can either ask the owner to replace it or adjust the selling price of the home.

During an inspection, make sure that you hire only licensed plumbers. A plumber will have all the tools and equipment he will need to properly do an inspection of your water heater. Should there be a problem, he would be able to give you an effective solution.

As a homeowner, consider buying a home with a tankless water heater. This type of heater heats water on demand which means that you are able to save more energy. Also, it’s not as huge as a conventional heater. You will only need a little space to install a tankless water heater. It’s always better to purchase a home with energy-efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances so you can save more water and energy. In the long run, this is a lot more cost-effective.


When the old homeowner doesn’t do the regular maintenance of their drains, chances are you may have to deal with clogs in the future. By hiring a licensed plumber in Dalworthington, TX, a professional would look at the pipe’s interior to make sure that you won’t have clog issues.

Keep in mind that pipes are expensive. When they leak, you won’t only have higher water bills but your home’s foundation will also be at risk.

If there is a problem with the pipes or drains, the plumber may recommend a professional drain cleaning for the home. Talk this over with the old owner if this is possible.

Professional drain cleaning can prevent costly plumbing repairs as well as get rid of bad odors. Make sure to hire only licensed plumbers for this service.


Imagine when your home looks really nice and you are very comfortable. But when you use the toilet, everything goes wrong. It doesn’t flush and it runs constantly. Toilet problems are not only stressful and inconvenient, but they can also be expensive.

When there are leaks, you will have higher water bills every month. And remember that not all leaks are visible. A plumber will need to perform a leak test to find out if there is a leak in the toilet.

It’s important that the toilet is in good working condition before making a home purchase. If possible, buy a home with water-efficient toilets so you can save more money in the long run. Dual flush toilets use less water than the regular ones, so that means more savings for you annually.

The Sink’s Foundation

When the sink is old, it may start to rot and drop. It will collapse with pressure. If this is resolved right away, the plumber would be able to either repair it or make a replacement. Speak with the owner as to will pay for repairs.

Hire only licensed plumbers in Dalworthington, TX to do a proper inspection of the home.

What Happens During a Plumbing Inspection

A professional plumbing inspection can prevent costly repairs and emergency plumbing services down the road. So what happens during an inspection?

A professional would examine all the plumbing fixtures, drains, and supply lines to make sure they are in good working order. There will be an in-depth investigation of all the above-ground and exposed pipes including the shut-off valves and the bathroom and the laundry sinks. The kitchen, draining, and venting systems of the laundry rooms, bathroom, showers, sinks, and toilets will also be inspected. If there is a storage tank, the professional will check whether or not there is a mineral buildup in the tank. This will be flushed to get rid of the buildup.

It’s important to work only with licensed professionals as they are equipped with the right tools and equipment to help them properly do plumbing inspections. They will have a video camera to inspect the underground sewer pipes as well as the sanitary drains. They will check if there are misalignments or cracks that may lead to blockage or clogs.

When you have a professional in Dalworthington, TX helping you out, everything will be checked — sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, drains, washing machine, dishwasher, garbage disposal, water heater, sewage system, sump pump, ventilation, filtration, and drainage systems. Rest assured, you will have peace of mind when your plumbing is taken care of by a licensed professional.

Early Detection Is Always Key

A plumbing inspection is crucial as early detection prevents costly plumbing emergencies. Keep in mind that a major problem is a result of a minor problem that has been ignored by the homeowner. During the inspection, a professional would be able to clearly point out what the problem is, give a diagnosis as well as effective solutions to alleviate the problem.

The best time to have an inspection is always before making a purchase. Why? So you can still work things out with the previous owner. If the plumber sees something that needs attention, that can be repaired at the soonest possible time. You as the homeowner will not have to deal with the problems in the future.

Buy a Home with Smart Plumbing

When you are buying a home, consider purchasing one that has smart plumbing technologies. You get more benefits with a smart home: more water and energy savings and you increase the value of your home too if you’re thinking of selling it in the future. Just do make sure that you hire a plumber to help you maintain it.

Smart plumbing technologies to look for in a home:

Tankless Water Heaters – These are the highest in demand. Most homeowners have also already switched to tankless water heaters as they are more beneficial for a home. With a tankless, you will never run out of water. It also means that you can save more energy as you only heat water on demand.

With conventional heaters, you will need a bigger space. A tankless heater can be mounted to the wall. Less maintenance is also needed compared to a regular water heater. Apart from the energy savings, you also help the environment by installing a water heater for your home.

Smart Irrigation – With smart irrigation, it would be easier to control your sprinklers even at the comfort of your office or wherever you are located. You can set the timers and you can also determine when to water or what gets watered. The more advanced smart irrigation systems can even automatically adjust based on the forecast by the National Weather Service.

Leak Detectors – Also high on-demand as it prevents flooding in homes. Similar to a smoke detector, a leak detection device can detect water in your home. It can then alert the homeowner when there is a leak and then it will automatically shut off the main water supply. A homeowner will have peace of mind knowing that he has a device that can detect water leaks in homes. There are even advanced devices that can detect even temperature fluctuations in your pipes and can tell you if a leak is likely to occur.

Smart Toilet – Smart toilets have several features. They include automatic flushing, heated seating, air dryer, water-saving features, foot warmer, automatic flush, and self-cleaning features.

There are also touchless toilets that will automatically flush. There is no need to touch them with your hands.

Touchless Faucet – If you are concerned about hygiene then look for a home with touchless faucets. It works with a sensor that can detect when there is a hand under the faucet. Water will then come out. Another benefit of touchless faucets is they are easier to use than regular faucets.

Smart Water Heater – With a smart heater, you will be able to precisely set its temperature using a thermostat. They are also equipped with diagnostic screens that make it easier to deal with problems that may arise.

Smart Appliances – Apart from the plumbing fixtures, you can also look for smart dishwashers, smart washers, and garbage disposals that let you save more water in your home.

Buying a smart home may be a little expensive though. But it’s a good investment considering the benefits that you will get when you have smart plumbing technologies in your home. Keep in mind that they also still need to be maintained to make sure that they work efficiently.

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